Ever Dungeon : Dark Survivor – Roguelike RPG


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Ever Dungeon : Dark Survivor – Roguelike RPG – Darkness Rises , Endless dungeons, endless adventures!

Detailed info

File size: 137M
Update time: August 23, 2021
Current version: 1.0.106
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: WEDO1.COM GAME
Price: Free
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Customer review

Shin Reaper

Would rate higher but is this game supposed to auto pick a role for you and its warrior each time?

Anita Amanda

This game is intresting

Nathaniel Gooden

Dodge and hit are useless attributes, don't worry about them, I'm lvl 103 and I've never dodged, nor missed. Gear still has locked stats even with lvl 5/6 gems with no explanation. Crit ratio is way off. If you do decide to play instantly get ad free, will help you a lot.

John Raper

Was okay for five or ten minutes. After that you realize that it's going to be just a boring loot collector. Combat is just auto attack and maybe you will tap on a skill every so often. That's about it. Movement is just tapping around the screen for hours to go to the next tile. You spend some sort of energy stat every floor you advance up to get to the next one, meaning you will run out and need to buy more. Wish I could say more, but I'm out of space. Don't waste your time people.

Brian Abbott

Ok game

G Yuji

Seriously needs auto search button...

William F. Stark

When I make grilled cheese, I usually add ham...So delicious and it's comfort food.

Brian Clark

I thought I could choose my character, but I could not.

Nate Gooden

Decent. After floor 600 though it becomes almost impossible. I've played for about six months, just over lvl 100, still can't pass 605. And any discussions are only on commie fb, some of us are over 13 and don't use a propaganda machine.

Debby Carter

Great game

Mohammad Okhravi

Good game but when you click to attack or move its very slow and laggy game is very slow please make it

Павел Шурмин

Деньги есть? если нету: то не стоит скачивать, а если есть, то лучше купи titan quest

Kelvin Goh

PvP is severely broken, especially for areas like Mine War. Violent builds are the default. Should implement a fully optional PvP option, rather than forcing it on players who are only interested in PvE aspects. Resource accumulation is cleverly engineered to make you pay to advance - unless you want to waste months trying to improve your build.

Moto Sarthi


Jay Lockridge

After the initial download, when you try to start the game it requires an additional 378 megabytes worth of resources to be downloaded.

Roger 0

wont get past the unity screen(it has been fixed.)

cezar diaz

Excellent game loving every minute of it

timo trevelyn


Ron Miller

This game still has various bugs such as freezing the screen and so many crashing. The developers are bad at coding. So my overall rating 3 stars just to be generous. I well change my score once the freezing and crashing stop happening. The freezing happen during normal and auto recast my equipment. The crashing sometimes happen when I kill any monster in the tower than I miss on opening the 3 treasure chests.

Adam Badr

mosy mosy

Thomas Mcdaniel


Michael Newport

Nice game but it crashes allot

Mike G

Would be five star if they added a rotate feature to screen

clustr shop

💯% legit. Kudos to the developers. Download, install and enjoy. Great Game.

Slice of Ham


Brittany Collins


Donny Churchill

This is a wonderful games reminiscent of Dioblo. Every RPG lover should try it.

Tom Dixon

Awesome game What you do, how you explore and fight all matter. I love the hero equit as you adventure.Skill system is nice, and different bosses have different battle .This is no small challenge. But I like it. Gotta be a real gamer to appreciate this game and if you are, you will like it. dark style. all is fine. pls add more role. good job.I like feman and cool skill role. pls add more dairly task and more resouce. When will the new character go online

Bond James

Very nice dungeon crawler !I LOVE THIS GAME! You can earn the exact same things by playing the game for a long time but you have the option to get more stuff by paying as well. This game has multiple upgrade paths so you can choose how you fight depending on how you use your gift points. Pets and wings also give you extra attributes for battle when you upgrade as well. They also have a great system of upgrading armor with gems, enchanting. good game, thanks.

Matt Matey

Still tryin 2 figure out what 2 do with Chicken legs ... arrg.

Nathan Tuttle

So after 5 weeks of playing this game, I can tell you for a certainty that it is PTW. I managed to get to rank 2 on my server after a good 3k US dollars, just to find out my server is a new server and very low compared to other servers who had to have literally spent 50k+ on there's. The only goal in the game is to be #1 and you will pay for it. No story, no other activity, just dungeons 1-900. Very repetitive, and just not worth it. Tip😉, don't spend money too fast. You're account will freeze.

Harold Brandon

Will not me play o star go back to the play store we not load down unstaling the game

Radio Bug

Man, with Diablo 2 resurrected & Diablo immortal on the horizon before the 4th game I was REALLY hoping this game would be a clone to help scratch the hack n slash dungeon crawling itch but the turn based grid travelling on linear maps and the dragon questesque combat perspective was an immediate mood killer :-/

A Google user

Excellent dungeon crawler ! 3 years on and still loving it!

lei lingming

Absolutely a great in dungeon adventure and exploring. I do love this game and i don't get into too many dungeon games. But this one...... HIGHLY RECOMEND, go into a deep hunt of adventure and thrilling D&D like quest. The games graphix play control and leveling up and item system is grrat fun and easy to understand or use. I lke the game. hope add more role

Dynton Loayon

Awesome game

Jerri Baird

I love it

David joseph

the most interesting roguelike ive seen yet. GREAT graphics, very smooth, no lag on mid range phone. Not a pay to win,but of course you can progress faster by supporting the game.No chat or guilds. Biggest knock is the character won't avoid traps automatically, but at least it does avoid monsters. First 30 floors are easy, but then the game begins to catch up. it incorporates all the best elements of other roguelike games and make it work.

do we

Absolutely a great in dungeon adventure and exploring. This games a testment to just how well mobile app games come have come and were they can go. Build up a character from the selected type and go into a deep hunt of adventure and thrilling D&D like quest. I have not been movied by a RPG sense the bards tale and love it still to this day. The games graphix play control and leveling up and item system is grrat fun and easy to understand or use. I lke the game. hope add more role

James Calvin

Ads aren't bad enough to bog you down, but it is very annoying that you cannot play offline, -1 star. But for game play and graphics +1 Update Played this game for over 2 years. Ads are repetitive now. Can not silence ads. Free clicks on ads often result in loss of gems. New pvp sucks. Game often freezes since updates beginning in June. Autosell of junk gear sometimes works. Most times doesn't. Many changes unexplained. I'm done with this game. -7

Geno Cornalie

It seems easy to become (OP)

Kenny Antunez

Sex 😍😍😍😍😫😫😫😫😫😩😩😩😩😩😩😱😱😱😱😱?

Sunil Shantha

Good geme

Moe Harris

This was a great game.. i invested a lot into it but after the update my game won't load & hasn't worked for weeks,

T.k.k Singh

Awesome amazing superb fantastic its all perfect

Ediah Powell Moshabi

Just nice

Red Charlie

ressurection boss not full again

Ken W

I have not been able to get into game for 2 days now....on asian server...are you going to fix or not...?you need to put me on server 1...i i have learned to hate updates....

Mohamad Amir Arif

Game is not working. After update

Uche Princewill

This game is rubbish

dennis jensen

Good game

Krazy Chef

Best gaming experience ever

Mike Flogen

Execellent game nice and verygood game but need another character like mage archer thankyou

Vyse Olleta

Nice game

Gowtham KINGs

Super you give offline for this game is very great fully.

Alexander Queppet

It must be the best game ever!

Chad lee Downing


Kidus Fanuel


Larry Cherney

Pretty fun game really like it alot


Every Name i try to use is a "unavailable name", even things like "Unavailable.Name.98"

Llama Lover

Make a better game

Quentin Gruen

This game is beyond the best game on android ever great work guys if only i could ad another 5 stars then ever dungen got it like yesterday..... awesome game awesome!!!!!

كانونة الاول

العب درقمبول سوبر

Mark Baldwin

Eight order dungeon drops seven order items useless at this point carnt

Bryan Alstrom

Not the worst game I've played,unfortunately I purchased a new phone not too long ago and I'm unable to transfer my character after spending several hundred dollars on the game. With no response from the developers I have lowered my star rate to one.

Anna Arrowood

Fun, addicting.

Yu Feng Lim

Quite enjoyable other than the repetition and equipment grind

Shannon Harkins

It's ok.

A Google user

Dungeon crawl at it's finest

Bello Abayomi

Nice game

Tim Roseboom

Good game easy so far

Akam Precious

Very nice game

Mammad Hazratov

The game is good, but after the update, ads disappeared. Nemagu to watch ads. If the admins see this, fix this error in the MIWA nickname.

Ta mi Roth mass

Love it

Hulkin Up Hughes

Fun game and no need for pay to win yet

ray ray

It's great fix the arena can't refresh at all no 1 to fight

Jimmy Haole

The designers are fans of the gene for sure, it's wonderful. Spending money is truly an option, i always see it said in reviews but here it is true. Really well done.

Davy Magnificent

A very good hack-n-slasher but I wish there was a storyline and it can be a bit buggy with occasional lock-ups.

Justin Crook


Sarah McCartney

A well put together game. I like the overall gameplay so far. There's a lot to do in game and a lot you can do with out having to spend$ to get there.



Jon Ludwig

It's a fun game when you get to play. To many adds not enough play

Welfarecheck - Unity Visual Scripting

Asks for call permissions NEVER install a game that asks for call permissions. There is no reason to do that othe than to steal your information.

Randy Myers

It's ok

Takis S

A wanna-be something chinese copycat but for sure not a game ..... every year that passes games are getting more trashier than the last one ....

Randy Ganoung

Sweet game have had no problems

Derek dessy Oshea

Great game recommend it

Shaun Mcgrady

So far game has been good. Graphics are good has well


I like this game..

Jeffrey Londynsky


Martin grace

Really enjoyable game

Harvey Wright

My Choice to play but 4++++

William Ebert


Dramatic Rainbow

Poor English translation. Convoluted resources and crafting system. You will spend as much time watching ads as playing the game. Random bug changes the camera angle making the game nearly unplayable and makes it impossible for me to interact with any buttons on the bottom if the screen. All you can do is exit the game and lose your progress.

Tariq Ali


WhoDat 1127


mohamed sayeh

From the very beginning why the hell would a game require permission to manage my phone calls and contacts ?! Plus it's just horrible to look at and play

Krit The Savage

Brilliant little dungeon crawler, I'd like to see guilds and a few more packs in store for pets .. will post promos to my instagram! Gd job devs

Harini Manimegalai

Very nice

Anthony Perkins

Good time waster.