Era7:Game of Truth

Author: TruthGame

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An introduction to Era7
★★Era7: Game of Truth is a metaverse-style TCG, developed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which has been created by a team of core blockchain technicians and members of well-known casual game development companies.
★★This is an addictive yet state-of-the-art card-trading game that uses a groundbreaking new gaming method. With the perfect combination of fighting and strategy, this game becomes thrillingly immersive and is split up into separate three-minute games.
★★Players can combine the cards in their own card library in different ways to ensure that their deck is as strong as possible. They can play either PVE or PVP by deploying and placing cards. Different cards have different effects, and whether we’re talking about Common or Legendary cards, players will be keen to collect them all. Players will be tasked not only to watch their own deck but also to carefully observe the movements and positioning of their opponents. This provides the player with an incentive to practice and develop their in-game skills over time while receiving fantastic brain training akin to that received by chess players. Only, this training is manifested in skillfully using heroes to ride thousands out to the battlefield.

★★Era7 allows players to experience the value in GameFi, with a very low threshold for entry. Era7’s cards are divided into Master cards and Battle cards. Various cards of various races increase the richness and playability of the game tenfold. There are seven forces and up to 1,000 cards to choose from; truly endless variety for the player.
★★Era7 cards are also NFTs. They have a high collector’s value and appreciate with time, not to mention that they can be used to fight and summon new cards!

★★The Game of Truth is played on a battlefield made up of 9 * 9 squares on both sides. First of all, both sides will randomly draw cards from their pre-built 30-card library. The player will then be able to drag out cards to use in-game. Battle cards will then attack and defend with the passing of each round, while some cards will have characteristic effects that transcend rounds. The battlefield is divided into three fronts. If there are no cards on the opponent’s first front, attributing damage will be caused to the cards on the player’s second front, and so on. When the opponent’s HP drops to 0, victory is attained. Conversely, if your HP drops to 0, you’ve lost the battle.
★★The core essentials of combat are: to establish battlefield advantages and powerful card groups; to play games with opponents through thought-out strategy making.

★★Unsealing: Every NFT Master Card can only be unsealed once. NFT Master Cards need to be unsealed before they can Summon NFT Battle Cards. Once the player Unseals the NFT Master Card, the system will give it a one-off, 10 extra opportunities to Summon extra NFT Battle Cards.
★★Summoning System: NFT battle cards are randomly generated when players manually perform Summoning with NFT Master Card. Each NFT Master Card has two racial attributes, primary and secondary. The NFT Master Card’s racial attributes determine what racial NFT Battle Cards it can summon.

★★Through using the Synthesizing System, players can consume ERA and GOT tokens to combine the exact same two NFT Battle Cards (the same rarity degree, same character, and same Lv.), to create a level-up NFT, Battle Card.
★★Synthesized NFT Battle Cards will randomly gain higher attack power, defence power, and/or other values, including increasing the mining power (Hashate).Higher levels of NFT Battle Cards not only perform better in fighting and mining, but also have higher market value, which means they can be traded at a high price in the Marketplace, and overall increase profits to players.

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Update time: May 24, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: TruthGame
Price: Free
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Customer review

Islem Merad

The worst game ever

Wet Shoe

Why am I up against mfkers that uses that uses same card as me except has ridiculous stats? Explain?

Omar Alrubaiee


Kad Aperano Olago

It takes forever to play a match

Rogan Calypso

Scam! Garbage! Pay to win! You name it.

Mst Subarna

Nice game. But need to upgrade more....

Hamid Navid

These kinds of games only intend to sell their nfts, there is no profit.

mani h-j


Adrijan Mitrov

Veri bad ui slits so tiny there is a lot of space on the phone but the UI is tiny. I also own 6in phone an it's tiny. Very bad.

Michael Algado

Pretty boring game, don't download,, bugggy not optimezed server, pretty trash game... Not ideal for gamers, not an ideal nft game. I could rate this as zero star rating

Samsung Glaxy

From Admob ads

Mark Anthony Camero

Scam. Hindi sya nag connect sa meta mask . At sa application hindi ko mabuksan password ko galing site yung register. Ang lag pa.

Robin Benoiton


Vivid Dream

Too lag

John Michael Opolentisima

Great game like the mechanics... You can really earn if you invest in it. For those having problems with their dailies and going to market place its better for you to open your the browser mode of your cryptowallet then paste the link and have enough bnb token for gas fees to claim your dailies.

Daeng Baco

burik, marketplacenya loading sampai game tutup

Alfani Marchiarto

Error cannot collect daily rewards

taigeeerr nasser

why cant connect wallet or accept daily prise

jhoncarl budlat

i cant regesterd

Surendran Android11

Easily the stupidest game ive ever played. Claim bonus opened my browser? Is there even a developing team? No tutorial. Nothing. i wonder if money making is so easy by developing a game. I want to try it after watching this game.


Terrible. It's just fist of truth but pure money grab. There's no way to enjoy this game in any normal way. I'm not sure what the goal of the devs is, but a playable free game ain't it. Would rather play diablo immortal than this.

Titus Shongwe

I'd give it zero stars if I could, terrible. I couldn't even make it past the verification though the soundtrack was inviting.

Nathaniel Loveres (NATE)

phishing app!! fake claim! pay to win!

André Araujo

15 minutes playing. Tried to do 7 things. 6 were asked for my bitcoin wallet. BRO DON'T WASTE PPL'S TIME!

richmon bustamante

I cant signup always disconecting.

Spectra Phantom

When I try to register my account I don't get the verification email

Husnu Huseyin

Why the hell would you make a game only to force people to register before been being able to play the game. Not even a guest option to test out wether the game is to your liking before registering. Very stupid

Godstime Eric

This game is fun but am finding it very hard to link my coinhub to the game site... Its always referring me to download which I already downloaded the app

อภิชา รัตนการุณย์ (ApicLife)

This game is unwinnable with bad match making system

Mahender Singh

Password error

sa7li- ساحلي

Keep ur game to ur self

Immortal Death

You know why you earned these stars.

Jacques van Staden

Can't collect daily reward...

Jake Anthony Buenafe

A worst.. keep saying password is invalid although you already fixed it for multiple times.. thumb down for this


Great game from Sy 🔥❤️

M. K. (Abir)

Please don't install this game 😭😭😭

Technical Roy (Tech)

Why not claim daily bonus 😠



Falcon Lim

Stuck expertion forever, luckily i selled most nft

SRS cinemas

send Ethereum to this address . and get love unlimited Ethereum 🥂 0xd7697f30f077da7257cfc9ae68fca229c74c2e2e

Karim Fathalbab

Hake game Stelling money from account bank and hake my Facebook

Stallion Stallion

This game takes time to load, l am giving you an advance don't install this game who ever wants to install it. Please fix this game

Nyan Chii

why is it complicated to log in to games and marketplaces? every time I log in the password is always wrong. daily claim reward is not free different from other "P2E" games.P2E to the hell for this game

Doc S

Horrible bots that designed to make you loose . Unfair distribution of cards . Unequal powers . Mostly bots players. You will be forced to buy their boxes otherwise the game designed to make you loose unless you buy. Becoming boring after some time. Not am easy way to earn crypto. Uninastalling it for good ...avoid

ggkaii TV

I like this game easy to play and easy to uninstall

Mark Steve Gallarda

Can't claim the daily rewards please fix my referrals can't claim as well so everything is unsuccessful. And if you reached level 15 in order to level up to 16 you need to win 99999 matches Worst game

miserable cage

Its great but i cant buy anything

The Reaper-X Gaming

I liked the game as a starter player of this game, so far it's good, but the problem I can't received the daily bonus or some kind of daily rewards in the marketplace even though I already have a Metamask account and wallet already. Plus the game marketplace store are stuck at loading...

Diogo Moreira

Battles become repetitive too quickly

rimuru tempest

Too many bugs and problems Especially connection problems

Maria Maria

Excellent game. Thanks 😊 🙏

Abidi Aloui

Stupid game

BW gaming

Can't play without paying after a while

404 192

Android cant claim daily reward box!

Giancarlo Pascua

Not playing this..just want to comment that the value of era token is so low that you dont have to play this

Denver Ricamata

The game is good but there is a problem it's always disconnected even my internet connection is Good. Hope this will fix asap I give 3 star for now

Jane Dube


GaMeS ArOuNd WoRlD

I wanted to give the app for then 1 star but i can't connect to wallet to claim my daily reward ... i already have binance and metamaske app on my phone

Dan Kae

The original was great. This is trash

playoff P.


Banker wahlang

Fake game always says password error don't download

Egidijus Bruzas

You can really make very nice profits if you know what you are doing within crypto currency environment. The NFT market is awesome! And the gameplay is world class art and game mechanics!

Heang Horn

I'm back after left it 5 years ago. Fist of Truth is back✌️

Kou Kun

Can't connect to metamask wallet .....

Jonathan Congdon

Horrible setup can't create an account unless u use another device to check your email. Just make it since with Google play like every other game

Kemio Jackson

I need a invite for the registration please

Legend Xu

crypto game

Tyler Febonio

Great game! There is room for improvement, but I am enjoying it so far

joaquin aioux

Worst game i played... Can't claim daily bonus... Always saying that failed to claim... Can't connect to wallet... Devs not responsive... So be it..

Celton John Pangaruy

Connecting to wallet is easy Connecting to game is easy Fun to play Fun to earn I don't know why there are people having problems connecting their wallet to the game..

Flip Jay

worst game ever BIG SCAM

M Il


Jonathan Lalreiliana

Very baddddddddd


the game is not for everyone. An excellent strategy in which you can earn if you paid.

amos adediran

Let's check

Sept Septiawan

Enemies got bad connection and i cant do anything

saiful islam

Nice app OPT

Paul Kupferschmidt

This will be the 3rd version of Fist of Truth. This is by far the worst scam attempt since they use crypto. The first two apps had their servers taken down and all of our progress was wiped. This version doesn't even have a way to connect your old account. They force you to use crypto because they aren't allowed to use Google or apple marketplace for in app purchases. This is a scam. I don't suggest anyone downloads when the devs keep performing rug pulls on their players.

souhaib bahlouli

Best NFT CARD ♠️♦️♠️♦️ game 🎮🎯

Mahdi Mahdi gh

big like

Sam Lok

why can't i claim daily gives? or i need to make a purchase before i can claim them? will increase star when i get the problem straighten

Zero Hero543210

Useless game

Kalim Falcon

Trash,play 10 ranked never win

Parshv Mehta

Worst game ever ,for log in bonus takes me to website and which button is not working , then shows link wallets or add funds to get chest 🤔. After level 4 I fought with guys with different avatar and higher level cards nearly impossible to win with basic team worst game ever

a a

Perda de tempo

NoobNo Gameplays

BROKEN! Cannot collect daily reward, cannot connect wallet either! It sends to DOWNLOAD the wallet BUT I ALREADY HAVE THE WALLET! I don't need you to show me how to download a wallet! If I want to connect is because I have one!!! It also asks login after every move, which gets even worse when we notice that's no progress being made! ZERO STARS!


They ruined fist of truth :(

ST Records

I liked the game but as it is always said there is a room for improvement so yes it can be better. Thank You......

lemuel guylan

Freaking clown its pay 2 win theres no even daily rewards I CANT EVEN CLAIM all things need to buy dollars DELETE THIS SHT

Jonh Bautista

takes too long to load the screen.


To get the daily login bonus, the game redirects to a website. The website doesn't recognize the game password, so I had to "forget my password" and change it to the same password. After this, I can scroll and click on other links, yet nothing happens when I click the CLAIM button. I switched to desktop mode and then the whole website changes and the CLAIM button is gone completely. Now the game doesn't recognize my password. I know you're thinking I screwed up my password somewhere. I did not.

Christopher millanar

wasting my time to create another password! I was login on the sites recently, but this app is worst! it sucks! it says "password error" poor app! Or the depeloper of this app was lazy....! don't stall this app wasting your whole time!

kharie fajardo

nice strategy card game... fun to play 😊

Quinn Symonds

Game is super fun. I played it on playtest, but I cannot pick up my daily quest and that's super disappointing

Rishu Rishu

Good game

Diego Santander



Just Fist Of Trust copy game with hard to get cards and E2P