ER Hospital 2 – Zombie Newborn Baby ER Surgery

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ER Hospital 2 – Zombie New Born Baby ER Surgery is released. You can bring the baby happiness to the word.The newborn baby seems infected and need the doctor care now. The arzt telefon is ringing. Expecting mothers are so worried. Now help mums for give birth to the new babbies. Prepare caesarean birth and make sure the smooth operation. Baby boom is coming and the expecting mothers are counting on the surgeon Cara. Crazy doctor Cara practiced ER birth surgery(caesarean birth)to the pregnant mimmy. The pregnant mother is having a baby and newborn babies are arrived. Oh no! The baby girl is in critical condition and the mamma baby seems to be infected by the nuclear radiation and the surgeon needs to do the baby care now. As an crazy doctor, please do your best to save the newborn babbies. Now come and help pregnant mommy in regard of her baby care . As new mommys, you should learn about how to do new born child care. Become an experienced babysitter and helping mum to do the babysitting and care new baby in doctor salon.

How to Play Zombie Baby Surgeon Simulator and pregnancy games:
1. The surgery squad is coming. Crazy doctor, please helping mum and prepare for the pregnancy birth.The pregnant mommy is birthing now. Use ER emergency doctor tools & injection to save newborn baby lives in er hospital games.
2. Now practice emergency surgery steps to perform surgery simulator in doctor games.
3. Be an excellent surgeon, play real zombie girl simulator surgery games.
4. Moms baby is sick. Now draw blood from newborn baby vein with injection in surgery games for girls.
5. Send the blood sample to the er hospital laboratory and see whether baby girl had infected in surgeon simulator.
6. Operate Now for mum, az doctor. Do the eyes er surgery for mommys baby in our baby care games.
7. Take care the expecting mothers and don’t forget to take mommy meds.The new mommys need to learn how to feed the newborn babies with energetic food. Play the fun baby care games here.
8. My new born baby is so cute. Now it’s time to help mums do the newborn baby care and pain care! Give new born baby a relaxing shower. Let the new baby have the bubbling fun.
9.You’re the best virtual mom baby sitter.Dress up new babbies in games for girls.Baby nurse can choose from a variety of cute outfits for newborn babies in baby room.
10. Day care time!The baby room is so beautiful and the baby nurse is doing the baby care and changing the newborns diaper for the new born babbies.
11. You can be the trusted babysitter and do the newborn child caring in this crazy daycare app.
12. Can’t believe that the new born babbies are zombie girl. Send her to the nearest emergency center in pregnant game.
13.Mamma baby had already recovered after the super doctor Cara’s treatment. Now you can take your babies back to home.
14.Interested in ca doctor and surgery clinic? Be the super surgeon, You can lean doctors on app how to born baby and baby nursing here.

The cool mom sim and clean doctor games are here. From our newborn baby game, you can learn surgery games for girls how to born baby. Download the apps for doctor and have fun in surgery clinic now.

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File size: 67M
Update time: August 19, 2021
Current version: 1.6
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: BravoGirls
Price: Free
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Customer review

Nikki Kumari

This is so amazing

Pamela Fenton

Like it fun

Dave Metcalfe

Hi I love this game so much it is the best game ever 5 stars keep up the good work

Chandran Chandramani


Princess Mariah Torro

I Love This Game Alot But I Half Got To See An Ad Just To Open Up The Next Level And Get Medicine .

Nompumelelo Mpho Hadebe

This game is sooooo good I love it I almost play it every day. the problem is that u have to watch ads , but not in every level.

Tishauna Bansie


Linda Cohen


Coleana Gessner


Roger C

I love it because I love to help people out and it just gives me time to like practice and that's why I really love this game😁😍❤😁😍❤😁😍❤😁😍❤😁😍❤😁😍❤😁😍❤😁😍❤😁😍❤😁😍❤😁😍❤😁😍❤😁😍❤😁😍❤😁😍❤😁

marothi given

I love this game wow 🤭🤭🤭😍ok

Prescift Arteli Calmon

I love the game but there is add if we go to the other level please fix it i am,really mad of add if is long that,s why i download this game cause i just did not rate it i just forgot but i will give 2 stars cause if only my family 900000000000000000000000000 stars hope you understand

Andra Prazna

ER Hospital 2 - Zom

Imran Ali

This game is very good

Amelia Edo

I love the game and the graphics but they are too many ads please reduce the ads and every time they are saying that the video clip is not available please improve the game. But It's still a great game I'm giving it 5 🌟

Zumsel Yanki Norbu


Simone Palache

This is so nice and so cool but the baby turn in the family I don't have the baby meetings for their needed this is so sweet ever so nice and Austin never wanted I know it



Sumathi Sumathi

This is the best game ever in my life but plz remove the ads its very annoying thats the disappointment in the game

emily paige

Please 🥺 Macke moor

Princessrhian Tudlasan

She super good

Victor Vargas

Love this game but like please iam begging you remove the brovo girls and the ads the ads are so annoying and like when we go to the next story it says watch the ad before watching the story like there are annoying so please remove the Ads!!

zanele hadebe

Love it so much make more please 💗💗

Sumaiya Jasmin


Remya Nair

Umm R krishnan krithika

Ashley Anesu

This is the west game ever

Braheema Perera

This is a super game

Nirali Dave

I have given 4 star because of the ads . And we should unlock the level for free. Please remove ads.

Wenilyn Aguanta

It q actually helps if you want to be a doctor one day but it a fiction story which I like 👍

Mogomotsi Portia Moeng

Fun but scary 😱

Janka-Kata Imre


Monish datta

It's bad game

Raja Ajmal Kiani

this is nice game😍😇

Nyundu Kasoka

It's fun but to unlock another chapter you have to watch a ad luckily the ads are short

Asheena K Ticharwa

Oh this is soo nice hope there's hospital 3

Logan Paklonsky

Like it

OBOI Charles

I love it,but some times you have to watch adds

Krystal Phillips

This game is Cool

Angie Dean-Dennis

It's amazing

Rahila Anaikot

This is the best and I don't even mind the ads

Manish Patil


Luganda patricia

Nice game but please reduce on the adds.

Rupa Raya

I like this game verry much

Liloo Alim

I love halloweennnnnn!!! I am her granddaughter

Kawanguzi Sight

It's the best game I've ever played,but please i am begging you the makers of bravo girls, make it an offline game,and remove the ads. even though I have data it doesn't bring the ads

Emily H

Fun Game with a zombie baby and so is the mother of the baby

Mohamad Hydari

این عا لی واقهن ارزش داره زمان بزاری برای این که این دانلود بشه بله داره و ارزش داره که اینترنت خرج کنید نه نداره 🤣😭😭❤🤮🤮🤮🤮واقهن خیلی بده مگه ارزش داره زمان بزاری بد نزاری بازی کنید بد خیلی خیلی بد 🤧

Chibeka Kapansha Banda

It's good but too many ads but it says no ads

Annalee Persad

It has so many ads but it is fun.

Kazi Shamim

I love t

sai sandeep

I love your game it was so good 😁😁😁.I LOVE IT

Zerihun Bekele

i love this game

Atul Withluv


faezeh Kazemi



Superb 👌😉😉

Gugulethu Wa Di Love

This game is sooooo cool

trice shippey


anna is so very beautiful AND elsa


Leila Hrusovski

Love it

Remmarie Estacio

Love baby you r me 🏥👧👶

Tosha Neil

Zombie babies it's cool

ramos a

this game is so much good its beautiful and i wil installed the next er hospital 3

Sibgat ullah Mashfy

It's very good

Sherab Thai

I'm living

jaimol mahesh

This is super but serious

Babulal patidar

This game has so add thats why i give 3 star

Gisela Torres

Muito real bom!

gyanankur tripathi

This app is very nice. Just one problem that it has 30 seconds break and I don't like it.

Erica Estrada

I use to play this game so I'm gonna play it again and its a good game

Reem Jomaa

i love this game

sherimol sheri

Very intresting and super

Maha Vel


Devashti Ramdin

Very interesting game.....full of adds

Ancelle Gill


Pop Jiggy

This game is so fun get but it's a lot of ads

J Cunningham

Accidentally gave two stars but I give it five stars I love love love

mathias maning

I like it

mohammad yekta

Perfect 💝

Nurunnesa mallik

this is a good game for children it has many ads but the ads make us intresting i player the er hospital 1 also then i thik when it ha leavel 1 so it has also leavel2 then i serch and i see this is very good game for your child so please download the game

Vanessa Athenalyn Ramos

This app is really fun but there is one problem that I kinda don't like after you finish a chapter you have to watch an add which is kinda a bit annoying but luckily the ads are short so I rate it 5 stars pls keep adding it's so fun

Aduaye Theresa

cool 😍👍😇😍👍🤑😎


Ohh i love this game i will download the others to later when i finish this game!

Shivani Rathour

I really like this game this is the best game ever

kuhlekonke Dlamini

I really really like this game

Gurudas Mazumdar

More add on this app

Md ESMli


Zaara MeharbaaN

This is game is so beautiful i like this game

Md. Shahidul Islam

Nothing to say

Starla Starlight

This game is wonderful but sometimes in the levels i have to unlock the level to watch adds and in the game im always watching adds just to get something and im not enjoying it alot can you make some updates and make an offline game to if its not an offline game?

Mwansa Banda

Very nice

Rain Snow

It great keep up the

Kristin Collins

Love this game so fun

Sarvjeet Goswami


luh putu widya ayuni kristianti

I like it ☺️❤️

Kelley McCarty

I love this game 123go😂

Mercinth Lambert

I love the game

Jose Lopez

i hate it dosent let me get ad free

Sahana S

It's a good game I love it ❤️❤️

Alannah Howell

This game is so fun I like love one and two Because I get to take her baby and I want when I grow up I want to be a doctor so that's why I'm like cuz it's based on real life but

Priscilla Payaniandi

It's cool