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Epic Skater – Trick, grind, and shred your way through the streets of Los Angeles.

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Customer review

haiyun Wen

The game is good but too much ads

Lethabo Tshabalala

Sheeesh 💯🔥🌟

Dj Edens

IN the second game you can costomeize

Zama Mdadane


Vardo Puthesh

This game was absolutely a waste of data

Nazmie Stemmet


Zam Angelo Macalawan

Someone galing mo naman to pass

Quinn Hearn

Great game. Super fun

Dave Lopez

This game sucks👎


Purty good game

Giche Massen

The is by far one of the best game I've ever played there is just no problem with it ✨✨

Natashi Johnson


cheeza boy


John Shaka

Very good game to play Really enjoyed it



Samantha Fletcher

Absolutely fantastic....I enjoy this game very much and have many achievements which I love about the game and especially the characters and the boards....why 4 star? Because I wonder if they have copied some stuff from subway surfers? And why can't we design the board or decide what the character wears? P.S DOWNLOAD THIS GAME IT'S GREAT!


epic as well

Marc Miranda

It was a long time since i have played this game...


This game is fun but why are they ads too

Malaun Benard

Too many damn ads

Cav3man 123

Worst freaking game ever why so many ads??

Clifford john ancheta


Prabir Choudhury

😊😊😊😚😚☺i love this app

paul namizaki

I love this game!!!....iys my childhood game

Lovelyn Montaño

Wow nis gg

noah fecks

Easily one of the best skating games in the app store, and one of my all time favorite mobile games.

Noel Bucol

I play this game before covid my age when I play this game is 4/6 years old and my tablet is broke that's why I'm not playing I find this game because this is so 🆒 and I love it 😘😁😁😁

Bhavana 9th B

Very good game

Reece Van Sitters

It's amazing how you can explore around the city and you get different skins as well I have been looking for this game for about four years and I finally found it

Happy Husband

freezes fast

Zachary Amrieca

The best game in the world u should download

Neesha Fatmi

It's great,I just accidentally deleted it and now I have to get all my stuff back...Is there any way I can get it back? I was level 19,had a couple outfits and boards,and had all the tricks unlocked.

jessica uwu

People who see this,they are cute ,:>

doris mwelu

🐱😍😂🐶🐶So cool

Ruth Banda

It's. Very good. But. It's Much better than any. Game 😃😄😚

john shanusi


Whane Jacobs


Wafieqah Hendricks

I like it


Love the game, been playing it for over 6 years now

Ronesha Moore

This game is great

Lethokuhle Sengiphiwe

very exciting game filled with adventure

blue eyes the gamer

Great game really liked it great job to the creators, thanks for tha good times. 😉

aparna somani arolkar

It's getting bored because of the ads remove them.

Brendan De klerk

I love the game , 🙂😍

Peejay Carino


Meliny Pillay

I love this it's the best 😂

Sipho Gumede



Everything u need

Mark Robles


Lilian Chileshe

Nice game i like playing the on my mom's iPhone x it's so clear on her phone so i like playing the game

Kyanite Scott Carson

Epic yo

Chastidy jordahl


Japhet Zondo

This game 🔥

8bit Yusuf GD

This was my childhood when i played there were so many fun skill mechanics you can do it i hust so addicting and fun



Shuaib Jacobs

This is a jas game .

Darius Alphonso

Good game but to much ads when i die in the game and wgen i press the x ad ad ad ad TOO MUCH ADS!!!!!!


Yep no problem here The people who's complaining about lag, the problem probably is they're phone not the game, good game bru


Its still downloading here in my new phone, but from my experience when i was a child playing this game in my dads ipad i'd say its really cool and its very fun too

Ashely Bailey

Epic Skater is truly an amazing game and i cant stop playing it

Mmule Ekwaki

Really cool🤑🤑🤑🤑

alicia Bowerman

epic skater 2 yes epic skater yes

Manish Prajapati

This game diserve 1B downloader. Game is Awesome But Game need to be updated continuously.

Muhammad Amsyar

nice game

Flotaku 13

it just repeats the same thing over and over there's no change tunnel ferris wheel subway over and over again

Boaz Thompson

I recommend this for your Diego Valagues

Justin Booysen

The best

Asemahle Mkhwanazi

This was a very fun game! Until it started glitching every time I would revive myself, I would always end up in the air. So please fix it.

Steven Brutcher

This game is very fun! I love this game and its sooo additcted!

Ibrahim Hyder

I like it

Alleah Tan

I really like this game

inam xhala


Mtseperepe Dube

This game is so great yes

Tashrique Philander

The beat game

Kelebogile Ontiretse

I have been playing the game like for 12 hours without sleeping ,eating and charging the phone I will never delete this game

Kian Morgan

What is cool game and the amazing ❤️❤️❤️

Keon Geswindt


nazim amorali

This game is very very funny😂😂😂😂😂😂

Shadow Akatski

this game is so cool but little action type song plzz

I'm right you're wrong

Horrible game

Marco Ocampo

if you guys are just complaining about the ads just turn off your internet connection

Lance Fisher

Cool the best. Skate board game ever


Good experience overall just too much ads, after dying there is always an ad, then again it's a mobile game, Soo I recommend moding it instead or just don't download it.


Great game

Raffie Caber

This is coil

Jacob Gonzalez



played this game back in like 2016 it was super fun glad to be able to play it again

Bangari Ramarao

Good job

Meliton Alonzo

Nice nice pretty nice

Tytell Jackson

This game is 🔥

Margaret Schachte

Rge th French rented efnfgctu washed up playing it it when is the first game I ever played in I was the best choice of my life

saviour dogbe

This game is so cool. I've been playing this game everyday.

Monica Siyaca

I love it 😉😉

Wendy McCain

Its fun

Ogunjimi Hazmat



JUST FUN!!?!?!?!

Sibongile Twala

Love this game

Eliot Bryan

Cool game 👍 but I wish there was a new version

Terel Simpson


Goober Goblin