Epic Fantasy

Author: Cravemob

100,000+ install


Epic Fantasy – Easy&fast growth with an idle system! Complete your deck with your own strategy!

Detailed info

File size: 215M
Update time: September 9, 2021
Current version: 1.13.0
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Cravemob
Price: Free
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Customer review

Red Wolfie

Kool sexy. Girls in it

TEshaunny Miller


dan pilon

Great game I definitely recommend this this if you like rpg games

Eva S


Andy Emmons

If you like idle games, you'll love this one. I haven't played long enough to give 5 stars. I'll edit review in a couple weeks.


Seems fun so far. Just started. Looks nice graphics wise and so far easy going and good yep

Justin Thomas

Gg so far

Robin Way


robert vandyk

Decent game so far

Paul Kenneth Palana

Very nice graphics and animations. Fast paced for casual players like me and F2P friendly.

ressydha lubis

Very nice and easy gameplay

Mai Vargas

This game is so good! I'm addicted to it now. I get richer the more levels I play muayayayahahahahayayaya!

Kadek Bagus Ady Maha Dipha

Love the clean UI, looks so beutiful

Brett Munro

Fun game. Good graphics



Reza Fazrul

Smooth graphic and nice gameplay, I personally think this game is relaxing

Tanveer Hossen

Itty not bad game

Vincentius Danny

.. ..

Meagen Shuman

So far great!!!

Blizzaguken Blizzaguken

First time playing this game, it's really a time killer, hero design is awesome, gameplay is okay i guess, since you can auto it, but i like this kind of game, and its free to play friendly.


gameplay,summon rates, and everything is pretty nice. do add more optimisation in guild searching (casual or competitive/language/guild lvl)

John Clay

Love it

RRW25 wzz


benjamin andrew

Decent game with good graphics. Only complaint is server sorta slow. You click something and there is a delay. That's my only problem.(still has the server problem even after months away dropped my stars by one) fix the server issue. It's rediculous.

Owen Davies

Leaving review for gems.... I literally started playing 5mij ago... too early to tell if game is good

Gordon Williams

Sawome ga.e

Jessica LeBlanc

Good game I guess I'm just doing this for the reward


I think it will be more fun if hero have their voice effect

Melony Eisenhower

Cool game

DakuKage Carr

Not complicated and fun

Joshua Thompson

It's the right combination of aspects 1v1 followed by floor by floor

Dale Wilson

Not bad f2p, decent resource feed, seen worse, alot going on as u advance

Wei Wuxian

It's really fun and it doesn't finish my battery fast do that makes me happy

Lucas Yoo


Otis Prather

Enjoyable but missing exploration...

Phil Neill

Good game

Aser Gunner

Beatiful game with grrat randers and good gameplay for a relaxed base i love it !!! The intro song is the ace of making me want to play even more !! U should make such great sound track for the game as this one and release it as a single by vevo !

janet monroe

So far I'm loving the game. but it is a P2w game and some stuff is really over priced

Bintou Jess

The game is so fun

tony matinez

I was sooooo bored the then I found this game and play all night

M. Soracle

game has lots of content. it makes you use almost all your heroes during stages. so u can see all your waifus in action! very generous towards all players. gatcha is rewarding and encouraging. totally recommended.

Jonathan Williams


Clifford oldsen

It's easy to play

Sacera Mint


Charlie Matthews

It is great I love it and I'm not a bot okay

Austen Lewis

I enjoy it

estelle gb

5 star baeacuse first ten minutes I hade around 7 really good hero almost had a ssr by night I had 2 ssr

Ghost Tribe

Theirs a bug in the summoning hero's an theirs a little lag


Good so far

David Anderson


Alexavier Reeves

It alright just hope it don't crash

Monica Martinez

Your game was awesome

David Hill

So far, so good! Just started playing. :)

Triston Phillips

Usually not a fan of the idle games and raid like games but this game actually does it good. I'm enjoying this game so far.

sir vcp

nice and enjoyable game ever....very generous

Richard Mihm

Nice stable and fun easy to get started and nice rewards without ptw

Grim Reaper

Great game if your into rpg games its fun and has what a idle game rpg should have in it!

galih panji anggoro


Zachery Ingram

Really fun game it seems well made to keep up the good work

Ehtesham Raian

Has a good balance between f2p and p2w. But everything else in the game is just straight up irritating. The music and sounds are bland. There's nothing much to the plot once the tutorial is complete. The mini guide in the game doesn't cover the basics of the game; for example, what does 'fear' effect do? How are turns calculated? Which heroes will have better synergy with each other? There's so much missing in the game. It can become boring easily for the constant grinding.

Jake Thatcher

not too bad

Chris Chaos

Fun little game not to be taken too seriously. Thk U.

Enki Sumerian

420 69 🔥

Tyler Eriksen

So far very good.


30minutes into game. simple gameplay. cute design character. interesting artwork. more detail update soon

janice zaluski

Awesome game

that one girl Go

New to the game but so fa4 so good

Xander Whiteford

this game is awesome

Monster Td

Nice game

Mark Montealto

It's awesome

Hidayatjuni Permana


Khue Pham

good game

Chris Trethewey

So far pretty good

Shadow Riggs

So far pretty good

Adek Chandra

I love this game

Kevin Dinh

Good game. Fast.

Pj Jolly


Juan Paulo Enriquez


Gagah Wira Negara



So far so good.

alekos vounasis



Nice Game

Keven Merriman

Fun so far

Caboose Knight

Quick starter, I like the goofy characters

Daniel Horn


Billy Ichida

Good so far

Jerrel Smith

Not very far into it but its been pretty awesome, the soundtrack,music in the background really intensifies everything youre doing. Im really enjoying this so far

kevin andre

So far.. interesting.. although somewhat slow to earn and gain power.

Im Sexy_Fanny


Emery Woods

Noice game

Skylar Webb


shaun johnson

Pretty decent



Fitz Rigby


Anna Thai

Very beautiful game!

Indramaya Tamrakar

Why Elchronicle got shut down ! 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Gordon Shade

Not so bad so far, only starting ch3

Janstalgia Kid

Great RPG game, cool and unique heroes.

panjang sangat

good game Kappa

Vixen Fox Sneaky

I just love the graphics, and the heroes. However, there is one problem your ad shop and the server its bugged and it's not properly connected thanks.