Epic Battles Online

Author: BestiaGames

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Multiplayer battle simulator. Battles of thousands of soldiers in a strategy game with fast-paced action. Configure your army by selecting the soldiers, positioning your divisions and selecting their formation. As you win battles you will unlock new units, there are 18 to unlock. You can select Human, Elf, Undead, Barbarian, Dwarf, Orc and Dragon soldiers.


* Free online battle simulation game.
* Fantastic medieval battles.
* Multiplayer battles with players from all over the world.
* Allows you to play offline.
* Marker of total battles won, victories in a row and record of victories in a row.
* Choose from 7 different types of units: Infantry, Heavy Infantry, Archers, Cavalry, Lancers, Mages and Dragons.
* Unlock up to 18 different soldier units by winning battles. Each unit is unlocked every 5 battles won.
* Combat with Human, Elf, Undead, Barbarian, Dwarf, Orc and Dragon soldiers.
* Every army has a king.
* Win the battle by eliminating the king or half of the enemy troops.
* Maximum duration of the battle 10 minutes. In case of the end of time, the player who has eliminated the most enemy soldiers will win.

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: May 12, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: BestiaGames
Price: Free
9 votes

Customer review

Raj Ahmed

Why this match ends in half gameplay developers pleas solve the problem

Oyuntsetseg Naranbaatar


Dilli raj Joshi

Op game

hridoy kumar

This game is excitant. Try to give zombie mood on this game...

Martin Long

Not a bad game. Good little time waster. Could be better. Maybe special powers or at least power ups. Upgrades etc. Or even catapults and the like. A siege level would be good.

Ariel Micairan

Waiting for the updates 😁

Ashirwad Kumar

It is not as special as much but some of its features are good but a big problem is its senstivity it is not likely as good it seems to be update much I want from my heart that it gets its funding fast and we are wating for its updated version so all the best and come next with update

Abdul Hamid

Good game

Ganga Mahata

Game is awesome.but game graphics is not good. Please game graphics update very fast. Then I give 5 🌟.

Solo remake2.0

I love this game but this game have not very player I wate very time but any player didn't come But I play offline

Nuel Jay Casimpan


Abu Taib

It needs to allow more troops

Shade Raven


kokHi GoYo07

Good game 🎯🎮🎮

Julius Dillahunty

The game is good but I hate when you actually undownloaded it that's a restart all your campaign please update that


Its fun

Shabir Hussain

Rubbish wont even download! Blaaaaa9

B. Sanford

Ok so this game is a lot of fun, I really wish the battles didn't end the way they do. I wish it was to the last person instead of what it is. Or at least when they flee like cowards have the game play go until they are out of the boundaries. Really other than that I'd give it 5 but I really hope that they come out with another one or update this one eventually to where you can have more mods on your units, maybe upgradable skills, or weapons and just different ending to the battles.

Saifullah Ahamdy

جچیفہطےپءل عگ گول

Rajinder Kaur

I wish that you can do more.like be an officer of an army and move your unit the way you want to.Also there should be a global map

Gavin Lindquist

The game needs to be fixed because people can pay to win or spam archers and there is no ranking system in the game

kyle king productions

Love the game but I can't understand why I'm not getting to deploy more units and I'm unlocking them🤨🤨I'm playing people online with more units than me I must lost

George Anderson

Fun but when I dominate another player online why does it say I lost???? Its happened several times and I had over 30 consecutive wins, then I go and play someone who doesn't move a single unit and I use God level strategy, guess what, you destroyed the entire enemy army, that means you lost.... pretty fun other than that though. I wish you could play with friends online

Paresh Joshi

Very bad game

Syed Nighar Ahmed

B, d cj hyo 😂 😘 💕

Nikhil Jadhav

Almost the best, I know it needs a lot of fixing but this game has a potential to go very big. For example you can't select multiple army or in the army section it says select from right, but all the buttons on right are always disabled. Hope it gets the necessary funding to make this big. Edit: After 10 days of playing, I usually don't get any opponent to play, most of the time I get to see the screen saying "Waiting for a player to join".

David Soto

I thought at first this game was boring but its actually entertaining and a good strategy game I love this game its actually good game I recommend this game and wld put a 5star XD

james zhang

Do NOT purchase anything on this game, there is chance you will not get anything

Darren Lindeman

actually really good

Cartoon Sardar

Haloo gamer

Shaik hanni Ashu

One of the best game only 1m donloders Why

johnny baird

Definitely want to find more games like this one


Bardzo fajna gra, mam nadzieję że zostanie jeszcze rozwinięta, ponieważ ma potencjał

محمد امین اکبری فر


Gojo sama

Hey...the game kinda bit little bit sucks; the troops get back automatically, and when you order your troops it just hard to understand...I recommend to put like...giants 1 and and giants 2 because you don't know where the troops is located...and I win even though I still didn't massacre the enemy forces...you Devs are too kind

maya upadhyay

Ertyuiopman hai na ki hai aur mami ka key 1000$@/900876#

CIO Mech arena

Awesome game given me nearly UEBS (ultimate epic battle simulator) experience but this game some improvements like 1.adding new troops and an level upgrade system 2.total army control button 3.please this must be developed in next update give king more attack damage and health he barely couldn't kill a 3 or 4 soldiers Love this game😘

A Google user


Miki Kumari

Best game

Aravind Mc

The game is crashing in the first game level so i deleted Need some. not need more improvement 😡😡😡😡

Sanjay Mal


Joshua Nicholson

Exceptional. No ads great game, dosent get much better.

Aisy Daiyan

Why did I win but there's more people

Jatin Mishra


Scott Kolakowski

It's a great game, it would be nice if you could rotate the units though.

Lakshya sharma


Rayyan Fathia

Love 😘💖

Mike McMichan

Love it

Maric Sesenembdjdn

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Hero Waqas

The game is amazing but one thing is not please add all scene when I kill 900 solders by 700 the game is ended please fix it and add all scene when the enemy all solders are dead thank you for your response I will be play your uptade

kapil singhal


Qiniso Khumalo

Good game genetic

Lee Seng Wee

Very fun and optimised mobile Total War game

Deepak Ghildiyal

The games is nice but the controls are very-very bad

Saurabh Singh 63

Super op game

Jeet Sarkar


Prateek Janmeda

Good 👍 game no ads in the game

Mukhtyar Alvi

Oxford 08_45694-

Sanjay Datta

Nice game dude 🤩🤩🤩


I really like the game its a very fun experience. But can you make it so you can merge to units so I can merge 2 cavalry units cause the I wouldn't have to press All of the armies to attack. But it is quite a good game so if you haven't downloaded it yet then you should:)

Gertox XX1

Played this game a year ago, i stopped playing only because it became boring, since the game is excellent. Hundreds and hundreds of soldiers fighting and no lag whatsoever. It's a good game tbh.

Siddharth Suradkar

Don't download is game........

Shaibu Titilayo

This is the best game I have ever played It has every thing

༄Vicky Gᴀᴍᴇʀ࿐

No this app is

Md.Asraf Khan

Dj you

Rana Aunty


Phone myint Thu

is not working this game is sooooooo bad


Wonderful game with so much potential..Please I am requesting you make this game like TOTAL WAR ROME PC GAME with no monster or magic things, Just make this game like real medieval kind warfare..People are searching that kind of game on playstore but not finding any..Make this game more realistic like Steel and flesh but keep the warfare formation that this game has..

Xyz Xyz


Gaurav Chandel


Sapna srivastava

Thu thu thu game ko nazar na lage bahut achha



Muskan Chawla

Lag Jada hota he 😭😭😭

Anurag Dubey

Create a new game on seige and defence of Castles

Nishu Kashyap



NEARLY PERFECT! I love the mechanics and the fact that it's offline makes it the best. It's better than good. Although, there's less effort. Devs can u create Campaign mode or a better custom mode to customize the battle properly? It would be great! Love your work, and please update.

YouTube offline offline


Azfar Hafiy

Really good game can you make the same game like this one but is a American civil war version

brandon smith

3 stars due to lack of game mechanics, a few misspelled words, some units you unlock later through wins are about the same with stats compared to the first troops you have access too, also the barbs are the last to be unlocked but the weakest in attack and defense compared to others you unlock early on. Your king is good for nothing, one hit he's out. I do enjoy playing the game despite the above because I think once you get more content going and more reasons to want to win , it'll be bette

Mithu Shastri

Overall the game is awesome But some things have to be improved. The enemy units are always more numerous. I don't know what the developers had thought to do that. Please fix it . Make it a fair game.

Itz Me

Just improve controls other than that Its Great


This game is very nice

emerald dash

This game could be awesome 1 a improved ui with different options for unit stances for example defensive or hold ground 2 if the bodies didn't disappear. I think bodies on the ground add to the experience of battle 3. Getting rid of that 10 minute max time for battles. It makes the only viable strategy rushing your opponent 4. Some more sound effects like battle sounds and more maps like towns etc 5 a way to bolster unit morale and prevent mass routs. Also more unit variety wouldn't hurt.

Prince Alexander Naig

amazing game

Archana Rai

I can't play this game because it is very lagy

Gavrav Mishra

Nice geam

Raven Wong

Great medieval game without the need to build forces and buildings over a long time. It will be great if the developer can include scenarios like defending a castle or attacking one.

Josh Dahlgren

It ok needs a.i to be smarter

Peni Mammadi

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This game is not working. Its makes my lagging so much that I have to uninstall it. Please fix this glitch.

Jonald Soriano

Its fun but can you add more armys pls for big battles keep on going its fun


wow just wow just one little thing you should add more units


Well it glitches alot in fact it just wiped out my consecutive wins because it glitched and both mine and my eneimes armys just disappeared so thats a major problem for me,the game is really cool i loke the whole battle setup in fact the best ive found on a phone yet,and would be a million times better if you made a story mode,but overall a two star because of the glitch thing really ruined it for me

Dhanush Thota

It's very cool and satisfaction 😉

Vasim Saman


Deboteertha Sarkar

Hello Developers when is the new update coming please inform. And as well this new update must contain something very unique Not like other two

Yogesh Sonawane

A good ge for a strategy 👌



Baizid Hossain


Mathi Ganesh 12 A1

Some interesting game for Epic battles never intersect for the game for enjoy childs