The new Endless Nightmare game released! The story of Endless Nightmare 3 takes place before Jack investigates the weird hospital. The protagonist is Jack’s best friend – Carlos Gonzales. Carlos is a member of the International Criminal Police Organization (ICPO), specializing in investigation of transnational crimes such as terrorist activities and organized crimes. His opponent is a notorious large-scale international criminal organization – Black Python. This time, their target is getting the Heart of Pharaoh. Carlos must get Heart of Pharaoh first, so he embarks on a dangerous adventure.

* Explore scary rooms, collect clues to solve puzzles
* Obtain weapons and fight fiercely with scary monsters
* Look for chests, you will get rich resources
* Upgrade weapons to fight against more powerful unknown monsters
* Learn skills to enhance survival ability
* Crack dangerous mechanisms and obstacles
* Fight for Heart of Pharaoh in ultimate battle with boss

Game Features:
* Exquisite 3D art style, giving you the real horror visual experience
* Explore from a first-person perspective, collect clues and key items, solve puzzles in scary horror rooms!
* Rich game contents including skills, weapons, puzzles, exploration, battles and so on
* More types of weapons can be chosen, tech gloves, frangible grenades, and guns!
* Thriller music and sound effects create a scary atmosphere, please wear headphones for a better experience!

Endless Nightmare: Shrine is a free 3D horror game, and it’s the third entry of the Endless Nightmare series. Different from the previous two horror games, scary shrine owns a bigger map, and more types of technology weapons. In this horror game, action and shooting is still a feature. In addition to long-range shooting, you can also fight against creepy monsters in close quarters; the ultimate battle with bosses enriches the fun of the horror shooting game; new survival skills have also been added to the epic game, which greatly improves the chances of survival! Exquisite 3D art style, well-designed puzzles, terrifying unknown monsters, fierce fighting in the creepy rooms, satisfy all your fantasy of top creepy horror games! Experience this free top horror game, embark on a creepy adventure to find the Heart of Pharaoh, overcome difficulties, meet new challenges and survive in the scary shrine!

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Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jun 24, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: 707 INTERACTIVE: Fun Epic Casual Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Kiran Yadav


Sonam Srivastav

Good game


A thrilling, adventurous and a fabulous game to play👏.... I just got addicted to this masterpiece, I used to played it the whole days, it was very enjoyable and now I am a little upset🥺 because I have completed it 😊and I am impatiently waiting⏳ for endless nightmare 4... You all should try this one❤️



Yovo FF

Will there be more of endless nightmares, cause I played all 3 and all of them are great, The game is so Interesting and well done to the game creator.

Vygotsky Junior

The game is completely different from the ad,i don't recommend it 😩

Aadyant mishra Vlogs


Jj Riv

Good game but the redeem code does not work

Arshak Beena

Powered game poliy 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

ஆதியன் தமிழ்

Very nice game

Gaming Boy

Good game but only online No offline Mode plz add offline mode

Cyclon D ArtE

Endless Nightmare : Shrine is a masterpiece , but watching ads shouldn't be necessary for getting every piece of ammo and health

Christopher bubosa abal

Story future about war play like OK here

A Google user

So far really neat! Cool creation for sure

Hira Raheel


Redza Zuko

Experienced well so far ,bravo

Munnajothi Jothimunna


Sachin Ramesh

Nice game, good visuals, story, gameplay are awesome. But i suggest to improve attacking the guards sometimes I won't be able to kill them and in that process i will die😂, but it's a good game.

Adrian Richard

Best game ever

Gourav Thakur



This game sucks they made it way too hard this glitches what you can get stuck in and die and you can't even save the save button doesn't even work trash game

Anderssen Dimalanta

I played all endless nightmare, it never dissappoint me. Nice game

Laker Fan

Good game Stunning graphics Scary!

Shampy Patyal

My ads not work why

Sunil Shantha

tikak hodai

shreyas c nayak

This is so difficult to win

Mandheer khare

Endless nightmare 1,2 and 3 all game are best

Cory Harris

Just started. Cool so far.

Christopher Baca

Pretty fun and adventuring good to play just getting to know the game now so I have to see how I'm playing it and how it goes

Sujit Kerketa


ေမာ္ကြန္း ထြဠ္

Nice game


PC and Consoles experience in mobile phones. Thanks to developers they made this game series highly graphics and a good story line. Loved this game

Bindu Vijayan

Its 3rd part of endless nightmare. 1st part was very scary. 2nd part was full of illusion. This part was adventures 😍

Ahmad Mamun

Nice game.


Good to play

Linda Dodd

Please make more of thease types of horor games I love the graphics and the animations my only concern is can you make some voice acting to go along with the storyline that eoild make it so much cooler thx

mukesh sonawane

Best horror and adventurous game



Bitta Raymandal

Exceptionally good graphics. It feels like I am playing a full fledged computer game. The first person view, the story, the character development, and the eerie nature of the game, along with the sound effects.. it's just perfect. Played a good game after such a long time.. thanks for making it free.

Macio Dagod

Love it already

Tayo Nobelle

Awesome and fun. Really like it alot

Gagan Deep


Daksh Bageriya


Bhavesh singh

Very good graphics

Duane Harry


Vibhav Tripathi

Good good

Salar Solo

Good game👍

Sushma Lakra

Nice game

Ethel Serna Dacal-Dacal

Ok so why this game is horror and turn into an action game

William Allen

Very nice game so far


I cannot believe this game this game is very awesome I love this game everyone has to play this game😊😊😊

manukumara gowda


Saminul Islam

Nice game

Lomer Abadier


Thomas 888

sorry i dont like too much movement games

Ye Yint min

Good game

ShuZ Gaming

Didn't realize there was endless nightmare 3 as i already complete both 1 and 2 the hardest mode but this i didn't try it yet so far on Endless Nightmare 2 there are still a lot of unsolved mystery perhaps this part 3 might be the whole truth gonna check it myself

Thabany I Mtshali Innocent

Very nice

Andre Steyn

Cool amazing first game was horror now it more action

Scott Pollan

Reminds me of old school tomb raider.

mark layam

It's really cool for a free to play game

Kyle Andres

This game is really good and nice graphics and nice story and nice horror game this game is epic 👍

aditya raj tomar

The best endless nightmare part played ever

Ashad shaikh

Just insane

Yolanda Avalos

Couldn't play it

jason mauldin

Controls stop right at the beginning of the game.

Rockstar gamer GTA5 player

Super game I feel like play in pc But you want to release new game soon

Han Min Thein

i like this game

Vijay Kumar


Nerreus La93

very good

Rowie Rico

So many ads but i love the game

magimai raja

So far awesome and thrilling

Anders Jensen

Cool game. Good controls

Zubeda Begum


theheidi doll

Very beautiful graphics and interesting story and game play so far

Gamer Esport

This good game but heling kit problam


Wow I love this game!!! Great job!!!

Frank Parrott

Awesome and crazy

Ks Zryan pro

I can't believe this game works on smartphones. This is amazing game the ghrapic is insane for mobile games the resolution is 💯💯 it's worth to download

Aisi Taisi


Akash Chaudhary

Nice game

George Sugar

Offline why can't play?can you fix it without internet?


Doesn't work.

Selvam Ganesh

Durr5 to do that for me and you will get the best for the same to same here in India 🇮🇳 namaste I 🕗 I don't want you to come in a while back in a bit 8.30am


Really Super Story Game!!

Rupa Roy

Please sound

Srinu sandy

Excellent graphics

Apurv Anand

I feel like i play the mummy game

fazleey leey

I very like

Om Gupta

It is not working

Ken Fowler

Nice game. Not boring like most of the other games like this one.

SaiAung Kyaw

Good game 😍

Sanjay Bag

Nice 👍

Mujtaba Siddiqui

The best oflline game in my opinion

Arif Kazi

Amazing grafix and intersting game ❤️❤️

Arnulfo Cube



definitely needs polish and work. but I like most things about it

George Robles

So far it's a good game

Jefferson Moore

Awesome game is good so far nice

Sapavath Vamshi

Excellent app