Endless Blade

Author: More Well Studio

10,000+ install


Endless Blade – Enter the world of Endless Blade: beat the Demons, find Artifact and be a hero!

Detailed info

File size: 40M
Update time: April 15, 2021
Current version: 23.0
Require Android: 7.0 and up
Developer: More Well Studio
Price: Free
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Customer review

Zanders Schmidh

Great game up to now. No invasive ads etc and a steady progression if u play casually

Seth Barnard

Good idle rpg. If you enjoyed games like EZ RPG, Idle Poring, etc, give this one a shot.

Chemchem ID

failed check version


Cant even get onto the game to play it, stuck on 0% loading as it fails to do its checks

Pure Innocence

I keep getting eroor while checking update so I can't even start it...

Simon Ford

Love this game, i have no issues with it at all ,very good graphics and game play

Matt Pellerin

Just installed and failed update check when launching. Can't play game at all. Permissions look fine

Karlo Antonio Guinhawa

It says failed to update. Idk what seems to be the problem. Im stuck at "checking for update" then after a few secs, it says "failed to update". Been in this loop for a while now.


My game is not loading and it always shows that ur data is expired and need to reinstall it and I've never even played it yet😑


Doesn't work, can't check for updates, can't check version, it just sits doing nothing. 0/5 avoid it. All the 5 star reviews are bots and paid for, anyone saying it's revolutionary etc is an actor, it doesn't work AT ALL, plus the pictures show it looks like every other game, so in no way is it revolutionary.

Dante Taochi

Cant play it

Jason Crooks

The gamr seems fun the little that I played but anytime that I clicked a screen that required me to use the games back out button I would get stuck in the screen i wanted yo back out of and my phones back button dose nothing as well so I would have to exit the game and reopen in. I thought it may have froze the first 2 times but after the 3rd I wrote this review and ill be uninstalling this game if they fix the back button ill reinstall it.

Kyle Verheul

Game decided to not remember me and then guest login decided to start a new file. Gets boring quickly and is a lot slower than it should be. Dull design, lacks customization.

gaz wardle

I dont normally play idle games like this , but this one's pretty good , the only thing I'd say is cutting some of the costs for certain items , like maps scrolls or tokens , maybe add a forge so equipment can be created rather than just upgraded , other than that cool game , let's hope there's more like this to come in the future

cyruss ryu ycong

Can you put katana axe halberd ect.

Caleb Temple

Great graphics, easy to follow playthrough, and has flows really smooth. The further you level up, the more you unlock for the daily mission, which will give you the points needed to get all the rewards. I didn't know that, and now I'm giving a 5* rating.

Patrick Peek

Like bur just got to learn it better!

Saddam Wanah

it is just a super fan game i love it

yalda yazdani

محمد حسن زاده

Ryan H

Good game fun good pace idle. Needs events and some kind of ladder

Drobb711 Drobb711

It's a fun and easy game to play. Worth the time. Just wish power gems would drop easier, otherwise you have to waste crystals to summon them. Plus NO ADDS!!!! Thank you so much.

Tommy Martin

The game is fun but I paid for the special gift sword. My money was taken but I didn't get anything.


Great game.

joker choheyli

Good wish it had more characters with different abilities and talents but it's rly good love it

Cash Lee

Good game for grinding.. 🐾

Brandon Kutcher

Pretty fun game. The graphics are great. Controls are fine because there are none. Love that there isn't a huge money grab going on. PLUS NO ADDS AT ALL that I have seen. Dont know if there are other classes than warrior yet. Hope there are the begining certainly suggests there is. Would give it 5 stars but since it's a predominantly idle game (as the name states) you only get 4.

kacper kotnarowski


TheWalkinTED JR

It is indeed well made but it needs auto progression and 2x faster "battle" options!

Eugen-F. Bulbuc

So far, so good...

Wyatt Wristen

Getting reward with samsung takes like 1000 clicks to get it sensitivity needs to be lower

A Google user

good grafices stoy and game music i like too! way to go.

A Google user

pretty decent game.had no hope but i tried it thought it was going to be like all the rest and it is but slightly better.

A Google user

very kool game so far not very far into it but so far so good!

Sinsapa Varahabhotla

gorgeous character design :) great game all round, well done

Nguyễn Hữu. Thọ

Very enjoyable with an interesting plot

Sonu Sharma

I have never played a game so exciting and fulfilling like this game

Lana Trisha

I love the monster of the night so this game has really caught my interest. it's is very well done

саша наумова

It's really easy to get Into and I can see myself getting lost into. Nice job guys keep up the good work.

Bandhura Latesh

Attention grabbing and attention keeping.

A Google user

I enjoy the game story mode and graphic in a fight

A Google user

good graphics. fun gameplay. many different characters from humans to vampire to lycans

Sharkus Velarde

Too static

Landry Malcom

People say it’s hard well yeah it’s a bit difficult but that what maκes it pŕetty good.

Anderson Durbin

I have always enjoyed dark soul game, and this game is cool to play, good job on the updates.

Artic Centurion

Stuck on version check in loading screen.

Pepe Le Pew

Hasn't been working for me at all , gets to the first screen and keeps stating failed to update

Ben Woodward

Cool to play and u will love playing it

Constantin Vaschiu

Not working download it twice

steve shreve

Game doesn't start


unable to load

Brian Miles

Can't login just keeps trying to re-update??

Yanuar anto

Cant login my account. Checking version and again and again.

USA Revolution

This is interesting new layout ive ever seen amazing UPDATE: Lost my account reconnecting to Google after deleting the app. Waste of money and time

Chapman Kioko

This game...

Tn Gomsh

Another garbage game with on rails forced tutorial that lasts way too long, do you really NEED to force me to play the game the way you eant to instead of just letting people learn by themselves?

Trujillo Alannah

Good job, dev.

Roth Cyril

This is so far one offf my favorite mobile games.Hope this game gets a ton more plaγers,♥ it's super ♡ fun and responsive.

Wiley Kirsch

Hard,basic cool.thanx...

Mukul Jaiswal

A polished and perfected diablo game clone for mobile lol.

Tomer Biran

Typical pay-to-progress, half idle half diarrhea kind of game. Tons of daily, weekly, monthly packages you can pay for. Nothing you haven't seen before.

A Google user

To be honest is one of the best offline games in google play..so you guys keep entertained is challenging because u deserve a lot of support.

A Google user

Amazing for a mobile game, make me remember the dark soul XD, its so great.

Gates Cherrie

If you like Souls or Diablo, you will like it. This one you can play on the go : )


Using diablo artwork to false advertise, dogs...

O'Connor Ella

Greatest soul game for mobile, this is my type!!



Valeria Hahn


надя н.

Enough tow aste your time but not your money.

Vickers Goldstein

I like this game so much 5stars for you is graphics so real������������


This game is so gorgeous in terms of graphics and gameplay, I like it���

Jonathan Mullins

Why do I need to challenge 4_12 to go to 4_33?

Duy Tân

Fun and easy to play XD

mithlesh gupta

Great high-quality game, different monsters…Worth every penny.

Nguyễn ThịĐịnh

should really check it out.

A Google user

This game is good. Unlike most the same type games.

الـــمـــاس Almas

Very fun game, I recommend it to everyone. The game needs higher graphic quality and more fantasy armour but everything else is fine I love it.🙂

Raghav Datta

Easy to get into, no learning curve, easy to grasp controls, good amount of rewards

Sam dyno

I love the game tbh...its simple and fun to play i wish there was easier ways to earn fairy stones though because it takes a while to build

Parnell Goddard

Been playing this for a few hours now, its a fun game (make the battery saver button have a shortcut on the main screen- its not an obvious feature for people not looking)

Raja Raja

Love the game, great storyline and just really fun to play.


Talent Tutorial softlocks the Game.

A Google user

Great game play while messing around love the tunes lol

Shearer Maggie

It has actually kept to the ads, along with codes availible, and redeemable, hopefully there will br more codes to come of it. Is worth a try, because it is true to its advertizements.

Paranoid Clover

Just leave the game as it is. Cosmetics are fine but I don't agree with the PVP related. We need that repeat button for either we win or lose. Do some event to make things a little not so boring.

A Google user

great game, really good character designs. depth and great story. you progress very fast and don't have to spend any money. loving it so far

Lucky Gollem

The gameplay loop is amazing but every thing else is bad from the graphics to the sound effects


pretty quirky. different kind of game with an interesting and unique story. seems like all the packages cost alot of money though but its good fun and cool old school animations.

Lidiane Ferreira de Oliveira

I like it , let me kill some time when im really bored and making friends too in other countries and give me a lot of advice

Toan Vo

Moderate game

A Google user

I do recommend this game to other people it is really fun and you progress quite quickly but it is still a fun game to play


I am loving this game. It's so addicting! Just wish there was a way to earn tickets to raid dungeons and such. Never the less the game is good! I recommend that you all play it!

Vu Tran

Game is fun

ศศิวิมล ธนเชฎฐา

Nice people in chat, they really gave good advice on how to proceed to newbies. The game itself can be repetitive but still is a great experience.

Marks Rene

Amazing, exactly what I was looking for. A great idle game that gives you better rewards while actually playing. Tons of content and nice and easy.

Thanh Cao

Amazing no ads

Pace Leal

I like this game, it's a good way to kill some time, simple to play, the only thing I dislike is how long it takes to make that next big progression step in terms of the money and getting upgrades

A Google user

Very good game I recommended his game for people who are fans of dungeon games and clicker games.

A Google user

I really like the simplicity of this game. One of the good time killer games out here. Thanks devs for this game.

Larry Epps

This is a nice clicker game, it has a few ideas from others but it's mostly new!

Kitty Elsa

A lovely idle game! Good replayability and a fun progression system.