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Enchant Hero – Neglect type Item girl raising!!

Detailed info

File size: 121M
Update time: July 28, 2021
Current version: 0.8.4
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: (주) 바나나허브
Price: Free
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Customer review

Velox Axo

Game does not load. loading bar finishes then the game freezes while shaking.

Naji Amin

its a nice and addictive game

Indica Unicorn

Every time I go to open the app it loads to the "touch start" and when I touch the screen, the next loading bar initiates but then locks up and sits there frozen and glitching yet doing nothing to progress past it.

Anthony Salvio

Can't even start the game. Crashes on the first loading screen every time.

romello qualls

Small but addicting game

Kemal Can F.

Good but a bit buggy and gets boring after a time cause theres no challenge


slime dungeon tutorial always crashes and gets stuck on "touch the screen"

Sebastian Petit

Broken when I try to enter the slime dungeon, tutorial pop-up displays "0" and does not disappear


AWESOME game i love it. It's amazing from the graphics and the animation its amazing


Just enhancing and unlocking gears for little character which is going forward on straight line in 2D . Using for two days and thinking about stop but is addicted

Piyapon Klaharn

Flowing Thrilling Addictive.

Capt Pete

The page says "contains ads" but I've played the game for 2 hours straight without watching ads and the game is basically free, paying for stuff will obviously give you much more resources faster but you can just obtain them normally without much grind, the costumes look pretty cute, I actually might buy some in the near future.

Papa Specter

It's actually pretty solid, though I've only been playing for a day or so. The idle mechanics are idly, there's actual dungeon crawly bits, but fair warning. The second you have control over what you can touch immediately go into the settings and turn off the bgm and sfx. No slider bars to turn them down, and for the most part the music itself is pretty abysmal, short, and not looped at all so above all else, jarring. Edit: oh and the menus aren't really very intuitive and take a while to get.

OG Kingblaze

Its a time killer if you aint got nothin to do just like all the tap tap games.

Stuart Larmer

Awesome game

Xalid Majid

I like this game so far pretty fun

Dhia kadaj

Crash at tap to enter the game screen

Last Rider

Game keep crashing

lalu yee

Tap to start and the game cant even start

Victor Westphal

Tutorial 04 breaks the game. Tells me to enter slime dungeon, then gives me a prompt with a 0, and I can't do anything.

Miguel Fumanal San Marcos

Very fun

eljay bien

crush after 10 mins of playing

Nick Blair

This game had nothing to it. I got to stage 60 and earned a total of 3 million coins but 0 proggression. Dungeons seemed bugged, they give me a basic requirement but doesnt unlock even after that requirement is met. They give u options for weapons, the next wepon costing around 16k. Seems easy until the game doesnt give me any real way to get the blacksmith liceanse upgraded. So i got to 3 mil out of 16k but couldnt get the 2nd weapon.

EyeYum StewFeed

good game almost everything is free, but the game becomes boring, maybe because no rebirth so i can go back to lv1.

Francis Xavier Paragoso

for you guys to not get stuck in the slime dungeon restart app and then skip it,yes you can skip it if you restart the app it really is a good game.


Im at stuck at tutorial 4

Qussai Alsahwi

There is no tutorial and everything mysterious need more development because it's boring at first


Crashes at first loading screen

Angga Dewantar

Really great game

Shin Reaper

Good Game, but maybe have some kind of add rewards the more you watch them like buffs.

Datu Garcia

Really good rpg

Drew Quintos

Stuck at tutorial 4

Brittany Ramos

So far pretty fun. It is a nice chill idle clicker. Tutorial 4 did freeze first time but I managed to get through it


Coupon code pls

Mark Bulgin

I demand free stuff

Muhd Nuqman

Stuck at tutorial 4.When you need to enter slime dungeon. Please fix this problem I would like to try this game but cant even play because of this.

Nelvs Dolot

If you want to waste time(in a good way?) playing a game for hours. This game is for you. The visuals just captured me and the game offers so much to do for a idle clicker game.

orang biasa!!!

cute lol


Stuck at tutorial 04, where it asked me to enter slime dungeon stage 1 and then it asked me to touch the screen to continue but it wont register my tough. Gg cant even play

I made gilang wedha pradnyana

There's a bug. After the tutorial told you to enter the slime dungeon, it's stuck. It can't be touched or done anything, it's just stuck.