Empire Defender TD: Tower Defense The Kingdom Rush

Author: ZITGA

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Empire Defender TD: Tower Defense The Kingdom Rush – Kingdom of Tower Defense Games🔥Become An Epic Defender!🔥

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File size: 110M
Update time: August 29, 2021
Current version: 1.0.119
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: ZITGA
Price: Free
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Customer review

Collen sebake

I personally love the game but there need to be some improvements on it it some times freezes and the boring but it's that the reward videos a limited,and it's packages are way too expensive for a game it's sad because we would like to support the industry but not at that high cost it's too much,either way I like these online & offline games at the same time.the awesome part about this game it doesn't chow a lot of data compared to some games the technical side it's awesome keep it up to de team

Shuvo Shuvo

Not able to play chapter 1 level 4.I restart my game several times but not working.I even delete my game but still the same

Marcoz Gallardo

NC game

john ryan sepe

love the game.. already finish chpter 1 and 2..normal and hell.. hope you will add more chapters for additional excitement.. and maybe make 4 hero to join for advnture..

Jasmine Dumangas

The graphics is good, it's up to my liking but the most annoying is the constant lagging especially when i have finished a level but the ending won't take me to the next level, it will just freeze and stay put so I need to quit and open the game again and play that level even though I finished it. What is yhe the use of playing it offline if being online is it's top priority. The store is also inaccessible when playing offline, I tried so many times and still inaccessible. Please fix your app

Hải Nguyễn Văn


appril sanagustin

this app is very good ty for making it

Sasuke Ken



very nice game

Charry Salce

This game is awesome. I wish i have only focused upgrading on my 3 main heroes. I would have finished the levels earlier.

Saad Dak

I had fun 😊😊✨💓

The Knight

Chapter 2 level 20 is too difficult ... i'm trying to clear it since weeks but unable to do it ... Defensive towers from chapter 2 are too weak they can't kill any enemy ...and even game start to lagging at the last movment...so i think i need to uninstalled it..

Buksie YT

Zitga plz bring back Claudius and Arya I liked those too warriors very much, I beg you 🙏 😢 😔. The game is fun but I just need those too back in the game 🎮

Susan Galloway

Please add encyclopedia to know more about enemies and towers. When will you respond?

Gia Long

The game is good, but sometimes I can't log in

Leart Sejdiu

Empire warriors td is way beter this is the worst tower game i ever seen DO NOT PLAY!

Edward Regino

Enjoyable game

M Zaw

a good game for today.

Castly Panotes


Samsung tab

Ngl its good although its a kingdom rush ripp off its good


Beat the 20th level of the first chapter twice but the level doesn't end and have to exit which game says I quit the level and will not move on

Rutuja Nazirkar

I wanted you ask if there are only two worlds in this bcz l am not able to go beyond it

Fahad Shakeel

Google login failed bro please work this

Dale Constantino

this is the third time that i download this game because there are time that i can't open the app hope you will fix the bugs because i really like the game

Famez Gamerz

The new Moree I see him already

Ermar joe Biare

I love this game it's so soper soper cool and now this game is mine now but 😞 i uninstall the roblox 😞😞😞:(

Jhon james Regalado

Im already finish the chapter 2. Cant play to another chapter or dont have chapter 3

Дан Урсул

Поиграл в Еmpire Defence 2 месяца хоть и хотел удалить игру от того что прокачка героев была черезвучайно сложна на том этапе когда начинал.И небыло возможности приобретать дополнительных героев не прибегая к внутриигровым покупкам!Разработчики проделали работу над ошибками и теперь как минимум 2-х новых героев можно будет приобрести бесплатно по мере прохождения игры и зарабатывания самоцветов и монет чемпиона в турнирах.Последний уровень очень сложный на второй карте но пройти можно!Ставлю 4!

Ryan Merejella

ok sya masaya

Mishka MGL


Jeff Clyde Cainong

Cool game

Bikkar Singh

Very nice easy game

Inf-o Homebisnis

Game concept is ok although similar. To most games. However the difficulty at level 17easy silver, and 4gold are crazy. Nobody can defeat that boss at level XXX without paying money/nonsense grinding. I will delete game soon if developer is not allowing normal user to play beyond this level. The advertisement is already a lot and that should give them enough money to allow full free game for normal users. Developer should only allow paying for lazy users/kids who wants to defeat the game easy

Gab J.

Nice game, still a few bugs here and there but overall quite enjoyable assuming you are willing to grind, I just hope they increase the chance of legendary spells and runes because they are just so rare.

Edgar Gonzalez

Great game, just needs more levels.


Bought in app purchases back in 2021 when the melee hero was a male character and the archer was a female character(used for time reference) the app have completely reset my account. I lost the 2 extra heros I paid for and my entire progress in normal and hard mode is gone.

Daddy Petro

It's yawning

Dr.Akram Al_saygh

Is it offline or not??? To download it or it just played online

Chris Lydon Bautista

I wish heroes are free

Tristan Jacob Aventajado

one of the most greatest games ever!!!

Leeanne Rae

Great game but I can't click into my next level because one of the events are on top of it.

loradel alarcon

this game is so cool and this is my favorite and this is gave and beautiful

Angel Israel

Love it

Marlo Lopez

Awesome game iloveit!

John Villanueva


Behnam Rz

I have some questions but please( don't sent your email and say .. share your problem in this email.😒) 1. I'm a real fan of games like this..but I don't understand what is the difference between this game and your last game ..😐 thay are the same in a lot of ways 2. Why all of heroes have cost a lot ( and we can buy them just by dollar..?!. so what is the use of crystal😤 3. Why we can't combination the stones..in your last game we could do that. 4. What the meaning of (crit) in the game 🤯

ian vandamme chua

The game is nice. But im stuck in the lvl 4 nightmare.. cant event kill the first wave...

darel monton

Nice game

Sharon Beniasan


Christophe Petit

Old game, old map, many adds and pay for win

Sumon Bhuiyan

Absolutely bad game. Each item is very expensive. Goldstar is not available. Nothing can be upgraded. I am at level 11 and want weapon upgrade. But nothing can be upgraded for Star. Star is also not available. As well as the power of the hero is very weak. But this game was funny.

Anton Shishkin


Habib Daudi

This game tower in Roblox tower defense and cool

Rosalie Braga

Super good eternity code 10lake

Ashish Kumar


David Batas


Jezrel Ariston

They just plagiarized the realm defense i thought this is the improve version of empire warriors

Daniel Jules

Very exciting and fun game.

paul kohler

Um....I didn't say anything about not liking the game, I was DEFENDING your game against idiot reviewers. Maybe this should change...looks like you can't even be bothered to actually read the reviewers words but still send auto responses based on some arbitrary stats.

Sripal Palrecha

The game is a shame in the name of Empire Defender. Empire Warrior is way much better than this. ED is nerfed version of EW. Things are much pricey and enemies are buffed health. This game has 7 bugs, and developers are busy in milking as much as Money as possible from P2W users.

Hack star

Good game

علی مصطفوی


Matt Stubblefield

Can't get past tower upgrade

Salim Sk


Gabriel. Basilan.1

Your super unfair just the 2 hero is free? Lol this is bustard game

Tristan Ball

Ah who cares..

ruel Alip

5 stars if i can buy characters with money that I can get in game, I love this game

Dung Le Ba


Christian Maunas

So good game btw

Paul Masula

Please lower your prices. We can't afford that much. It's so overpriced.

Dobesek Bthit

copied ironhide

Hans Lexian Adolfo


Michael grayda

Good graphics guys! Gotta give credit who do this game <3

Namdev Shinde

No like good

ali givechi


Jacobb Richardson

Fair balanced game

Pat Lazaro

I'm happy to play this game

silver sky

Fantastic game . Close to the kingdom rush game . Nice graphics.

Adarsh Gupta

Right now I feel: It's extremely P2W. Empire Warriors (EW) is far better. This game is actually nothing compared to EW but they made ED like sequal of EW, in worst possible way. Bringing new updates in EW would have been better than making it like EW's sequal for new gen heroes, even before the completion of story in EW.

Peligrino, Rap Daniel

Edited: The game contains more bugs every next update. And it does not cater all devices to be compatible with. The previous game (Empire Warriors TD) is better.

Hoolivvar Paśaa

The graphics are ok, but the gameplay its the same like in all other games in this old genre, and the most of enemies are the omnipresent orc and goblins about i am personally tired

Shah Wali

This game is very nice 👌 I am very happy 😁☺️

Valiant Saints

Not f2f friendly only 2 heroes for free the rest you have to pay real money.. hope they change it soon or add another heroes we can buy using gems and stone

Kyle Mark Castañeda

2 star for now. All levels are hard af. Heroes and towers attacks enemies closer to them rather than closer to the base. I like the art, same as previous games but that's the only thing I like about it really.

Arjun Arjuns

borring game


Really like this gameplay, hope there are more heroes and stages.

Saad Dema

I like even though it's hard 😂😂😂

Pyro Mancer

Nice game


I need another free heroes please.. can be bought using gems

Anne liza Otinaid


Martin Adil-Smith

Nice game but filled with coding errors and bugs. On level 10 if you lose health but still win, the game hangs, forcing you to quit and you can't progress

Len Tall

Good game but slow to load

Palangga Kyle

I like it

Run Sokphirom


Best Day Ever Life

Great game i ever played, keep up the good work! Happy New Year to you! 😊🎉

Sunil Kumar

It's a nice game to play and relaxing,, I need more hero. Make more cool hero's. Thank u ....✌️

Totan Das

Nice game ,,as like empire warior td ,, but not smooth to play , thims are good , hero's ability are to much slow , plzz update ,, add mor new maps 🗺️ , new heros🕴️ , new tower 🗼 and more magical things ,, please please please please please please please please please think about it , hope you reply me , thank you ❤️😊❤️❤️😊❤️😊


Sucks like a big bag of viking dicks

Shin Tashigi

I love this game even though the stage are fewer than Empire defense but I wouldn't blame the game though it's just starting and I also want the hero to be a bit smaller because it's kinda bit akward for me to play this with bigger heroes I appreciate if you could make the hero smaller this might be selfish but this is one of this game attracts me the most ❤️

Ian Von Yap

Why is it I cant proceed to the next level? Im stuck with Level 20. I already done the 20th stage with 3 stars and accumulated 60 stars overall. Please fix please.