Emerland Solitaire 2 Card Game

Author: Rainbow Games LLc

100K+ install


Welcome to the wonderful country of Emerland!
Dive deep into the world of magical tale where great mages battle for the Source of the ancient magic of the Cards! Explore mysterious lands accompanied by heroes that include a noble Knight, an Elven Archeress and a mystical Sorceress to defeat the malevolent Dark Master!
Solve puzzles and collect combinations to complete difficult and varied levels! Get rewards and find new assistants! Prove that you have learned all of the mysteries of the magic of Solitaire and challenge the most difficult trials at the card table! This game is easy to learn, but are you brave enough to master it?
An exciting journey into the world of magical Solitaire awaits! A stunning new game with classic rules. Hundreds of fun levels, dangerous opponents and heroic companions await in an adventure full of mysteries and secrets!

Game features
– An enthralling mix of a fantasy tale and classic Solitaire
– A huge and picturesque world full of fantastic creatures
– Heroic helpers that can help resolve even the most difficult situations
– A huge number interesting and varied card deals
– A free adventure game that does not require an internet connection
– The classic one lower one higher solitaire you know and love!
– Solitaire has never been so exciting!
– Fabulous adventure awaits you!
– Amazing solitaire in the fairy world.

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Dec 30, 2021
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Rainbow Games LLc
Price: Free
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Customer review

Ruth Williams

Love this version

Debbie Wheeler

Have to buy, if you run out of points

Tinamarie Lovely

I like playing solitaire games

Donna Kaufman

Relaxing and makes you very comfortable

Si Clark

Very addictive. 3 starred all levels up to and including 811. Are you adding anymore?

Alexander Brindley


John Lombardo


Mary Lane

I have only been playing today... fun great game, graphic is good music is nice ,,,,but in some aspects it's annoying. Specially when you know you are going to get 3 stars... but then the very tip of the 3rd Starr didn't get filled .,, so u only get 2 ... really!!! That's not fair.!!! That's the only annoying problem. So far ...

Nadene Kretschmann

8 really love this game! Too damn grateful that there's no ads! Thanks... great game

Judi Bonner

If I can get past level 52 I will be a happy player...stay tuned!!!

Tracy Baynham

Great game...ads only if you want them!☺ I've recently reinstalled and am thoroughly enjoying it. Thanks for a great game!

Tina Booker

Pretty graphics. Wish u earned more coins for winning though.

Robert Rahaim

Like it nice game

Jamie Kulesa

Way to small

Sondra Hayes

Great game, love the graphics.

Teresa Mulkey

The app recently has a bug. I love playing this game but recently, everytime I start to play, the app shuts down and takes a heart. I will be deleting if it didn't get fixed.

Diana Moore


Cori H

Twice I bought the unlimited hearts for 1hr. It fills up 5 hearts but that is it. No unlimited. No hour. 5 hearts is not enough. Uninstalling.

Miki Nage

The font is way too light and way way to small to read

Valerie Balsor

I love it

Jacqueline Lofton


Damon Tsekos

Very boring game!....Uninstalled It!

Lisa Garcia

Challenging at times

child of YAH

Alot of times I don't get coins, when it says it gives them to me. And it pisses me off. And I feel it should NOT take a life if you pass a level, that bs!!!!!

donald miller

the graphics are better this time than when I first played the game

Claire Preece


Nil Bilal

Good graphics but getting coins mean spending money and waiting one hour to get back lives. Game is easy and each level can get 3 stars if played enough. Boos5ers to expensive.

Janette Forsyth

Very good game i enjoy playing

john crawford

Great game


nice backgrounds, easy relaxed play

maeco johnson

Good game. Fun to play

Connie Page

Enjoying your game thankyou

KeriAnn Mahoney

Like it a lot. wish the others worked with android.

Rhiannon Aquilina

Very relaxing game

Gregory Cook


Janelle Rangi

Cool game

Jessica Helfrich

Love the music

Missty Rhodes

I like this game so far

greg butcher

Alot of fun so far just started playing.

Lurinda Lottering


Patrick Hay Kelly

This Solitaire game is nice and relaxing. It's fun to play. Never had a great game were I can relax.

Sophia Daniels

Nice game enjoy playing it can't put my phone down

Maree Bennett


Sheri Cogdill

I've always loved Emerland solitaire! It's relaxing and fun

Hazel Armstrong

Good game love it

Jim Bob


Autumn Raine

Slow and unrelatable plus it sets you up to pay for playing very early in the game:(

Bobby Herndon

Really good 👌👍💖💖

June Price

Good game just having trouble figuring out what to do to move on keep playing the same levels over and over

Linda Reynolds

Little entertainment but ok on a slow night at home

Barbara Miller

Simple graphics, yet challenging solitaire game. The art is also pretty nice. I love it so far

Cornville Consigliere

Great version of tri-peaks.

Rita Wilkinson

Nice game

Jean Gowen

Fun.and challenging!!!!!

polly aston

So far first day pretty cool

Nick Mesechoff

Great game

Larie Hutson

I really like this game.

Terri O'Connell


Sandy Lawson

Great game! Love it

Anne Mcandlish

Second time playing this game,love it

Deanna Mac Dougall sc

Love this game and particularly love the music.

Liz Hinz

I rarely give 5 stars, but boy this game deserves it. I have tried 5 other tripeaks style of solitaire games, by unity, gsn, + the very popular Grand Harvest. Inevitably and fairly quickly it becomes apparent with those solitaire games that it's a money grab, levels become impossible without purchasing boosters. Emerland is a different story. Not greedy! Fun challenges that give you coins! Reasonably priced coins (I made 1 $8 purchase so far, and got value!). This game is good to their users!

Phyllis Corley

It is a really really great game 🤓

Vickie Mann

Love it!

paul sheridan

Love it! Graphics are superb.

Jolene Barker

Fast pace

christine Jenney

I love the challenges. The different changes in the scenes.

Pam Toliver

Fun new way to play solitare

Vivienne Lennard

Great game

JoseShannon Fernandez

For some reason the game will kick me off and there is no reason for me to get kick out. Please fix this!!

oof master o

It's a good relaxing game. I love it.

Tena Hill

I like this game. I gives you replay options to better your score or move on to the next level!

Michelle Agron

Love ittt.

Cindy Strasser

best solitare game. keeps your mind sharp.

Christy Darling


Maria Bedell

Boring nothing to do

Dorette Brümmer

Great relaxing

david izard

This game is very good to play it's relaxing

SC Beringer V

Simple fun. Can be calming.

Stacie Sharkey

I give this app a 5 for graphics and ease of use. It's a bit 🐌 slow playing (speed wise) for adult use. Haven't found the setting yet , if there are any; other than that this already solitaire game everyone will enjoy.

Lillian Brindley


Tammy Webb

enjoy the game very much

Debra Usey

It took me awhile to learn how to play longer, but I really enjoy playing this game.

Kirsty Moore

Brilliant game makes you think and how best to save/spend coins also challenges and able to get some extra coins via videos.

Mary Clay

Wonderful game

Veronica simmonds

Very difficult but love the game, the cards thats dealt is no use

Tashia Sapp-Reed

Great game but needed room on my phone.

Taylor Hollingsworth

I like to play Emerland Solitaire 2 is a awesome game.

Brett Munson

Sluggish game performance. Uninstalled after 10 minutes.

Martha Hattingh

Loving it, challenging,keeps me on my toes (74),love the story.....very good game.

Olga Sanchez

I love this game

Sue Place

Very relaxing game.

Betty Tyree

Colorful and relaxing.

Debbie Batchelor

Very fun and addicting game loving it

Dianna Johnson

I Love playing this game it's been so much fun.

April Mathias

Ive really enjoyed this game

Tracy Moore

Fun. Enjoyable.

Jackie Jacobs

Very challenging game! Not an easy one to play but love it. Excellent graphics well thought out game play. Only thing is the coins can be easily spent that you have and hard to re-build but really worth the play time. Highly recommended this game!

Jennifer Cosentino

Love it

Corey Washington

Great game