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Discover the City of the Amazons with Elena as she follows in her father’s footsteps! Archeology has never been so exciting!

A young girl in the big world of academics? Elena is not willing to accept having to serve coffee forever even though the odds are stacked against her. Ever since her father died in an expedition years ago she hasn’t been thinking about anything else. Are any secrets still buried in the old excavation site? What happened there that caused a human death? Elena will not stop until she uncovers the truth! Even though the old professor and his (very!) charming assistant try their hardest to talk her out of it, she is sure of one thing: if there were no secrets hidden in the past, no one would have stolen the documentation from her father’s expedition. Who is trying to hide the past from her? What is it that she shouldn’t learn? And who is the mysterious woman who watches her from afar?
It’s time for an expedition! There’s a lot to discover in the City of the Amazons… But the question is how much are you willing to risk? Career? Friends? Yourself?

Help Elena manage her time, splitting it between her passion for archeology, combatting the bureaucracy and searching for answers which might prove dangerous! Discover the story spanning over 60 levels, where the past blends with the present and the City of the Amazons is ready to be discovered again.

– Become an archeologist ⛏️, whose work turns out to be far more mysterious than anticipated. 🔍
– Live out a story full of unexpected plot twists, where the past mixes with the present..
– Meet and get to know all of the interesting background characters. Do you know who can be trusted? Or who is worthy of your love? 🕵🏻‍♀️
– Be swept off your feet by the beautiful scenery and ambient music. From the old University, through the mysterious antique store to the City of the Amazons! 🕰️
– Match the difficulty to your needs by choosing from three different difficulty levels.
– And most importantly, discover what secrets are concealed in the City of the Amazons!🤫

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jun 17, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: GameHouse Original Stories
Price: Free
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Customer review

Yesha Lopez

Disappointed..So the Game is saying that it's an offline game but it's not, Hence the reason I downloaded it in the first place..Each time I try to go into a new level they are asking for Internet Connection..This is very much of a Bogus and False Advertisement..Nice Game, but you're Misleading People...Steupppssss. Uninstalling Immediately

Siobhan Skinner

Too expensive. The games are a good time killer but not worth $9.99 a month to play! I don't care about the storyline because I don't read any of it. If you do that's great; too each their own. Even if there was a phenomenal storyline it still isn't worth $10 a MONTH to play.

Dorothy Marshall

So far so good

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N Dream

Nathan!!!! I knew it 🙄 When the 2nd season? 🤣

Debby Videto

I was enjoying it until it kept shutting down. It appears I'm not the only one either.


Great Story and of course, the gameplay is amazing, as expected from GameHouse! Will wait for the continuation of the series!

Rebecca Honey

EDIT: So I was getting really annoyed with the game continually shutting down on me. So I decided to pay the $9.99 subscription fee even though I really don't have the money for it right now and all of a sudden the issues disappeared. Hmmm..... This game would get 5 stars..... If it didn't keep freezing up on me. I've been a fan of Game House for year's and this game is driving me insane. I'm glad I didn't pay for it like I normally do. Please fix the bugs so I can actually play it.

Anjanaa Prashanth

the game is overall very fun except I wish that the first few levels were not all the same thing

Jesus Vicente



Love it, think I'm going to have to buy the full game.

Christian Lozada

Why does it need wifi I thought it's offline because it's single player👎👎👎👎

Ann Auralia

A twist within a twist within a twist! Everytime I feel like I know where the story is going, the game straight up "lol nope" That keeps me playing to find out the truth

Kᴀᴢᴜ Sᴏᴜᴅᴀ

good so far.

avril peters

the story in this game is again brilliant as I love story based games😀

Jill LaRow

Love all these games

Sana Ali

great, I just complete but not happy to see elena choice the vinyard guy is much batter but she choose that flirting man. There should be clothing choice for elena

Shoneys Glynn

it's ok

Shalonda Bailey

I rarely give 5 stars, but this game deserve it...! I loved everything about it! can't wait for the next one....!

Emmy Dittell

easy to attend to goals.

Lakeisha Sprattley

great game

Kylie Ann Nicole Sumbillo

It's good at first and exciting game. But you cannot passed level 48 anymore

Courtinay Homann

it's a good time management game so far. I like the extra points challenges. I hope there is other stuff because this will get boring fast


-likeable characters -inteteresting plot -varied levels with different things to do, keep things fresh -decorate your office I don't generally like dash games but this one is a lot of fun and very immersive Well done!

Yana Marinova

The gameplay is too slow for me. The graphics is retro.

Laura Deed

Good game. Cant wait for next instalment. Quick question How do I gey the 3 stars on price the statue achievement.

kat weatherford

Great game! Ready for the next installment

Jessica Hopkins

very gud game

Nilanjana Sengupta

30 second ads before every level and 5 second ad at the end. Game not good enough for that. Uninstalling.

Michaela Washington

The game is enjoyable. I had to give it three stars because I was offended that one of the characters in the game referred to a character of color as a "thug". I felt that was unnecessary.

Rebecca Hawksworth


Amanda Ropp

Love the gameplay and storyline.

Deceryl Fernandez


Biljana Stojanovic Cubrilo

I loved the story, it was a nice game but the ending is so disappointing, how, just how you could make him steal all her credits and she is just: "Ok" What is the message???

Trish Baydo

Folowed game exactly and cant get 3 stars. If it doesnt tell me what im missing then how am i supposed to know.

chris mallett

I just love Elena's Journal. I can't wait for the continuance of it. The cliffhangers are killing me with the wait. Please make Elena's Journal 2. Thank you to all who make these awesome games. I so appreciate your talents. Thank you.

Mary Mackie

brill game

Clair Wright

A good interesting game

Rogene Meyer

A fun and relaxing game.

Brandy Blackwidow

Not a bad game but I got to level 6 and from there it will only say "Try restarting application". And I have multiple times but it still won't work

Diane Thomson

always love these games thankyou gamehouse ✌😁🥰

Ankita Das

Is this the end? Waiting for the second sequel to come 😀

misa venero

I love the concept I wish it wasn't so glitchy.

fatima bilo

i love it ❤

Zyra Gabriella Togonon

I'm finish. What's next? No new?

Natoya Anderson

I love the game can't wait until the next part comes out because the story is really good and interesing.

Theresa Peeks

very fun exciting game and mysterious !

effa sanchez

Really cool story also elena is very native but smart I just hope she didn't choose the wrong guy to be honest so I can't wait to see what happens cause I hope she ends her Journey very well hope that Nathan guy is not a mistake. Any good game.

Julie Hazlewood

Game was good, but not great or addictive like Emily or Hearts Medical. I think the reason for this is that the main character, Elena is not likeable at all! She's an inconsiderate, self-centered brat, and I didn't care if she found her answers or not. All levels are 5-star winnable, even level 38 (do combos). Idk if I'll play the next one or not.

Tina Singleton

I think I love this game


This is by far the best GH game because of the storyline, please finish the story... can't wait to play and read the rest!

universeprincess universe

The story was wonderful and enticing, you don't see that too much in games anymore so it was very refreshing. I hope we get more

Ryan Steinmetz


Nicola Dobey

sooo about time a new game came out. really great

Michelle Ivester

I like the filling of orders and the moving around of the game..I like all of the games this company puts out..keep up the great work

Crystal F.

Just downloaded the game, can't play LEVEL 6!!!! It tells me to start over.

mira dehn

great game. love these type of time management games

N. H.

Excellent storyline, dialog, graphics and pace. Challenging enough to keep it interesting. So many plot twists, it'd make a great series! Absolutely loved it 💯

bernadette hamilton

Interesting storyline

Jessica Johnston

it good

Kesha Kemmerer

Reminds me of the Emily games which I love, except this is about archeology and excavations which is awesome! Five stars from me!! love the gameplay and storylines!

Kathy Austin

Love it

Ine Dewi


Tiffany Galloway

I liked the game up to level 17. I don't understand why the professor's assistant character would call the obviously brown male character a thug. It rubbed me the wrong way and I stopped playing. I think you should be more mindful of the dialogue your characters say in these games. Instead of saying "Who's the thug?", he can say "Who is that guy?"

Kennieth McGill

Great game

Lisa Wilsbach

really fun and enjoyable, and I like. that you can replay a level if you want.

Eva Schoenleitner

Fun game, but didn't save in the cloud and now wants me to start from scratch as I moved to a new device

Isané Le Roux

It's too good, I couldn't stop playing! It's the classic GameHouse gameplay and the most intriguing story yet, I can't wait to see what comes next >.< ;)

Maggie Beltaa

Enjoy the game so far. The only suggestion I have is it would be nice to use the money/points you make to buy upgrades to help you progress instead of using diamonds to decorate an office that serves no purpose. Other than that- great game.

Tara Soto

Fun, fun, fun.

Phuong Anh Nguyen


Nirav Mehta


Mcray John23

I like this game so much.

nicola stepney

good so far

Amanda Ford

I luv this gam

KL Smith

The best game ever!! I finished all levels with three stars! It's not as easy as you think, but I love a challenge! I really enjoyed myself! Great job developers!!!!

Janet Jardin



Plates r no problem 4 me. Is this a storyline that will b continued (EJ [& what looks like an l but assumed 2 b a 1]) - or left hanging per other game series (& per someone else's comment))? New translater? Not a bad effort this game. L 49, however, IS an issue - unable 2 get 1 star on hard (multi attempts, checkouts, customer handouts) - think that has also been mentioned by someone. NEW: easy lvl gave me 1-2 *, determined 2 get 5 *s every lvl. Will keep trying on Hard. 1 lvl 2 get 3*s.

Susan Tanke

I absolutely love this fresh and immersive new storyline!! I am having so much fun enjoying each level & can't wait to see what comes next, as each chapter progresses. The gameplay is very similar to that of our beloved Delicious Emily series. The characters, intrigue, and outstanding graphics make this a top shelf new entry!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Donnicia Williams

love the game but it's kind of difficult

Winter Fairy

Gameplay is similar to other "Gamehouse" games. Game plot is interesting. But the main annoying thing here is the main character Elena. She is a selfish, self-centered girl who doesn't considers other's situation and only keeps nagging about her expedition. This makes her detestable as a MC. Being empathetic like "Emily" would have been better.

Joann Tenaya

great game

Melonie Frazier

Great game and Great storyline! Can't wait for the next Elena's storyline continue! I play all the level with no issues!


It would be a good game if there wasn't a 30 second unskippable ad before every level and then another ad after the level is over seems a bit ridiculous maybe an ad every other level would be a bit better

Lillian Mangham

Great game

arlisha Montgomery

Really fun game

Kelli Dunn

Loved it. Hope there will be an Elena's Journal 2.

Rhonda Fowler

this is a fun game to play

Ester Utami Hidayat

the game is fun and full off adventure, I like it.. Thank you 🙏🙏

Peg Fody

it's ok. easier than other games similar to it. but there are parts I dont understand what your supposed to do. like the scroll with 3 circles. no instructions

Lauren Bishop

The game missed it mark with me. I didn't care for the game. I lost Interest quickly. It was boring. But 2 stars because it ran mostly Bug Free. So no major issues.

Donghae 28

no adventures you stay in office and hand out supply's and coffee,the title is confusing. Also cost money to finish the game it 10 a month or 90 a year

Elsa Suru

I was quite interested by another gamehouse game, but so far you give the option to name ourselves to get called Elena right after? I give a journal to a client but the game shows her drinking coffee? And the skip button tends to glitch I almost forgot customers do not earn any heart from the tasks? ... Aside from that the game is okay.

Jennifer Grooms

Why so expensive?!? Sad because game was good except no upgrades being available.

patty brechtefeld

Another good game from GH.

Fatima Khan

your game graphic and movement are so poor the old one in Angela and emliy was good ur new game graphics are poor

Whoever Wins

Cute game. I don't mind ads, but 30 second unskippable after every level is a bit much.

Alpaslan Altan


DiArra Reed

love these games

Bethany Oz

I liked the story line. Academic concept is a brilliant idea! However being a fan of "game house" games, technically the game was a little simple (not the gameplay but the chores were a little boring), doing the same routines again and again. The locations were not many. I would have preferred to decorate the locations.