EGM : Music Battle Arena

Author: Innohive

10,000+ install


Battle EGM is a PVP tower defense game based on a future dystopian sci-fi story and exploring rich strategies.

[Game Features]

* Randomness: Merge to get a new upleveled however random mecha
In the battle, you can randomly generate new mechas by merging two same ones. The most unique and changeable battle adventure you will ever see.

* A variety of mechas enrich battle strategies
There are as many as 180 mechas with different attributes and distinctive skills. We wish
to provide you unlimited combination strategies to fullfill your collection + strategy all-
round fun.

* Beautiful and exquisitive characters, register and get it now!
Characters are not only beautiful and lively-animated , but also ascended with multiple
attribute and various skills.Achieve game-changing victory with strong character skills.

Sign up now and get a character worth 88 HKD!

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Detailed info

File size: 127M
Update time: November 23, 2020
Current version: 2.0.27
Require Android: 4.1 and up
Developer: Innohive
Price: Free
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Customer review

Jacob Simmons

It. Says there are no servers , was a good game too. . Oh well. .

Tom Bossert

Doesn't connect at startup screen.

Jacob Simmons

Hey , do something with your game. Missing potential

bane bae

During pvp it feels like I am playing vs bots and during pve my teammates don't use good mechs so we fail the first wave. I like this game but it needs some actual human players

Nebojsa Djordjevic


Chern Swern Cheah

The apps is not working on my one plus 6

Karen Strus

Its sooooooooooo horrible So don't get this game

Black Square

Good idea but bad realization. It's not optimized. Also EGM has no balance coz random is awful.

Nest Gumilar

please fix story mode episode 13-1 always stuck, me and my other friends also have same problem, also lack of information of mecha. I will change to 5 star if u fix that all thank you

music mixed

Shocking very unbalanced you can't even progress the balance is that bad. Probably try in the future but as the game stands it is hardly playable. Not fun losing all the time and only getting to wave 5 in co.op. Even story mode is unbalanced. Removed the game and advice all to skip the game.


Crashes during tutorial,cant play...

River Alexander

Good concept, but frequent crashes and lag.


Keep crashing when playing story mode.

steven lott

Crashes way to much on amything from trying to do story mode to pvp or pve ect i dont mind the lack of english players but crashing every time i try to play gets annoying please fix of possible i do enjoy this game


it's good, crashes sometimes

Sparks Sharkez

Super amazing graphic is good

Minnie Chan

Perfect game ever just download it I mean- who can resist such a game that is so funny that it's like a clown and with such good graphics

penpen shinchan


Minnie Chan

This game is so good that it def deserves no 1 best game in the Google play store download it guys no regrets


Bro this game is just so good I mean who tf can resist it like I just have to play it everyday

Philip Chan

救命呢個game真係好好好好玩 上曬隱點算好啊

Sebastian O

I don't understand the purpose of this game when you can win with your fat wallet

Winning Mak

It's a nice game. It's quite interesting and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Expecially those bgm.

ning NING



very nice gameplay. i love those bgm.

Princess joy Bautista