Tap to eat’em all. Don’t forget you have a limit, release to rest!

Increase the volume of your phone for ASMR eating sounds.

Use your money to increase your limits at the beginning of each level.

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jun 22, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Hyperlab Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Riley Richter

To glitchy and really bad I only did round 1 and its bad

Kassidy unicorn Scott

This game is fun and addicting. But also when tou get to a certain level, the NPC glitches food inside its mouth.

Toi Bullock

This game cheats. It glitches and even if your speed is more it cheats

Melissa Williams

It was an okay game. I ended up deleting it. It's super slow. It takes a while to upgrade unless you watch ads and the meter takes a while to go down so you're just sitting there waiting

Keshia Wilson

It's glitching A lot

Marve Tardecilla

this is not working On my phone 🥺😪

Tiger Lily

The update completely messed up the game, I was at level 80 or whatever it was and now the max is 10. Unplayable!🤬

poohbear Evans

I love the game but it keeps pausing on me

Rachel Kleckinger

I have a report. The bot Mindy (Capacity 158, speed 159) is glitched where when their chewing food is going into their mouth making it impossible to win. My level is 175 Capacity and speed. Pls fix this bug!

Kitty Queen

Its kinda fun, but its almost impossible for me to win because for me to win i need to eat it all or have the other person throw up ig but the NPC wins when theirs still 4 food left and with one they still had a LAYER ( i didnt throw up either i never have) left and she SOMEHOW WON?!?!? And theirs ALOT of ads. Like, half the gameplay IS ADS i'll re install when its FAIR. Otherwise im uninstalling.


Now, I don't know if you listen to your reviews but, this game was amazing. Oddly addicting. But things started to get strange. I was in the 100's like atleast 186 something. But then everytime I do the challenge this one thing happens. I am a competitive person even if it is a bot. When I challenged the bot, it glitched. Even though I had more speed, capacity, they were still faster than me! Even If I sabotaged they were still eating. It's almost as if the bot was hacking. Fix this please.

Stephanie Blackley

Great Game.❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖🤍🖤🤎


After a certain level, your character's speed doesn't get any faster, and the only way to win is to hope the chili pepper boost ad comes early enough in your match to glitch your opponent before they get to 250+. If you're looking for an official ending to this game, don't get your hopes up.

Alien Ape

The game is broken. Once you hit hunter it auto feeds the competition and they never hit capacity.

colderavrage 44

Game doesn't open most of the time, can't change character after watching 4 adds for said characters and foods rarely change between plates.

Lyric Sullivan

I was at like. Someting but it was high but wen i ce bacl im at rookie 1

Casey Ewing

Doesn't even open

Catherine Chua

So well i played this game ALOT i became max lvl and when a few days later i got restarted idk how that happened i was crying because all off my hard work was gone

pink cartoon cat

The bot is inhaling food and is 10x more faster at eating then me even though i am like a higher level then it

Charlee Hoagland

Luvvcv itttt

Angie Villalobos

Way too many f ing ads

mike mike

Iag that's all I can about this game

Nay Lize

When I first downloaded the game it didn't let me play it so I checked my apps and it still didn't work then I waited a day I was going to delete it but it worked again so I played it it was cool I liked it it was fun you should check it out but the second time I tried to open it it wasn't working like anyway possible so I deleted it and it was bad and I would not recommend it to anyone Thank you for your time.

Martyna Malochwiej

This is a very fun game ! I really enjoyed it and you can go against different opponents and eat different types of food. you can increase your mouth, speed and increase of money.

Maria Martinez

The game is not working it say error on the screen so can you fix it thxs

Melanie Martinez

The game was good until it started making my phone glitch. I would have rated it 5 stars. If it was not glitchy.

Your Average Enby

I enjoyed and leveled up all the way. A lot of ads though

Shruti Salghur

Cool game but I read the other reviews and it seems really bad but I've never encountered these clutches because I'm super early until the game

Baba Nana

The game is so fun and so relaxing cus so satisfying This game is so awsome.

Abbagale Winningham

It's great now that it's updated,but I can't wait for it to update again because now I have lots of money and I can't spend it cause I already made it to 250 on all of them,but other than that it's a great game

Mapplezpie Plays

Bad game. I was playing this game and I was on like level 150 for speed and capacity. Then I went to duel and saw this challenger named 'Jessica'. On the food fry rank 2. When I challenged her there is a glitch that when she was chewing she was still able to eat food which makes this challenger impossible to beat even though I was on level 150+ and she was on level 108. Will uninstall.

Audrey Judyth

I love the game but I had a glitch where the character's face would glitch out it would turn black and I was on like a hunter lll and it would say you lost and I updated the game and it put me on rookie

Uzumaki Hinata

This game is fun for awhile untill I hit theax level on everything there is also a glitch now when u duel the bot auto eats without stopping and goes at a higher speed then it's supposed to and bc of that the game just gets boring


A fun and addicting game, however when you begin advancing to higher levels it gets impossible. The NPCs are WAY faster than me even though I am ~30 or so levels higher than them. If that wasn't bad enough, the challenges are SO glitchy. The food FLIES into the opponents mouth without them even taking a second to grab the food itself. Even when they're red-in-the-face, supposed to be chewing so it's impossible to win in higher stages. They get ~400 points I get ~100. I'd send a video if I could.

Sunita Kumari

Badd game

Tasha Vital

I was on a 50 something yesterday with speed and capacity now I'm on level one for all what's wrong with this game and the bugs like the face turning black yesterday and saying u lost I hate now all my hard work gone

Fallon Phillips

I hate this game this is so bad every time you move the characteristics takes forever this is slow I rate this 1 /10

Xola colar Icela

BG its not even letting me play! (For expamle) showing a purple Screen with the Rollic logo and when I reboot it blacks out

Jaya Anderson

I dislike this game

Javiannah McBride

I'm currently sitting at speedster III with stomach and speed above 100 lvl. In duels "Serena" is too hard, she literally start inhaling food like a steady stream and swallowing tons of water even though her face is red and she climbs up to almost 3pp points while I can barely get to 200 I literally can't move forward unless I just train forever and just have enough space to out eat her but I dont see how that is possible.

Francine Ward

SO beautiful and I love my house I'd new!

reece Pierce

Here's a tip no more ads it's disturbing!

Mikeila Hannah

ever since the update I lost everything the work I did for this game the game was fun but all of the resources that I spend in this game my time everything the work I did was gone now I have to start all over I supposed to rate this a 5 because its fun but because of the update I need to start all over I wasted my time in this game

McClain Burgett

Tf? Boring

Katelyn Legarde

This game is fun but the reason is that there's no skins and plus we can't even change our names

Russell Cueco


ashley arballo

It cool❤️‍🔥


i will wait for update

Erwina Y. Riano


Taylor Davis

Fun at first but its laggy and glitches

brian nelson

Not to be rude but i hated it because there was too many ads and also once i got to like level 70 on everthing my game kept glitching and kept saying you lost keep training and i cant play the game anymore not a good game 0/5 sorry.

rosmery montiel

This games is to bit fun but I rate to two stars because this game is little laggy too much ads

Stephanie Morris

It took me about 20 minutes to beat the whole game. There isn't any updates past 100.

jabrea wysinger

It's a pretty good game it's just a tap and play but once your skills get to 100 then it says that you can't level up anymore and coming soon and there are only three levels each level having three opponents so there are only nine challenges that you can do for now

Vani S

This is nice because this not a net game but in this game there is no updates only

Nur Izzati

Hello hyperlab. I would like to have a feedback, basically I've been having bugs with my app it's glitching and lagging Alot then usually so if you can fix it please do:).

Rye Empress Magallanes

Why when I put it high theres no more sound of the eating

Eric Sanders

Um it gliched and say I lost wen I won and then the face turned pitch black and after it made it so it bought income and capacity

Paula Goldson

Pretty tame there are no skins and you can reach levels easier than normal games there are many bugs like the hair glitching when your character moves and when you reach max level you cant use duels idk if this is just me but sometime the character won't stop eat whatever you do this was tame at the beginning but when I reached max level it couldn't stop eating how hard I tried would not recommend also I started the game at 9:13 and it's now 1352 and I finished the game I wished the level is inf

catherine apura

this is a really nice game but when it reaches level 100 it can only eat and it wont duel anymore i suggested that this needs to be updated (sorry for wrong English)

Stephanie Pollmann

I love this game but once i reached lvl 100 on everything i never stopped eating in this game

raid rabadi

I enjoyed it but when I got up to level 88 it broke and glitches out and I cannot play please fix thanks 🙏

Taylor Edwards

This game is great but I did not like it at first so I got rid of it and then I went to go get it again and all of my work was gone I was so upset so now I got rid of it for good and I don't like how you go and get a level up for something and then there is a add it is very annoying u don't like it at all but it's a great game so you should get it just don't get it and then get rid of it than you have nothing saved.

Andrea Jan Ricamara

It's super fun!!

Shanitah Fa'atupunu'u

I'm level 100, add more levels.

Rainbow Pickles

This game is just ads upon ads.

Princess Ericka Reyes

I quite like this game but it glicthes so badly when im beast 1 and then when i out the game for few hours i was playing and then when i come back to the game it glitch the face turn gray when i check i became ROOKIE 1 fix this pls this is my fav game

Queen of neko

Needs more levels

Adwitiya Tripathi

Hello,this game is good but there is a really bad glitch if the creator coukd share if discord to me I can show him what's the problem Here this is mine:LÌ7_ĎÀŔK#5772

XX Lil killers

This game is fun and satisfying but when I did a duel and reached more then 100 it started glitching very badly so I hade to download the game again for it work

Gloria Madura

Loved the game but please make more levels

Joshua Clayborn

5 stars super fun I love but just wonder when will I be able to go over 100 😀 oh yeah for ad problems turn off yeah internet or mobile data

Gold and Silver

Got to level 100 pretty quickly (took from midnight to 5 am) Couldn't duel after that, so I'm uninstalling for space.

Sarah Hall

How to get rid of adds [tip] turn off internet! No more adds and 100 level max make a bigger level next time good night

Queen Kela

It's great game thus far looking forward to future updates cause I already leveled up to one hundred and can't do anymore duels.

Suzuki Yorudan

The game needs a little bit of work, I bet it in an hour and a half. Fun all and all.

Enrico Marantal

Each rime. I finish the qhole food the sound dissapears i had to reset my phone every time🙄

Mateja McCarter

It was really fun at first. I enjoyed playing and doing duels but when I hit level 100 for capacity and speed it wouldn't let me duel anymore. Really disappointing

Adam Piorun Pruc

The game is somewhat fun but it's the same thing all the time and it runs out of content extremely quickly (after reaching lvl 100 on all 3 skills you can't go any higher and all you have left to do is tap hold on the screen forever)


Once u reach 100 it stops

Chris 249

Thought it was good but...

Helen Arnold

Did an update???..what did you update?..nothing is different

jj gaming

Good just updated the max level great game though

Reuben Cannell

What on earth is this game why just why us it like this

Tamera McCaw

Very fun. But please update the coming soon for the speed the capacity and the income please.

LITTLE Tray-zen

When you get to full lvl it won't let you duel i was just a rookie Very bad the asmr keeps glitching Sounds keeps glitching When full press it wont stop It's just bad


It's really good to play,waiting for the update

milk jaws

Why do i like this. i already finished the game in one day.

Elijah Price

It is a good game and now at Level 100 is there going to be anything Higher than 100 😀

dawn garcia

Wasn't sure where to write this, but it keeps saying I lost and go back to training. Every dang time I open and reopen. It's getting annoying 😒 i think There's a bug


TBH the game idea is great but the ads that keep popping up every 30 seconds mad it unplayable and this game is single player online 🤔 if it was offline it would be great plus the level cap is 100 I reached it in like 20 minutes and got board and the character isn't customizable at all

Ayden Donaldson

The game was so fun before the developers added decks because I have 40.6k and I can't spend it because I keep getting all these adds and can't spend the money on levels until I can't I have to wait probably gonna uninstall

Catherine Perfecto

So add

Makenzie Carr

I love this game but there is a ad every dang second.

Danny Gusby

It keep messing up when u reach level 100

Ashly Grey Sarmiento

I like the old version more its better

Syarffa Arya

I love it and first!

Hall Choco

When I open my game it 100- and when the plate is done the same mutes :( so 3 stars

Ivory Hunter

Why max out the capacity and stop the dueling i thought the point of the capacity was to train for the duel

Gacha weirdos