Dungeon Valley

Author: Lonewolf Studio

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Role Playing


Dungeon Valley
Escape the dungeon and go on an adventure filled with action in the valley of dungeons. Defeat the evils inside and claim treasure chests filled with epic loot!

– Adventure in randomly generated dungeons.
– Fast action combat.
– Find treasures filled with epic loot.
– Level up and unlock powerful skills.
– Help villagers with their quests.
– Compete in leaderboard tournaments.

An action-packed epic adventure awaits!

Detailed info

File size: 119M
Update time: April 29, 2022
Current version: 1.15.188
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Lonewolf Studio
Price: Free
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Customer review

Ridley Art

This RPG will leave you buns-up in the street. It is fun for awhile... and then, as you progress, it starts to get weird. You keep hoping the next weapon or armor piece will make it a little easier...nope... it seems the monsters get the same bump in gear & level as you do. You never get to feel any true power, unfortunately. What is weird is, the more you gear up and level up, the less fun it gets. BTW, there is no place to grind or farm... ALL dungeons level with you but with an advantage.

Drake Williams

fun game!

chad smith

Very repetitive and nothing special pretty boring after about 3 minutes of play. Developer please spare me the chain letter.

Ufuk Elverdi

I ve been playing this for a while (22lvl and 12 lvl dungeon) all my items are epic tier and minions easly kills me healing aura and dodge chance dosent really help btw. The main problem is skill slots are not enough. 3 skills at the same time very poor for combos and staying alive. Skill change is also hard in battle. 4 skills could be great and make this game a lot more fun.

Tom Bruch

This game needs alot of work. There is no support option or contact through the app. DW Aunction for the flaws of this game will begin soon. Need random enemies walking around outside the dungeons. Sadly the most challenging part is finding 3 hidden chests

Triston Phillips

fairly fun. Haven't played too long but cool premise and alright game play. honestly expecting some what what good things from this. hopefully there are updates often.


Game is fun and immersive. It's a sit down and play not a play and go kinda game. My only complaint is the control system. It's extremely temperamental. Sometimes you'll move and sometimes you are just glitched

Tyler Robbins

Fun so far, but glitchy when walking around in the overworld.

Tim Wells

A walk down memory lane to 16 bit graphics and clumsy gameplay.

firman rusdi bachtiar

Not bad, just facing though enemy the more I entered the stage. Cannot defeat the boss without using potion.

David Maynard

A small world, but WELL developed with great graphics and 5 different dungeons. Opportunities for PvP arena and quests make this a good game! I think improvements could include a slightly larger world, maybe an occasional different chance meetings with NPC's and even other players.... All in all, I have nothing bad to say about this game!

Paul Medina

Perfect solo dungeon game for a mobile device. Quick dungeons, great graphics, simple gear and spell options yet still varied enough to make it very enjoyable. For anyone looking for a solo dungeon crawl game this is a 5 out of 5 star game! Also, no need at all to pay money to play.

Joel S

Okay. Very repetitive. LOUD. No option to turn sound off. WHY!?

Mavortis Ceasar

A complete HACK & SLASH game. Looks good and plays well. Perhaps I am so in love with playing a rogue that I don't appreciate it enough. I wasn't forced along any preplanned route and I had choices on gear upgrades. I played through the first half of the first map, up to character level five and lost interest. True, the dungeons change so you have to find a new route to the 'boss' each time, but at that point I knew already what the rest of the game would be like. No surprises, no mystery.


Fun game, simplistic and fun. It will be good to see this game grow. Maybe Add other areas and quests to start. If you get too many places please add warps or portals. Keep up the good work!!! :)

G. Sa

Scrolls expiring in real time how infuriating

Kyle Birely

it's ok

Ray Elliott

I loved this game however I personally would love too see more things you can do above ground and maybe be able to have companions who can fight beside you in the dungeons!

Christopher Debarr

Game is fun, but needs an update. A new map is so needed along with the ability to adjust difficulty for farming.


Just another game that tries hard for player to spend $$$ .. nice game and concept but greedy devs .. everything is overpriced in-game .. NOT RECOMMENDED...

sHow Man Official


Londor PaleShade


Jonathan Hilliard

Time killer

John Doe

Graphics are good but don't let that fool you because this game needs improvements. You don't get much gold in game for completing dungeon floors which makes it hard to purchase potions in town even on future harder difficulty floors. Avoid the shopkeepers in town who are gambling items because they are low end gear. For getting new upgraded gear you must complete many rounds of a dungeon before you have a chance at obtaining a rarer and more powerful item. Uninstalled.

James Marshall

5 stars on the controls. Much more enjoyable with the touch anywhere to move. Wish all games had this type of controls. Anyone who doesn't have your style of controls is outdated as far as I'm concerned. Amazing job!

Jonathan McClelland

ease of play and engaging. pleasantly reminiscent of the original paper rpg


option to lower the volumen, or maybe I am dumb and I can't find it. looking forward to better add to the campaign

Shams Kanaka

I like this game .I can have so much hope in this game

Nick Froude

Fantastic Game, Decent Graphics and easy style gameplay. This game is a Winner!



scott Deeks

good game but would be much better with a horizontal screen option

Rick Long

pretty cool game. a little repetitive but could see it being a great time killer

Mj Mahnaz

It's only been opened for two days, and now it's connecting error.

Lucas Pulis

great rpg like old school diablo 2

Joel Horn

Hidden gem of a game.

Misfit Crow

hella fun lmk

Travis Darza

The screen does not rotate. Not much character customization. Gets repetitive quickly.

Steve H

Vertical games are really terrible on new devices. Due to the fact that devices are so tall.

Jaime Harrison

great game

Shaun jones

Pretty fun game. Needs more content and who was the genius that made sure there are no in game sound control?! Fire that clown and hire my old socks. They are smarter than that.

Michael Cross

Cool, just wish there was more to the map....more places to see and explore.


surprisingly engaging and replayable. Best of all I have yet to see a single advert.

Derrick Straight

it's ok

Winston Matheny

fun so far but it's early game

Casey Stevenson

Not worth the 30 mins of my life to try. Garbage game. Pay to win.

Jason Thibodeau

you have to purchase to get moving in the game.

Adam Rice

Game is ok, a little frustrated with championships. It seems the mobs level is the same as your tier level which makes it unbalanced. There should be an additional bonus for higher tier characters due to the difficulty. Lvl 16 should not be on top of a championship board. Or maybe have the board be divided into tiers to make it more balanced for all.

Arshi 67

Amazing 4/5 very intresting just add a mini map on left or right top bottom on screen so no need to open again' and again also add daily quest and submissions to alive this game forever thanks.

Stacey Fleming

purchase the 3000 coin pack for 6.99, charged my account but didn't get coins

Jason Moriarity

Fun fun fun.

Randy Jenkins

Thank you for fixing Daily Items. Now you need to really expand the game. Very basic constantly using all the same maps and recycling stories and quests.

Erik Helsen

Supremely frustrating game. Could be awesome, but the gear system is broken. There is literally no way to upgrade your gear to give you an advantage over mobs because they just keep getting stronger too. At no point do you feel your time and effort is paying off. Also there is no way to quick swap skill sets. So you have to hand open the spell book and change each spell you want to change. If the devs fix these issues, could be a great game.

Michael Greenwood

Simple, easy to play. I would like to see where this goes.

Dylan Ramsey

Great and promising app. I had to delete it and reinstalled it to find that my Level 43 character was completely erased. Beta or not, data retention is a big deal. I would have given 4/5 stars but can't justify that my investment was deleted. Imagine if players spent money... data gone. Wow. EDIT No sir. I've been playing for months now and I noticed several low level players ranked top 3 in ladder, that's how they did it! Wow! (Dont know how to reply to your comment so editing mine).


Good and bad. I like the game. It has great potential I am a high level player. I have 25 percent chance of epic from dungeon. Not one single epic from a dungeon Really limited content. Def needs more to do and more stages. More quests etc The health is broken. I often die with health. Sometimes full health. Other times I am trying over and over to heal and die The costs are broken. I get you want to push in game microtransactions. But let's get creative. Give cool items pets etc.

Bennie Graham

Great game

chad king

needs some definite improvement but it has potential!

Anthony Paul


Glenn Wykes

It's such a fun game. With good options for the dungeon crawling, cute missions, and great loot. I just enjoy it when I play.


Good simple fun

Mark Bunce

Absolutely love this game. Gfx great, controls perfect for mobile, its the diablo style port I have been looking for! Please don't ruin the excellent visuals with banners for shop etc on play screen. Great job devs!!!!

Vincent Fowler

Just downloaded game says update required no update available thumbs down.


I'm only lvl 8, but so far it's pretty fun. There def needs to be more content though... Why no chance for drops from enemies, only bosses? Are we ever going to be able to sell gear for coins? Right now it seems you can only scrap gear for shards, but by the time you are able to buy gear for the coins earned through dungeons, the gear is entirely obsolete. Also, maybe you can mark dungeons on the map to reflect lvl, it feels like I'm blindly entering these towers/dungeons.


Feels repetitive, the mob run away and then run back to you. your character targets random mobs (or maybe the closest one to you) but then you run after the mob and suddenly stop it feels all weird. Its fun for a bit but not for a long time. thank you

Brute Oni

Very good concept. not p2w so i highly highly recommend

Old Scorpion

Mediocre at best ... unreasonable time limits on beginning character, map is cryptic, have to go planed route, not able to bust barrels, potions cost is high ..... to compare this to Diablo is an insult to Cain and everyone in Tristram. I've gone from 3 to 2 stars just writing this.

Klatch Six

Very small game. Its fun for a couple days but there's only 6 dungeons and nothing else. I would play this again if it had more content.


Very nice game. Do the quest. Move on. Until tomorrow. Love it 🥰

James feniello jr

Fun game, yes it does for some people they it find it boring. However i find it fun. I enjoy games like this. Looking forward to see more dungeons added.

Rick Barron

easy, fun and a little slowed pace as to what I'm accustomed to home the less itll pick up I hope

Mc Fibbs

Not tabletoptimised

Dixey Normous


Dairis Smats

Great game

Anita Thomas

it's fun I can't wait to see the new abilities that become available

Koray Gokasan

Great game . Loving the smoothness of the combat. The mechanics and pov make it feel like a mix of oldschool wow and diablo . The art style gives you nostalgia to ps2 times . From what i understand it isnt complete yet but so far i love what you ve created cant wait to watch it grow

David Aimi

I'm not really sure what the point of this game is. The terrain is unnecessarily blocking and annoying. After opening a few dungeons which only takes a few hrs there's nothing really else to do in the game. 🤷 Very repetitive and nothing unique. It's like they started a decent game but never finished it / or did anything with it. No story, quests are bland. You don't really need to spend money because you can accomplish everything in 4 -5 hrs.

Onyx Fearx_x

I'm lvl 19 all epic gears,all dungeons done Would like a way to have gear loadouts & healing pool heal faster & grinding the dungeons for drops to scrap and time trials are quite a challenge on other dungeons.... To all new players just grind the Cemetery dungeon - powers to use ( heal - Smite - lighting chain) good luck P.s: good game guys keep it up Can we get some epic music while killing mods?

Ricarus Dogbe

Nice little game. well worth your time. A decent challenge for beginners and veterans alike. thumbs up

Jesse Crocker

I love it, just wish there where actual shops not in game purchase

Jeffrey Tsai

Great game with lots of loot grinding. No need to make in-app purchases. Not a lot of variety in number of dungeons or types of quests though.

Don Cantoni Claudio

awesome game

Nathan Proulx

fun I like it just stsrted

Thanh Long Nguyen

Why there is no setting options? How do i turn off the sound?

rodney dheel

seems fun

Kevin Joliat

It's an okay game. Limited in what can be done, but still enjoyable. Stopped playing because I couldn't transfer my data to my new phone and it kept failing to sync. Didn't want to start over. Can't even if I wanted to as there is no way around the sync failed screen.

Brandon Alvis

Great Vizuals. Very fun to play. reminds me of d2 with over head game play! can't wait until the complete game is released!

jamie belmont

Gear changes the characters look, combat is pretty fluid and fun, great world, nice aesthetics. I am seriously looking forward to additional content!! I would gladly pay for this game, no doubt.

Stephanie Browning

I love the graphics and feel I can make a difference in those medieval dungeons and its like you have gone back in time to change history's course while you are making some history of your own.


only playable below lv5 after that everything go rough.too much for challenge.

Devan Narayan

Good game , loving it


A nice little hack n slash. Simple and fun though I can see it ramping up. Only lvl 8 atm.

Mathew Henderson

Nice I like the style of game play and orientation. Already cleared a few dungeons maybe 30 min in.

Morte Nera

looks good hack and slash

Mike Cmehil

A really great game to play while waiting.

Colton Kion

It's alright, very basic and generic diablo clone. Items aren't picked up from the ground, most is pay to win... The usual bloated nonsense that sucks all originality and fun out.

Chris Hanson

Enjoying this game so far. One question.... I've been trying to find a way off this island, is there a way or is the island the entire environment. I've gone through each dungeon multiple times trying to advance. As mentioned, maybe this island is the entire game? How do I unlock the locked dungeons? 7,8&9? Thanks!!

Jonathan Carmichael

Reminds me of Diablo, I just wish there was more to the game. I've been playing it for a few days & it seems I've unlocked every dungeon available on the game. There's only so many times you can go into the same dungeon before you start to lose interest. I also wish there were multiple character types, including ranged, & mage types. They also need to implement skill trees. You pretty much learn a new spell and are stuck with whatever damage or healing) & it doesn't change after that.

Kenneth La Bouchardiere

Google graphics game move along fluently.


Stuck after first dungeon. Went north and couldn't

Damon D.

Its a decent start to a game. Combat is fun and easy. Visually this game is beautiful. I look forward to seeing more maps and maybe a plot or story. There is no reason to play past a few days because there is little to discover. I would also love to see a menu added to the game so we can lower music and sfx.