Dungeon Survival 2: Legend of the Colossus

Author: Frozen Frog

10,000+ install


Dungeon Survival 2: Legend of the Colossus – Roguelike gameplay plus hero training and equipment collection.

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File size: 66M
Update time: September 4, 2021
Current version:
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Frozen Frog
Price: Free
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Customer review

Arnelson Gustaham

I hope we can play this offline

Offmies FL

i love this game

Chris Spelman


Simon Ford

Good little game so far

Anthony Backe

Awesome thanks

Ioane Tekautu

Played the first one years ago and it was good°° this one was alright but it need more improvements such as more detail info on how to upgrade existing heroes & recruiting new ones!!

Nova Day

An interesting game play.

Michael Marberger

Terrific story line the goal to level up characters has not been met yet it's only the first week I'll let you know more thank you

Michael Mic

Fun to play game!

damian visagie

Barely got halfway through stage 2. It started glitching and then went into a black screen

b'tch, i ain't Kidding


Ivan Carpio

The game is good but the artstyle doesnt fit in the game unlike the first one

Arthur Mackey

Good but wont let me change my name

Daniel Mitchell

I could never get the game to work. As soon as I would open the app it would crash every single time.

Matt Bilbrey

Not sure about the artwork but the mechanics are improved a bit. Preferred the Gothic feel of the first game.

Philip Dyer

Fun game, very addictive,

Debby Carter


Sergey Ivanov

Good game, but the graphics didn't good for me.

Yoka Wangsa

I am amused with the role play dungeon like. But i have one question. I accidently uninstalled it. And I cant recover my hero. Err. I ever remembered login using facebook. But i cant find it now...can help me? Thx a lot. Anyway love this game so much

Edward Henry

Sign in with Google and get booted a login screen. Uninstalled


The destroyer colossus skill descriptions are faulty, some events have poor translation, and stats like resilience are not clearly explained, but other than that it's a very fun game.

David Olshaski

map system is a little complex, fighting is standard but the upgrading is overly convaluted for the charicters, not a base system which is nice but frustrating at times.


Trash copy . Bad animation . Bad music . Annoying notification .

Евгений Будько

Easier than 1 part


Requires external storage access, not going to happen. Removed upon install until I hear otherwise.

daniel gilmore

It's balanced with a interesting story, only thing I don't like is some of the items you get or buy in dungeons you can't keep and take with you into other dungeons esp when they cost gems or alot of gold. Yes it say "cannot be taken out" but that's all so kind of leaves that warning open to many meanings. Other then that it's quite fun.

Christopher Metcalf

This is nice game that I like The maker did good 😊 on this game.

Brian Donnell

Requires external storage permission. Not something any game should need for years now. Android provides a sandbox for their files and this game has no business having access to my photos and media.

Ultra ChowLoong

wow, nice game. good good good. Prepare perfectly , study the enemy type, make a plan, then go in dungeon for mission or just have fun. Due to the long journey of dungeon and too many rongue-like, player normally need a rest after one or twice after enter dungeon. It require a lot of thinking just to ensure all men safety come back or just minimize the loss. For PvP all player initial level same, that is good at least we fight in the same level.

Vincent Solomon

Far more horrible game compare to the first one

Cory Rist

1 star for forcing a rating.

R Liston B

Really hurt when i dispatched a unit and then found out i required using them to advance anything. 8 hrs later...

Iva Bigtool

Nice little time wasting app. 4 Stars as it forces you to rate it!

Crusader “iSayS” Guy

Please make the diamonds farmable

Petur Zhekov


Darwin Casinares

first game play.... too lag

Alexander Zherebtsov

Good, improved in relation to 1st version. Less dumb random, more heroes and quests. But, where is the "mother of dragons" ?)))

Skyler Smith

Was an amazing game but crashes when starting a dungeon everytime, so dont waist your time.

ილოცე საკმარისია. საყ,ვა,რ,ელი არ ვარ!

please. Make new veraion

Steven Wade

I started out 5*review, dropped to 4* when I bought the 10$ card each day pack, and 1 or 2 cards dissapeared, and I didnt get all I paid for. dropped to a 3* after contacting support, they said check on it, didnt hear nothing back in 48hrs. dropped to 2* still havent got what I paid for, it has been like a week, will wait another few days, dropped to 1* Support is terrible! Never got all the package I paid for!

Andy Febrico Bintoro

Roguelike and without energy, it would be perfect with auto exploration.

Jan Michael Casipit

So far so good. But it moves so fast, can you make it move like the first one.

chucky pearsy

Was two slow


The first game is way better. Sad to see you guys went in the wrong direction. Too much storyline I don't care to read as well and it's boring. I gave dungeon survival 1 a 5 star and part 2 barely deserves a 2 star.

Alvin L

Interesting for now

Rocky Cheung

almost perfect. good job

Major Major

Nice little darkest dungeons clones

Aare Aks

Well, I like the game, but I don't like doing dungeon that takes that long. Rewards are not good enough spending that much time in one dungeon. If I make 4 dng for daily chests, I'm so done and I don't even want to do other things no more. Taking away loot you earned is the worst thing. You waist time for nothing and even have to spend a fortune to recover ... worst idea. Balance issues too ... if dng is super easy then bosses should be fairly easy too, at least not strong enough to kill you.

Chris Chaos

So far, I've made an awful mistake. Made purchases, and over 60% of them failed to give items while game crashes as screen reads successful a millisecond before. Over $60 now had to be refunded last week by Google and I reported this questionable and constant issue as well. Wish I hadn't supported this rubbish by buying passes for a nefarious game with ritualistic money stalking as standard practice.

Theodore Karakiklas

Keeps freezing and crashing.


So the first Dungeon Survival was a pretty good attempt at a Darkest Dungeon experience on mobile but still not perfect. This sequel added more features and pvp, however, in many ways it kinda lost what made the original game so interesting to play. This is still a good game but went in a completely different direction that was expected. Maybe the third instalment will hit the jackpot. Finally, i whish to congratulate the devs because i do appreciate this dev team and their work.

sablocke ,

Needs Auto explore and it crashes every time you enter a dungeon

Eikichi Twinkletoes

no assassin class. there're healer class but they don't heal.

Matthew Jolly

Crashes when trying to sign in with Google

Russell Wong

So far is good but feels quite limited

Darren Parkinson

Why so much dialogue, just let people play.

BoyLado MotoVlog

Game crashed.cannot play.unistalled this game👎

Andris Belovs

The game is awesome, but today it started to crash every time I enter arena.

Mohammad Mangondato

Game is good for an early build, tutorial is kinda long and a hassle for beginners. Characters are now limited unlike the previous game.

Stroud M

Love it

Curseius Gaming

So legend of the golem or legend of the colossus? 1 star till the confusion on all promotional and title screen is fixed

Scary Larry

Crashes when loading a level. Just made it to arena and it crashes loading that too. Loss of arena tickets. Hope this crash issue gets fixed soon. Game is good otherwise.

Alexandar Georgiev

Even better than the first game.

Kurorico B

Membosankan, bagus dungeon survival yang pertama

Jeremiah Looney

If i had a better phone then this would be higher but im now stuck in a loop where the game forces me to give a rating but going to the store sends me back to the title screen in game

Oscar Bush

Good so fsr. Keep goin devs!

g florea




Reverse Russian Roulette

The game is very nice and pretty much easy to understand, the only issue I have is that it's not easy to understand if you are able to read what your hero's ability do during battles. Otherwise cool game.

a person

It's a alright game

D H (Kuratha)

I played the first game extensively. This one functions very simialrly but as some differences: dungeon lengths are extended, it's far far easier, and PvP was implemented. The same problems in the first are here and exasperated, e.g. gold gain is non-existent, it's now both p2a and p2w instead of p2w, very repetitive maps, and dailies take 1.5 hours alone. It's fun enough and mechanically interesting but the implementation is flawed and economy needs a complete rework.

Rommel Eduardo Vargas Pimentel


Alejandro Carreras

very good game

Robert Martin

Great game

Marek Oskarek

Needs access to data outside of its folder. For what? Spying? Deleted

Chris Drakin

I played the first game a lot and I was wondering if the second game would come out. After playing it for a few hours I must say many things have been improved. The only reason why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because of 2 things. 1. No target system for skills like the first game, so the tank just can go in the front and you don't have to change the position because of skill range. 2. Its to easy, as long you have some experience and use the items given to you, it's near impossible to die

Tim West

This game is good so far and I'm happy you can save your data to your account and add your email, unlike the last game. As far as stats and abilities I do like the older game better because it's easier to level up character abilities, easier to recruit new characters and you can name your characters. I don't like that in the shop you need to use the rare gems you find more than gold to buy items. Since I've been playing a few days I still have things to discover, I'm sure it gets better.

John Bonaobra

This game should had been fun ,if you revive this game ..i ll sure come back

Joshua Sanchez

Interesting enough to keep me entertained

Terry Bushe

It's brilliant

Robert Blackwell

Good story and game play, but it freezes and crashes after a few minutes.

Jowie Aytona

This game is great. I used to play games like this back then. It's never boring. It relaxes mind.


Good potential but fails . Almost every feature in the game takes 30 minutes each to complete for very little rewards and if you lose after 6 layers of dungeon , you loose everything you got in the dungeon, basically wasting half an hour of your life. Monsters are also close to immune to different types of damage and they dont even tell u at the begining what resistences are in the dungeon before u enter to choose your team. It takes way to much time for the rewards given.

Joe Kohler

Love it💕

jason winchel


Kevin Murphy

I'm upset that I paid for some items and it crashed in me and didn't recover my account had to start over. Not sure I will purchase anything else


Darkest dungeon anyone?

Jeremy Cedotal

Not bad so far

Donald Nash


Jaap Boomsma

even better then the first game. Should try this if you like these kind of games.

zack goding

I loved the first version but this could be better. Only mentioning some of what I've found. 1.Easier inventory management, need filters so you can see ONLY what a character can use, and a filter to find all pieces of set items. 2.Better translation and text for everything, especially abilities 3.Colossus info needs to be more specific/make sense 4.More unique auto abilities between same type units and overall. Same abilities that all dmg 1 enemy 1 time is boring. 5 stars if improved.

1s1k Driveon

Good little Darkest Dungeon type game.

Sean Kilger

It gives you gems for giving a rating.

Jimmy Sunaryo

Awesome rpg

Jedi Kasep

Too long fight.. Omg.. And too confusing fight..

David Robertson

The only real downside is since I started playing this I quit playing the first 1. It can get a bit laggy sometimes but that might be my device. Translations aren't smooth per say. There not much in the way of a wiki either to help with some of the more obscure info. Despite all that 5* cuz the game is just that awesome.

Zyrie Shah

Kinda fun

Andy Nougat

It's good. Takes time to grind though. But what game out there isn't like that these days.

Popoy Haseo

Great game

Carlos Leon (Anubis4272)

Definitely fun. Would be nice to have some sort of off line grinding added.