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Dungeon Life features an infinite progression system similar to the casual/idle game genre in which the player will always be able to continue to find more and more loot and gold.
As the game progresses players will unlock and be given a multitude of different things to spend their gold and loot on, whether that be new skills, upgrading weapons/armor or investing in shops in town for better deals.

All the glory in the world can be just one floor deeper, time to delve into the great dungeon and claim your own!

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jun 2, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Happy Games LLC
Price: Free
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Customer review

Jeffrey D Smith

You can only be black, therefore the developers are racist. All joking aside, its an okay mobile app. The only change(so far) that I'd make is removing the mystery cards, after opening a chest, this doesn't add anything to the game, besides another step to check what loots you've earned.

Robert Leinweber

The game that almost was! This is a great little bit of work, but it needs much improvement. Leaderboards would be good, maybe some form of questing. What is awesome about this game is that there are zero ads - none at all; not even voluntary ones. The only thing that may be construed as an ad is when you click a link to see their other games, but it's only shown if you click that button. Excellent beginnings here! It's got a way to go to be complete, but it's definitely a fun grind! Great work!

Joshua Hendricks

I like the game. The progression is nice - no resets or prestige. I have two main points. The keys system makes this a real interesting balance (along with citizens) of active gameplay and idle management. I really like this - you upgrade equipment or buildings as you advance by decision making. Second, equipment plus floor scaling needs a better curve. It feels bad to have 50% loot quality+, the citizen buff increase, and be at floor 1200+ and get greys - to that sell for 10k. Good game.

Paul Besaw

I enjoy the game but crashes constantly

Hulk Gamer

I really want to like it more. I like the concept, however you can't decide where to go, play is boring and repetitive. Camera is so close you can't see much. I hope it continues to improve.

Derik Powell

The "key" system is just as bad as other games that have energy. Play 10 minutes, wait for hours to play again.

Christos Pappas

Early Review after 2 days gameplay: I dont see the point of rarity gear other than the color change at the background. I also had a bug where i "nearly died with half hp". I believe the keys should spawn more often considering how drop works. Review 2: Rarity gives better gear upgrade stats. Game is quite fun, I like the the world design. Skills for now seems a bit medicre designed, maybe I havent find the correct skill sequence or combo yet. It is a promising game for sure.


A definite no, the fact that there is only a dark brown skin color with brown hair eye brows and beard with brown cloths and if thats all you give for the character whats the point in even giving the option to "customize" just make a base character you swap out equips on. If your going to be a clone/mash up stuff that's already out there you need to look and run presentably. Only reason it's not 1 star is i didn't find forced ads.

Zoltan Omega

No forced ads. Ahh a thing of beauty. Keep up the nice work. The key smelting improvement was a great choice. Looking forward to future updates!

Frederick Bogucki

Game takes way to long to save money

DanielJ Failing

I really like this game. Good graphics and great sound effects. Also very rewarding if you grind. Hats off to the developers.

Todd Richardson

Recent key update is good. Now let's work on buffing certain skills. Draconic Aura - it either doesn't work as an aura or the range is so pathetic it barely works. Impact Earth - range is worthless that I miss enemies standing right next to me.


Crashing almost every time i go back to town from the dungeon. This started after the update that changed the tap bonus mechanic and the last update hasnt fixed it. Other than that, the game is a decent time waster with no annoying ads or mtx and works offline.

aaron coonfield

Great game! Still haven't figured out how to get wings and pets. Im over level 100.


Super fun semi auto low poly dungeon crawler. Free with no ads or micro transactions. I upgraded my review to 5 stars. Even though the keys are still there, the additional 5 keys and 15 minute interval for key recharge is absolutely workable. The big surprise was finding out that mimics can drop ingots to forge more keys...pure genius! Thank you so much for your dedication to the gaming community. You're my hero!🏆


So I like where this game is heading but it's kinda bare-bones right now. The gameplay and design are both simplistic and minimalistic. Incremental power gain is fairly good except for the time-gating. Some changes to make key gain a bit more aggressive would be appreciated. There needs to be quite a few QoL changes as far as UI/UX development goes, more polish 😉. Tapping manually is quite powerful and I wish the map would rotate so the travel direction is always Up to benefit more. Keep it up

Tim Novak

Really bad energy system... 5 hours to fill the max 10 energy. You use it up with 10 clicks in like 5min -.-

Justin Kitchur

Fun game. Needs some stuff done to it like, auto battle. When you enter a floor and win, it should go to the next floor or if you diez restart at lower level and keep going. Have an ability to upgrade the "tap" damage. While offline, gain a little gold, maybe be able to upgrade the offline gold ability.


It should have been better if we could compare new items with enchanted items but like they are not enchanted. It is kinda hard and hard to compare an item with max stats. Sometimes i assume that the current item has lower stats so i enchant the new one. In the end the current item is better or doesn't worth to enchant it. Also i that way i loose my coins too.

Erin Carney

Solid gameplay loop, good UI/UX *AND* no predatory monetization??? (None at all as of review date!) Highly recommended

Darren Parkinson

Everything's auto, move,fight, you only get to equip new gear and occasionally hit the heal button.

Lazy Lightning

Dancing around the elite monsters at the end of the floor seems to interest my character more than actually attacking them. Plus garbage energy system.


Love the new update!!! Taps are more meaningful and don't kick up my carpal tunnel. Keys can be acquired beyond 10. Flip tiles are fun! Thanks for all your hard work and thank you SO MUCH for this ad-free game!!! Keep crushing it, boss

Eric Schuetz

How is this possible? A free game. Not free to play, ad supported, micro tractions filled free. Actually free! And that's not it. It's actually fun! What reality is this?

insert name here.

Me: "Hey Dev do you like grey??" DEV: "HELL YEAH!! I LLOOOOVVVEEE GREY!!"

Jose Aleman

I found this game posted on Reddit, and ever since, I've been HOOKED on it. It's so simple yet so addicting. Definitely recommend! You won't regret it!

Msprissypots Gaming

What does the tap feature do?

Samurai Deek

Game is much more interesting without the original tap mechanic. Bug: If you spam the three chests at the same time, you can waste 3 keys while taking the rewards of only 1 chest

Akuma Tsubasa

Energysystem and clickable chests that are on screen for 1 second and a Feature that forces you to tap 10 Times per second with no break as you dont do enough damage to beat even the first level with full gear when you not tapping like mad. Else the game could be really fun. edit: boost System replaced with a damage System with no real Feedback on how effective it is. energysystem still there. no thank you

Liam Patterson

Fun game :)

Drake Featherwing

Honestly not sure about this one. It feels unimaginative for the genre it's trying to squeeze into, the tap controls, especially on floor clear can lead to hasty use of a key which has the potential of screwing you out of a rare+ item if it isn't predetermined on load. I personally got bored very quickly and with no way to go to previous floors to grind gold for expensive upgrades to facilities, the fact that I died in 8F is rather disheartening. Decent, but could be better.

Lul Lol

It's weird, don't waste your time.


My first impressions are as follows: decent polygonal artstyle, but lacks polish in animations, generic designs, proper skybox clearly has not been implemented, slight pathfinding issues, character swinging wildly at nothing, and a repetitive bgm in the starting dungeon floors with no indication of changing. The game requires a tad more depth in items that give special effects like vampirism/crit chance/% chance of dodging/etc., and also visibly show your total HP in the HOME menu.

Michelle de la Lune

Very repetitive

Gary Hasch

Not bad but creating the character could have more options


Decided to try this game out after seeing the developer post about it on reddit and so far, I'm thoroughly enjoying it! 100% free game, no ads or microtransactions. I'm not overly fond of how much tapping is required to keep your 250% bonus in Dungeon, but its better than paying for it!

Benjamin Laferriere

Love the game, a few things I would like to see updated would be the town. In the town, the taxes are so broken you make more money by not playing, when you log on for the day you get several million dollars, but when you beat a mission you get like 10k, Which feels bad as you only progress while not playing. The second upgrade for the town the market, it's annoying that the shop doesn't cycle by itself, i had to spend 100k on a epic gear that was worse then my gear just so I could see new stock

Steve Graham

Cool game, easy to level up. Plenty of items to spend gold on. You don't have to play for hours to progress or wait hours to level up buildings

Emelia Blackwood

Very fun, no in app purchases. Kudos to the developer, reminds me of how games used to be, in the best way possible.


saw your post on reddit and decided I would check it out as I have nothing to do. Its an alright time killer and it plays decently. Have I played better? Sure. But this game is great for what it is. I hope to see it grow. (update) I have been playing this app for a bit absolutely solid I absolutely recommend this fantastic time killer and though the art style is light hearted it still has really cool feel to it. 10/10 highly reccomend would download again.

Carl Haag

Enjoy the game a lot, but would like to see a few changes: Let me watch adds for more keys. Let the 25 citizen gear purchase auto rotate so I don't have to buy everything out in order to see new stuff. Chests are mimics far more often than loot. At least allow mimics to drop loot after you kill them.

Travis Rushton

Game is fun and the developers ideals are great! Some of the design choices are questionable, as mentioned by other reviewers. But I don't mind the wait for more keys. It's a short wait and gives you a stopping point to put the phone down. Overall a fun, casual, mobile strategy game.

Nandulal MacMillan

No ads, no IAPs, active dev. More like this please.

Josh Foutz

So far, I am at level 82 floor. I have a pet, wings, 4 legendary equipments, 3K attack, 9K defense, plus various buildings in the 20 to mid 30s on level ups. The game is enjoyable without being tedious. You do have to utilize the tap bonus when going through floors as it makes it significantly easier to beat. There is strategy involved in the game play and how you use your skills. No ads, no pay to win, just a developer that created his passion. Well done.


Best ad free game of 2022


This game is super fun, just give it a try you won't be disappointed. Best part, no microtransactions! Awesome job by Happy Games LLC.

Aaron Saper

Good God is so refreshing to see games that don't try to charge you for every little thing, thank you for making an entertaining game without trying to nickle and dime everyone

Dominic Chin

A good casual game that you can play on the side if you have a main game on your phone. Bonus points since it's an offline game. Auto targetting needs some work though, since a lot of times the character would just run past 2-3 enemies, leading players to be surrounded and getting flanked, especially when encountering bosses.

Jacob Riddle

If you enjoy the gameplay loop of diablo style games this is the perfect mobile game for you! Just turnin little numbers into big numbers. Doesnt data mine, I checked. No in app purchases. This dev deserves some praise because he has made a game for the sake of people who play games for fun. Love your game dude! Good job. Protip. The tap bonus is everything. Put your cookie clicker fingers on and get tapping! DUNGEON LIFE!!

Dakota Rodman

Overall the game has a nice skeleton. I don't like time gating in games. It's a fundamentally unfun mechanic that makes the user not want to play. Timegating makes me feel like the intended play style is to play for 10min using the 10 keys, then wait 5 hours. Doesn't feel great. It feels really slow to gain momentum in the game. Also, being forced to reset the dungeon when you die... it feels like that isn't the best approach.

jamie green

This game is pretty good the price is right and it has no pay features at all. Things that I feel need to be improved a bit on is the way you get loot. The 10 keys thing makes no sense in a actual free game had you been asking for money for keys it would make sense but as they are now it feels more anoying then anything. I think it would be better off with it just being a change to get loot when you clear a floor over the keys as its anoying to die then start back at lvl 1 then waste a key.


Not a bad game! At first I was wary of having to wait for keys, but instead of seeming like it limits play, it seems more like an incentive to put the phone down for a bit and take a break. I often get burnt out on games so I appreciate the incentive for casual play. That being said, I do see merit in removing the time gating aspect in a free to play game. No Ads! Unique style and mechanics! Free!

Dan H.

Really fun, nice that it's not all full of ads and micro transactions!

William Ganadhi

Gave it a decent try. Not my type of game where it involves tapping quickly like an idle game. Also you don't really control your character as it just auto plays. You have to click the chests manually (high chance of them being a mimic and might get items you dont know the usage of it). It also has a time gated system with the keys giving you better rewards. I think the whole game is a bit too grindy.

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Terac _0

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