Dungeon Cube

Author: janushex

10,000+ install


Dungeon Cube – Action RPG / Strategy / Roguelike / Pixel Art / Puzzle game inside one grid cube

Detailed info

File size: 35M
Update time: May 21, 2021
Current version: 1.006
Require Android: 4.3 and up
Developer: janushex
Price: Free
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Customer review

Suman Choudhary

This game is made up on g devlop i also make games on g devlop but they are not so good so can you help me with making a dungeon rpg

Kat A.

If you're on a chromebook, you need to tell this app to back your game up. Otherwise you won't be able to restore your progress if you powerwash or something. Use the saved games option in the main menu. It's self-explanatory. Your progress will save in your drive folder. Sure would be nice if the app actually TOLD you this. Good game that's sabotaging it's own success. Smh.


Its ok your using dungeon cards as inspiration, but the amount of times it asks you to double gold for an ad.. upgrade in the store.. and the fact that its the exact same sprites isn't really inspiration.

Grammar Nazi

I can't say for certain and I may be wrong, but I think some of the assets may have been stolen. The knight on the front I'm pretty sure is a recolor of a character from a game called "sleepy knight"

Melk Man

Game is rip off and stolen property.

The Good

Stolen Idea, Stolen Sprites, and game maker seems to be unpleasant. Don't recommend.

Romell Dimaculangan

A blatant ripoff of dungeon cards, and you know it's true. I really do hope that you're making money out of this, this is just sad. Hope you make your ends meet. Godbless.

Angie Parsley

Play sort of stalls at level 8. Grind and grind to get nowhere

Bill Addison

Fun little game - and the double gold is working for me now! It doesn't ask if I want to watch an ad and I do get the double gold. Maybe it took a minute to kick in? Thank for the swift reply! **old review for reference ** I paid for the double gold and I'm not getting double gold? Devs can you please check for me? After each round it still asks if I want to watch ad to double my gold, I say No and I don't get double gold. But I have paid for double gold!

Gavin grage


Andrey Dorokhov

Just a bad copy of Dungeon cards

Matthew Schuller

Can I get another Casper Smith line here?

Bao Ge

Dangerously addicting ARPG, Strategy, Puzzle-like game that's like feels like playing 2048 when it first came out except a roguelike dungeon. I would highly, highly recommend this to others looking for a fun and challenging game! Though there are some frustrating things like the lack of abilities for each of the characters and with especially when you know that you're going to lose and low on health. Then there needs to be a bit more tutorials when it comes to defeating bosses on how bombs work.

Juno Stone

This whole game has just been stolen from 717pixels, and offers nothing to the tile dungeon genre. At least Card Thief, LookYourLoot, and Dungeon Cards had unique art styles and added unique mechanics. This isn't even "inspired" by Dungeon Cards, it's just been stolen from them. Just play Dungeon Cards by 717 pixels. It's more fun, and better made than this. LMAO I'm not Casper Smith. Your game just sucks.

David Taylor

A complete ripoff of Dungeon Cards. Even shamelessly ripped the sprites from it. It's heartbreaking to see such blatant theft. There is a difference between inspiration and simply stealing. The dev should remove this from the store. Edit: Dev can't take criticism and decides to verbally abuse anyone who's doesn't like it. Says stealing is okay bc everyone else is doing it. I was really excited to see what you made, but this is just sad. Who wants a dev that can't take feedback? Shame on you.

Jordan Zane

I was doing great until the first boss fight then it takes forever to progress

Ahmad Momenai

Quite a fun game, but it gets a bit stale after a while, the mechanics are very simple and straight forward

jason good

It's impressive when a game can be this small, yet layered with enough conditions that it becomes difficult. Nice work. Visually crisp.

Katie Emmons

Got bored after 4th lvl or so. Just not my type of game, but it's not bad either. So others shouldn't knock it till they try it.

Roy Aldo


Carson Miller

It was great! And the guy who made a review that said there is only one level is lying. there is definitly more than one level! there is even a BOSS LEVEL!! I think u should download this if you like endless kind of games and you also should download it if you like games made by 717! I hope this review helps make this game more populer! And to anybody reading this, i am not a bot.

Owura Kwaku

The game keeps on crashing fix it and there is only one level if you have the game unstall it now!!!!!!

Bart B

Funny and good for short sessions.