Dungeon & Alchemist – Incremental Idle Pixel RPG

Author: Act Seven Entertainment Inc.

100,000+ install
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Dungeon & Alchemist – Incremental Idle Pixel RPG – Grow the Alchemist! Retro Pixel art Idle Game

Detailed info

File size: 73M
Update time: February 13, 2021
Current version: 1.4.38
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Act Seven Entertainment Inc.
Price: Free
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Customer review

Chris Charlton

I'm unable to play because of some security code or whatever

Miky Sammarco


cLoveR QQ

You cant even get in!!


Why not?


Names must be unique, but are limited to 10 characters, must start with and can only have 1 capital letter, and can't have numbers (like Lost Ark, bad there too). These restrictions are arbitrary, benefitting noone, and the game's been around long enough that getting an appealing name is very unlikely. If you're going to require unique names, allow for more characters (12-16) as well as non-letters and more capitals. Not even going to bother if I have to compromise THAT much just to get a name.

Cascading Thoughts

Thanks to the latest update i list my data.. I dropping off this game now after playing for almost 3 months so disapointed, i contacted the developer on what todo but no response..

Mark Joseph

This game is balanced! For F2P this is the idle game that you're looking for, no sugarcoating. In all honesty I tried this game today and it did not disappoint me but rather satisfying and amazing. This game has so many freebies especially for newbies. So I'll give it 5 stars and I highly recommend this game to y'all fellow gamers.

Anthony Khayit

Boring and bloated with stuff

Lunch Meat Trump

I wonder if they even asked pitforest before ripping off all his sprites from the idler raiders flash games. Nothing raises a red flag faster than a game dev being too lazy to make his own sprites. I for one will not be investing in this pay wall cash grab game.

robert james satiago


Soulless Bean

Good gameive downloaded on every phone of mine

Rajan Bista

Very good

Jerri baird


Benjamin Faranda


baskar reddy

Preety good

Tobe Kanu

Wow just wow 😑

pascal risuba

This game is the best 😊

Walid Obead

Um gogod

John Dau

It went out some so fix for five star

Kevin Buxton

It's ok

Smiler Cudd

Very good game


Really fun can play all day Thx for responding and I think your game will be much better if you update

Kim DarkShadow

Awesome 👌🆒️

Benjamin Fawkes

First impressions: I like the craft system, and being able to use potions in combat, gives you something to do early on. That being said, so far, this game is very unfriendly towards free players. I'll come back when I've gotten further.

Inkz FallenStar

This game is good, though for having alchemist in the name it doesn't seem to have toooo much of it- but having the concept as the practical currency maker it neat.

Pedro Ramirez

If you like pixelated games this is for you

Polk Shaikh

Gd game

King Rendor

Fun and addictive,just the game i was looking for!!!

Julian Sanchez

There is so many different kinds of currency that its so confusing, and it also seems to be a pay to play kinda game.

Anggi Okthiadini

I loooooooooove this game

Mr.Dan Lloyd

nice concept though time consuming, too slow for newbie, specially the pause gap when he killed monster. too many iap. not freebies

Jeremy Espinoza

Similar to most consumers, when something doesn't work you get rid of it. The app wasn't really playable 11 months ago when I initially wrote a review mentioning the problem, but 11 months later they reply and say "try again!". Sorry devs, too little too late to tell me to check my phone settings to fix a screen visibility problem.

Amgad Elmusallamy


James Dawn

The consumable item focus brings an interesting twist to standard incremental gameplay.

Robert Wells

Can't log in anymore after getting a phone upgrade, will rate better if it gets fixed, bug fixed had to Uninstall and reinstall to get the glitch out. Problem is in phone to phone transfer.


NEVER play a game where the devs/support team, have no issues harassing people in review. Being pay to win is ABSOLUTLY something to be talked about. 100% Avoid game companies who act like they are above everyone. EDIT: Looks like they've put their big boy pants on and decided to act like company and business. All of the reviews have been changed. Most of them involved attacking customers. Be warned.

Jon Leon

Love this game

Will Herrera

Let's see what u have here 😂


the gameplay is repetitive, its just your average generic idle game. to get an equipment, you either have to watch an ad (but the equipment is garbo) or use 500 gems (but the equipment is slightly less garbo). chest can only stack 5 times before maxing out and you won't be able to get more chest if you don't use it. i would give this a 4 star if there's no limit to how many chest you can gather before maxing out or just increase it by a lot more. edit: though i enjoy the game.

Neo Willborg

It's okay

Mr. Gebien

Very well made little game. Congratz on the dev for putting so much effort. It's clearly a cash grab but I can see it's made with passion. Take care

Ejad Ezekiel

Its fun

Black fire

sadly it does not work on my mobile device

Mark VogelΩ

Identical to mr. Kim. What isn't identical is absolutely fantastic and believe it or not you can get pretty far for free as I I am a testament to that one day playing stage ten thousand

Katie Emmons

Eh not what I thought it was going to be, and a lil confusing. I thought you would get gear from drops from monsters but i think you gotta craft everything or watch ads and I'm just not into that kinda game. Nice concept but just not for me, so others feel free to see if this game fits your tastes, it just doesnt fit mine. Will give at least 2 ☆ since the art is nice and the idea.

Ashley Tutor



It exceeds my expectations. Great game!!

Asher Headley


Ken Leung

A game with no guest option. No thanks. At least let me experience the game before linking an account.

Zachary Kanfer

Far, far, far too much going on. The interface is incredibly complicated.

Blair Howe

A little confusing at first but surprisingly deep and fun

Gavin S

I would like to try the game but on my google pixel 2, when I start up the game, I can't enter a name. The keyboard won't pop up for me. ---- Update: It's actually fixed, thanks to the developer. It's a pretty good game, I would check it out, as the devs are dedicated to making it fun!

Asia Fugate

I really like this game! I love the pixel style of it and being able to craft potions, buy outfits for the character, and lots of other cool abilities. I've only played it for about 20 mins., But I already think it's genuinely fun! I can rlly say anything bad about it so ya. Totally recommend if you're into rpg idle games.


I love this game. When i can play it. Lots of potential to get better. Lots of daily rewards too. With that said since about mid december maybe longer i havent been able to play. It startsand just stays at a black screen. Ive tried uninstalling and installing multipul times. Clearing data. Everything yet it wont run anymore. I hope there is a fix for thos because i really do love thos game.


Galaxy s20 ultra won't load past nickname screen won't allow the keyboard so you can type. Was hoping this game would be comparable to Final Taptasy on IOS but I unfortunately can't play this game.

Jordan Langford

pre good ngl played for c ouple of mins but i feel like to auto potions it should be free but you do you

Cristi Drago


Andy Febrico Bintoro

Need google play achievements. Play this for 7000+ stages, rank within 2000.


I love this game, it's kinda messy tho, too much stuff

coldbitter kape


seze .11

Cool Game

Jacob S

Hello There, the game looks really fun and I'd love to try it out, but on my Galaxy s20 (current game version 1.4.35) when I attempt to start the game (tapping into the text field to enter a name) my keyboard won't pop up for me to type anything. I've attempted a plethora of troubleshooting steps and can go into detail if it will help aid you in finding a resolution. Thank you and Happy Holidays

No Name

Id rate it if i could play it, it lags very badly and when i try to keep playong, my device freezes and i jave to restart it, when i try again it freezes again, so if there was an offline mode or the lagging/Bugs could be fixed, id love to try this game

Average Game Enjoyer

I've just started today. The game is amazing for idle gamers like me, although it's somewhat dissapointing for oppo a7 users because I can't see my current money blocking by the camera. Unfortunately, the game doesn't have any other options to see your current money of course. It's a silly complain of mine, and honestly, the game is addictive and satisfying really. Well done! And thank you for this game.

Aleksandar Vuk

Some textures/items are stolen from pixel survival

Christian Hamdani

force ad

mega raja


Shae Stroup

Super fun and interesting

Ash Burn

Impressions after 1 day of gameplay. It has a very addicting repetitive process and it looks decent for a pixel dungeon crawler idle game. Not so demanding of me but when I put in the effort, I can definitely progress fast.

Cathie Glover

What is the point? You don't even do anything except make potions while it auto battlea. And why are the monsters taken from the game Buff Knight?

Nemz Gaming

I rated this four stars before. The ads annoyed me, but changed rating to 5 stars as i am liking it now. Availed the cheapest skip ad item and it brings a lot of magic. Open chest and get more rewards with no ads. Maximize sand of time if stage is hard.buy artifacts and focus on atk. When you reach higher atk and stage, gems will be easy to farm. Wishing for some items to be added in game and for raids to be raided again

crizaldy escreza

Very nice

zuhair housawi

Interesting game auto fight while you craft, upgrade and sell


A decent little RPG.


Great game!!!!

the best the best


Francisco G.

Can't start game because keyboard won't appear to enter nickname

bùi Quang

good game

MrPurpleturtlex Xxx

Not able to play without Google Play. Instant deinstall.

Lord Makarl Reisinger

So I listen to audio books while I play games and immediately noticed that the ads auto mute if you have something playing. Love that.

Brent Lynn

Wouldn't let me click anything but attack up grade .. literally unplayable.

David Quigley

This is a very fun game. Id like to have new content updates.

Glen Channon

Good game x

Paul Mckenna

Fantastic, just what you need to pass the time.

Jorie de Man

Yes. Me developer can English. Enough to annoy me before even starting the game... Besides that the idea looks pretty in line with all the other RPGs, but too much seems to revolve around gems / real cash.

Tony Skewes

Decent but could use a more in-depth tutorial.

Lance Richmond

Amazing graphics

Jesse Heels



Requires Google Play login, can't skip it.

Axel Jouy

Good game BUT there are so many things you may only get if you use MONEY. Getting gems is really seldom... You can practically not play w/o paying, alas.

kirito gamer

It is a Good game with no Lags i recomend it

Spectral Dimension

This is a very generous game when it comes to currency amd also potion and scroll ingredients i can not stop playing it it is so fun

David 145 BG

oh okay

Shaun Tomol

I love rpg but I don't know if it's online

eric green

Very fun don't have to purchase a bunch of stuff to play the game, play when you want. So addictive I've quit playing most the other games I have

envec sprigin

Having a blast playing this one

Claude Of Rivia

really fun game

Rocky MacKinnon

I enjoy the game

Sandro Ivanjko

The game is perfect in my opinion, but it would be nice if you could fix some of your English grammar mistakes.

Ivan Ivanovic

Great time killer xD also plenty of rewards for free to play players. Keep up the good work ^^