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Duet Cats: Cute Popcat Music – The musical world of the beautiful pop cat is now out – sounds c a t s. Let’s take a look at the hottest popcat duo ever 🐾 Who is the diva cat in this cat tower?
Duet Cats is a perfect mix of funny cats and cats that meow, relax and challenge to the beat of the music and the popular virtual cat game will stop you in your tracks, it’s really addictive!!!
You just have to feel the rhythm of the cute cat songs and guide your two hands so that the cats are all fed. Cute puffy cat meow~ ʕ≧ᴥ≦ʔ
Cat game: cat food keeps falling! Can you feed them all?
1. Cat Sounds: Feed them and Popcat will sing to you with cute sounds. 😸
2. Cat food: grocery store dedicated to your cute popcat 🐾
3. Upgrade Popcat: different cute cats to collect in the shop. 😻

. Popular Music: Cat noises – Remixes of popular songs with cute cat sounds.
5. Cat Game Pictures: Based on the famous meme – Pop cat, cat sound music and cat cartoon concept game ..meow~ ʕ≧ᴥ≦ʔ
LET’S GO C.a.t.s Game!!!
● Duet with all the funny cats (Ф﹏Ф)
Not one, but a duet! Your 2 funny cats (a black cat and a kitten) will sing together like a beautiful meow… a fun ensemble. You can make them fat by feeding them all the dropped food. Oh, can they get fat?
● Simple but addictive with two hands 👉👈
Left, right and…middle, with two hands. Use your hands and senses to move through hundreds of rhythmic layers of music. It’s not easy, but if you can get through it all, clap your hands Kittens
● Cat food shop dedicated to your lovely cats. Play songs with their voice to get them more food. The grocery store has sushi, cute cats, cakes, ice cream cones… And you can also buy your own cute cats.
● Various cute cats to collect 😻😼😺😸
If you’re tired of the gray and white cat you started with, it’s time to change its look! You can choose between several skins to change your cat breed: cute cat, black cat, Monty cat, Maru cat, dubstep cat, Chorley cat. Or transform your cat into something completely different: Spider Cat, Pikachu Cat and more, collect them all! These cute fluffy cats are yours. Upgrade and feed your cute cats with DuetCats musical challenges. This list goes on!
● Remixes of popular songs with sounds for cats
More than 1000 popular songs are waiting for you. In the latest version, Cat Duet has added many new, better and funnier songs. Join your cat and feel the melody of this diva. Can you imagine what it would be like to attach “meow” to a picture? I can’t ??? Hurry and be the first to hear.
● Stories in Duet Cats. Cute cats told their “hungry” stories in the voice of a diva cat. Don’t stop feeding the cute cats or they will get mad at you ~T.T~. And don’t forget you have 2 funny cats
Whether your cat loves to notice or just enjoys listening to the sounds of other animal pictures, Duet Cats has you covered. The app includes a variety of cat sounds, including cat purrs, cat purrs, and even funny cat memes that will make your furry friend tick. In addition to cat sounds,
Duet Cats also has cute and funny cat pictures of different cat breeds. You can browse the cutest collection of cats and kittens with outfits and fun tricks that will put a smile on your face.
For those interested in a good challenge, the app also includes the Popcat game. This fun and addictive game allows you to bounce as many cats as possible in a given time – a great way to engage and entertain your cat.
Are you looking for animal games or funny cat pictures in different music styles? Who are looking for relaxing games, idle games or RPGs? Looking for more addictive games in this genre? Duet Cats game is the perfect gift for you 🎁 🎁
Guide your cat to bright diva cats like their selves.

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