Duck Life Treasure Hunt


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Duck Life Treasure Hunt – Cute running action! Find legendary treasure in the cave and level up your duck.

Detailed info

File size: 87M
Update time: August 16, 2021
Current version: 4.00303
Require Android: 8.0 and up
Price: Free
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Customer review

delfina Martínez

Es... Literalmente el pollito pio pateado

Kim R

Love this game

The Brown House

I really hoped i would like this game but i keep seeing multiple annoying things. For a start, if you scroll to get to the cave, it keeps jolting back which means you can't play the game! Second, if you do manage to get to the cave and are actually able to play the game, your duck periodically flies all the way to the top of the tunnel without me touching the screen. I have lost many runs to this. PLEASE FIX!

Sherman Day


Stephanie W

Okay so I used to play this when I was younger and now it feels ruined. I don't have any problems with lag or glitchyness, but the game feels too easy! I don't really enjoy it anymore and it's boring now. I don't like the changes that were made and I miss how it used to be. Maybe if there is an update that actually makes the game fun again, I'll play it. But for now I'm not going to install it again. Still though, it deserves some credit. This was a childhood personal favorite of mine after all.

William Pruitt

Pretty good but not a super high amout of things to do.

Luka Spinoti

Revert the update to save the game.

Marceline Allen

It started and seemed promising but after pressing play it freezed and wouldn't make it past the play button I had high hopes but from all the reviews it seems like it's not as good as the cool math version :/

Michael Brown

I Love Duck Life! I played this for the first time ever, and it took me 2 hours to finally put my phone down!

Andrew Clark

Don't download if u do u r gay

McClellan Kids

so fun

Jiarui Wang

too much lag, and not as fun as i remember it online.

Justus Hutchinson

Love this game so fun


It's very good and addictive I thank you for this game

Domino the Fox

Its way to lagy i used to play this game and have no problem but i updated and the music in the menu sounded corupted i was like 'maby its a glich' but thats wen i realised the entire game was ackting strange it was unplayible. All of the music was corupted, the entire game was laging, and you cant even go into the cave anymore. You guys might want to try to find some way to fix this' i just dont want you guys to louse this game to an unkown erorr that can break the game. I hope this helps<3

Cherie Beer

I just started playing the game and it was nothing like the flash game. I don't hate it but I don't like it•~•

drunken a

It was really fun all the duck is cute all game was fun the map was the fun it was to fun I rate this a 5/5

Max Evans

I loved this game on ABC ya! But after being ported to unity I feel that something is missing. I mean the difficulty is gone, there are ads now and I feel that the graphics have gone WAY down. Like this 📉. Honestly I'm kinda sad about it. Please fix this game and bring it to it's former glory. Pleeeeeaaaaaasssseee.

sandeep kullar

Only I like the regular duck Life

Robert Stepney

Nice i like this game


I Used To Play This Since I Was 7 And I Love It And My Duck Is In The Facebook Cloud. When I Going To Get My Duck Back From The Cloud, It Didn't Get My Data Back, Facebook Open A Second And Closes. And It Show Me The Error That Saids "Can't Connect To The Cloud". I Tried So Many Times But No Hope Was Found. I Guess My Data Is Stuck On There. 😢 You Have To Fix The Cloud Restore.

edgar puz


Alex Panzner

So fun and easy to use. Enjoyable. Good for people of all ages

Shiny Tubs

Bad update


This game was made in 2014 and it's on mobile but people complain that it's laggy it's bad like what did you expect?

Siyam Mondol

It's usually It aosta city albacete but it's not a 2 one so it's a bit of a rgeh to be a man of the battery is a bit more expensive but a lot of people want it

Vishal Rane

Good but there is 1 glitch: The Start button not appearing

Margarita Aleinikova

I can't even Play your games

Neiki n Duo

This game is very fun I can't stop playing I'm going to rate This 5 star

Juan Meléndez

My not-so particular pet sitter.😔😊


Brings back the elementary school memories ❤

Colin Busby

Poggers duck

Daniel`s advance of kanto platr

Best game ever

guillermo ramirez

Basically JetPack Joyride but with Ducks

cindy Greenlaw


Jerome Lee

The game is good and fun to play but when i reach my new high score the game will freeze and i cant resume it

Logan Lopez

A original game I loved it when I was little.


This is a very fun game

Luke Savageau

its not laggy and it is a very fun and friendly game

Rachel Wilson

dis game SUCKS

Andrea Harrison

It's not like it used to be.

Dailon DiDato

I loved this game on Coolmath. And after reading the reviews I wanted to play for myself and see if it's really that bad. And as much as I hate to say it, it really is. For starters the FPS, I've had some lag spikes with games before. But this is the worst, it's as smooth as a PS1 game...RUNNING ON A WINDOWS 97. And the difficulty is all gone, it's literally just "Go up if there is spikes and down if not."

Sourasish Sikder Class VI Sec A Roll 13

This game is so amezing

Ella Play

This is my childhood game

maria Ringo

It is so fun you got to play it you get tool you get more IQ in the game.

Willie Davis

I would give it five stars if it were easier to do the Temple Run

hotdoggamer 67

Pretty good 👍

Remy Sharin


Shalin Chang

Not as good as the Flash version. Less level variety and worse graphics.

aheadsound s

I loved the old game but when i seen what it became i was really dissapointed. There is no varaity to the obsticles, flying is extremely wonky, and you added a stupid game mechanic where your forced to play the worst duck life minigames to level up. It is impossible to progress and there is a huge fps diffrence. It just dosent feel right the cave is boring as heck there is no coin or object diffrence either and it is insanely boring. The graphics are kinda off too.

Lexy Peterson

i used to love the game but it totally changed and just is not the same. definetly uninstalling

kevin rodriguez

bababoi B)

A Google user

I really love playing duck life when I was in grade school before!!! But it is a really good game ever!!!

Kevin Gonzalez

I like it I play it and it good





Suhanya prasad


Just A Foon (Foon)

The game used to be fun, until the update that changed everything. The machanics were different, the game just feels like a low-quality knock-off more than the actual game. The screenshots are not at all what they look like. Uninstalling for now.

Ducky B

When I was younger I love this game so much please make more games so I can play it and finish the game so far so thanks for me to play this game and by the way I love ducks see you there WIX games and good bye 😊😊 !!

Eyan Stoutmire

i hate this game so much there is not much things to do the only thing you can do is go in to a cave and get money then you have too do that 34 times and then you have money to buy a house and do fun stuff.

Fateha Sultana

I don't no what to do in the game

Kaiden Clay

Best game

Reid Kids

I luv it its so cute and nostalgic 5/5 stars fer u

Nolan Reykdal

It really fun


this game was a huge part of my child hood and now I find it on mobile, it's amazing

Aircube Music

This was my CHILDHOOD

Jesus tirado

Best game ever

Samayah Parker

Duck life

Margaret Chin

Great game

The Krusty Kreb

I cum to duck

Shawn Carroll

I played this at first on coolmath. Now i download it since flash quit. It does the made by unity, wix, and then the start. Then, it removes the start button and duck, but keeps the coins and background. PLEASE LET ME PLAY THE GAME!

Mike Fensome

Sometimes If they were not working in their own homes and then they

thereal drop

A awesome game i love it

Edward Kelly


Alex Reyes

it` is a fun game

Mag Hoo

Good game recommend it


Love it on pc but on mobile every time a run ends it freezes and won't let me hit end run or continue for 3 gems.


This game is a good game but I'm giving this 2 stars because of one fatal bug I've been having. I'm getting no gems at all when I complete caves and I'm clearly getting gems from treasure chests but the cave is saying 0 and I've been stuck at 3 gems for a hot minute now. How tf do you expect me to get 100 for a house if I can't even progress gems because I won't get any?

ꕥ ɢʟoɰ ѧňımѧţєs ꕥ (Glow)

It's a nice app to play when you have nothing else to do on your phone.

xxvirsxx gamer


Dragonflam3s Revenge

Like the game, it is great

Sandra Allen

This game really is very good!

Kasen Woods

I love it before the update I think they shouldn't have upgraded otherwise it amazing


i like duck life treasure hunt

Axel Paz


out of chicken

The boss spawn rate needs to be adjusted. I've been getting bosses every run, sometimes before I get the first treasure chest. They get in the way of runs which is annoying. Otherwise, I enjoy playing this game.

ᴛᴏxɪᴄ ʙᴜɴ

This is my favorite game tho i don't like the update

Ila Cochran

Broke imeadiently

Darling Kids

I rated the game 5 stars because still the game is fun and exactly the same just like it. The game is kinda fun!

Flisky Pro

De best

Dr anupam kumar Singh

Cool you can cutomize your duck explore but that same thing is making me sick plz make a full verson of it with all new stuff and turn this into the lite one it is importent and you have 5mths to do it so hurry

Anonymous Coyote


Joe Padilla

It's okay I guess 😊😊😊👍

Faye Mc

Great keep the games coming

Richardson arendain YT :/

Excite to download duck space now theres real money :( I remember playing in in flash now it's gone gone forever I wish they recover back now now I download this bc of real money I hate real money can you change it pls pls pls pls don't be a gold digger be nice and let those children to play space duck the children feel sad bc of real money pls pls change it pls

Caleb Carey

I try to get this game again because I remember having fun 4 or 5 years ago and it wont install so I uninstalled a game that was enough space for it to install and it still would not work. Please fix this.

Laura Collingwood

I love this app because I play it a lot on cool math games and just seeing this app on my phone it is so fun I could play it for hours and not get bored great quality so thanks

Yeet Lol

I can't even download it on my android

Tiffany Merovich-Winter

It's soooooooooooo fun I can never stop playing it. It's my favorite duck life game. You can face bosses to. keep up the good work.

Catloaf 2019

Lazy unity clone of the game I remember. A lot of the nostalgic textures are replaced with ugly ones. Everything feels off and is difficult to control. If it wasn't one of my favorite flash games it would be 3 stars, but this is nothing like the game I remember playing.