Driving Zone: Offroad Lite

Author: AveCreation

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Driving Zone: Offroad Lite – Introducing our new off-road driving story game. You play as a courier who has to deliver parcels to the most remote corners of the island. At the beginning of the game, you get a little money to buy a car, but with each completed task your capital will grow and you will be able to afford cooler cars.

The game is a simulator, so do not forget to monitor the fuel level and plan a route through the gas stations, otherwise you will run out of fuel, the car will stall and you will be forced to call a tow truck to deliver the car to the gas station. For planning routes, we made a convenient map with navigation, which displays all available and active tasks. You will often have to drive off the road, but are you ready for it, right?

Cars differ from each other in power, cross-country ability, fuel consumption and, of course, the capacity of the trunk. Pay attention to the requirements for the vehicle in the mission, so that there is enough space in the trunk of the vehicle in which you will carry out the mission for the entire load.

The island is divided into zones: snow-capped mountains and icy road, arid deserts and a forest with lakes and singing birds, where you will also have to drive cars through the mud. Quests are closely intertwined with the types of regions, this will add atmosphere to the gameplay. Each driver will appreciate that depending on the location of the game, off-road riding changes and gives a unique feeling. As in our other driving games, the new one has realistic car handling and the suspension looks and works like in real cars.

Upon reaching a certain level, you will have the opportunity to participate in off-road races. Each race will give you a generous reward for tuning cars or buying new ones at the car dealership. First of all, the game is about cars, so the game has a tuning of cars, it is available in a car service, where you can also change the color of the car. And the city also has your personal garage where all the cars you bought are kept.

Many original missions include those in which you’ll save a forest from a fire, help kids on a school bus caught in a blizzard, deliver water to arid regions, and transport fish from the port to shops.

Explore the island carefully and you will find hidden treasures that you can use to pay for various services or spend on a special off-road vehicle. If you manage to find all the treasures, you will receive a Lost Achievement.

Features of the game Driving Zone: Offroad Lite
• Open world
• Customizable driver and car tuning
• Consumable fuel by cars and petrol stations on the map
• Unique tasks
• View from the salon
• Car dealership for the sale of cars, car service and personal garage
• Off-road racing in 4×4 cars
• Free driving possibility
• Dynamic change of day and night
• Ability to play offline

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Sep 11, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: AveCreation
Price: Free
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Customer review

Savita Singh


Neil Tan

The game is the best but still you should put more cars in the game And you should put walking mode so that the game is more fun

Hairun Mohtar

Good game

Vontrase Dunbar

I like it. A bit cartoony but I like it. Needs more missions or things to do.


THIS GAME IS GREAT.plz add more feature.

Mahesh bhatt

World's best driving game ever

Akash Akash

Gta 5

Md Nishad


Avash Jirel

best game I fill better and much

Alpha Valiant

Fun game. The handling is quite unresponsive and sluggish. The game lags for some reason and i have a good phone, Even on a low graphics. Add manual transmission, Fix the lag, Add a teleport option. Add more stuff

Ibraheem Hashmi

Vip game

Pintu Pal

Oooop game is very much better

FleshyGuy playz

This game is not good because if you do a job it will be not cancel

Yousef Tareq Matari

I like how the ford pinto (aka newbies car) is basically a undercover baja truck

Yashwardhan Jadhav

Sweetie you will need it in time and will get back in your arms when 5th or 3rd of May be better to get back on your way in time and have some good time in your home for Hudson judged on a great job at home with your home family in your life as you can find out what your home life plans for you and how download it in your own place of your life that will get me in time in time in time in time you are going and will be joining us in your life with us in time for Hudson Valley or the other side to

Sumit Rajput

Water effect please

Runa Bhattacharjee


Jeremias Canoy

Good games 😊


Game is truly inspiring but...it gets repetitive in like 30 minutes. You do the same tasks over and over again, separate and different routes, yes. But, the same exact mechanic of doing it so. This is my concern and maybe some others do too, please do something about this. Maybe I will rewrite my review about the game.

boniface kimwele

Virus game I hate it

Gokul Rs

Supper game

Ashwin M

Awsome Game😍🏎️💨💨 super perfomens&exhaust sound is perfect

Easton Pritchett

A very fun experience but can you add where you can get out of the and add splashes when in the water

parwinder singh

Best game ever nice game i will recommend you to play this game

Manmeet Sıngh

Very bad 👎 game

Dionne Angelo Clarito

Plss add a multiplayer

Taim Motasem

Nice game keep up the good work i gave this 5 stars

Amogha varsha g dixit

Nice game and also good graphics but once you are lost it hard to find a way back

Moustafa Kareem

YAAAAAAAAYAAAOOOO MOSATAFA $$$$$$$$$ @@@@@@ &&&&&&&& (SASA)®®[SASA]✓✓✓✓~~~¶¶¶∆∆\\\DJAFDOOF

Mick Grose

This game is terrible because you can't get out of a mishmash

Priti Kadam

Very nice and beautiful game

Jumailath T

Can you add like interactive mud and new cars

Senthil Pandi

Iam enjoy to play this game this game give one new experience so all are request to download please please...

Garib gamer king

Worst game

Sonwabile Dodo

Thanks to you the creater ilove this game it's my favourite task the way they give you instructions

Dolly kumari Jitendra

Exit from the car One house and sleep in night please bro In next update Thank you🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏



Wilfred Will

Bila hendak kemaskini gram in

Isiah Dennis

This game is the best offroad/mission game that I play in my life

Ranju Kanwar

Jaldi ho za

Faisal Hotak

This nic ply

Samrat Saha

Nice game for Driving 👌🔥

Aiden Bryant

I like the game but the ufo task i cant get out of it

Atef Abu Saleem

Bad when the gas is empty I can't play the gqme waste of storage

Jimmie Parker

Absolutely amazing game I hope other people try this game out for them selves

marykutty praveen

That was AWESOME!!! 👍👍😍 I really love that game. But offroading is my favourite. Usually I get some gas and yay it is great game and I really love it. I didnt get upgrade for it. Getting, delivery is out of fuel, so I always get some gas

z3ird ninja

Alsome just wish the cars could be made to go faster. This games is good. And more different cars. And bigger trucks.

sherron brumant

Graphics are horrible don't even bother

Ahmad Alfaqih


syed ali abbasi

Love the game but too many bugs which makes the game glicth whenever I turn my car left. Pls fix these bugs asap

Notgonnawin Notgonnawinv

The best off road game I ever played

Mark Gabriel D. Santiago


Archit tripathi

The game is great but there is a bit of problem that is add more things like cars customization etc.

Invasivelaguna17 Laguna

This is the best offroding game i jave ever senn on anderoid

John_ Carl

Devs If your reading this, please add customization on each off-road cars like make your wheels big like a monster truck and add exhaust pipes And BullBars. hope you add this I'll wait for it devs!! 😁

Puff the Dragon LaBrie

Cool game

LUIS Dumaliang

This game is so good my android can handle 3gb ram I love it and is smooth like I'm on pc and is open world and there's ads that ruining the vibe but its good and the graphics is cute and I all want to say is this game need more skins and character's for the game and is great I love it and my lil brother love it is great 👍 10/10

Pandegar Bila Auda

Please add car customization and add more cars

Anon Enuto

An awesome driving experience! I enjoy roaming so much that I even ran out of fuel while delivering Corn once. Plus the ability to play offline is great too! Nice open world with different environments and a relaxing storyline. It's a Good one!

Bader Al Baloushi


Veryloneynoob Sucks


Mhel Vergara

Really fun offRoad Game

Trial Bot

Nice game, decent graphics but get repetitive after sometime.

Junaid Laghari

So much for Android app for Android sent me

Black old is gold channel

Game is good but to the game quality the mb is more

Orgil's YT Channel

Add more cars and add lan multiplayer mode Waiting lan multiplayer mode update


I like it

A. Andro

i completed all tasks and i bought all cars add some new features and new cars and tasks 😡 need new update

Karl Peronilla

Great game! Though I'm not sure what the difference is between this lite version and the full version

Saifullah Burfat


Randy Parker

Hold on mate this ones FAKE!!! The real one cost like about $3.89 but good job on the game mate but try not to copy any games K mate the only mane differents is the real one has the red truck and this one has the blue truck those are the only differents but good job mate👍

Ch. Saicharan

this game is very awesome i never seen this type of best game ☺️ really good let's download it 👍

Kylie Raynor

Really nicely done maybe Ai traffic?

Gabriel Jimenes

This game is great


Its a good game but its hard to rotate the camera

Mohammed Sayeed

I like this game.it is very exciting game.

kris k

Got some major graphical errors, very badly optimized

Jash Gaming yt

Nice game

Shane O flynn

I gave two stars bc the game is good (its actually amazing) only thing is that when i change frame rate or FPS the app goes black and freezes but the music still plays it would be 5 stars if the FPS thing wasn't there 😭😭😥😥🚗🚘🚗🚘

Martin Str

Graphics and controls are incredible, so realistic and unique, but... It gets boring after 15 minutes cuz it's so monotonous - same type of tasks.. often repeated.. You're alone and.. That's it.. Playing without any goal. If you want ideas for further developing, answer on my review, keep it up 👆

Ryan McGinnis

Very VERY Good!!! Though it is a little.. easy but still I will play and play and play!

Brandon R

Very good game

Aditya jangra

Game is great but u can add a lot of things more like new cars and customization of cars like changing parts . pls add a effect to water when car is in water there is nothing like splashes . and i suggest you to add wild animals and related missions to them

Abo ali gaming

It's very nice game