Dreamdale – Fairy Adventure

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Set off on a fairy tale adventure as a humble woodsman 🪵🪓 and build a whole wide world of wonder in this magical game. Dig, mine, build, farm, craft and fight in this entertaining and original RPG with time management elements that’s guaranteed to provide hours of absorbing fantasy action. Bring your fairytale dreams to life in the beautiful world of Dreamdale.


A resourceful hero – starting out with nothing but an empty backpack and your trusty axe, get chopping and mining, and gather up resources to construct new buildings or exchange for coins and diamonds at the market. Spend coins on upgrading your equipment and buildings, or on expanding the map to find ever more varied resources.

The right tools – each resource requires a different tool for ⛏️ mining, and each tool can be upgraded to get more resources faster. Progress through the game to find pickaxes, shovels, fishing rods, and a whole lot more, including unique gold tools that make you the fastest digger, miner, farmer or fisher ever.

A few good friends 👸🏼 – soon you’ll be joined by other villagers who help you expand your world, tending your farm, catching your fish, crafting your tools, and mining your resources. In no time, you’ll be in charge of your own little empire of commerce, rushing across the map to craft, collect, upgrade and expand.

A place for everything – build storage for all the different resources you collect, and upgrade the buildings along with your backpack to make trade move faster and bring in ever more coin.

Steady progress – complete quests to gain XP, level up and get a huge variety of rewards to help you progress through the game, including a wide range of different player attributes that give advantages in different aspects of the game.

A little luck – get more rewards and extra coins from chests that pop up randomly on the map, or dig for treasure where X marks the spot.

A hint of mystery – find a boat and sail to five different mystery islands where you’ll find unique, unusual, and especially valuable resources.

A splash of danger 👹 – what RPG would be complete without a little action? If you dare, explore eight different caves, battle with enemies and reach a showdown with monster 🐉 bosses to win spectacular loot, and head back to your village a true hero.

And just a little touch of magic – this is a fairy tale, don’t forget, so among all the industry, commerce and action, don’t be surprised to find saddle-broken pigs, 🪄 magic trees that never stop growing, and a whole host of other miraculous elements to keep your sense of wonder alive in this fantasy RPG.


Ever dreamed of being a farmer and a fighter, a digger and a chopper, a merchant and a miner, a fisherman and an adventurer, a pig-herd and a true fairytale hero?

Make all your dreams come true in the idyllic and hugely entertaining world of Dreamdale. Download the game now and set out on a real adventure.

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Update time: Jun 18, 2022
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Developer: SayGames Ltd
Price: Free
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Customer review

Gud Raider

Fun game, ads make it unplayable however. Couldn't even finish tutorial without getting 25 ads.

Monirul islam Rafi

This isn’t the same game i was looking on ads.

Garrett Gardiner

don't ask me for a review less then 15 minutes into a game.


hey my quest stuck ... the dock in dark forest have nothing to do with .. my portal stone only collected one and stucked

Austin brant

Not at all what was advertised so installing now

Renee Van Siclen

I started playing this game and the gameply seemed promising, but after a few minutes I was getting constant ads popping up. I'm fine with ads for bonuses or extra resources, but playing an ad every couple of minutes is excessive and interrupts gameplay. I uninstalled pretty quickly once that happened.

Josh Childs

Game corrupted and would not open, reinstalled and save was gone :(

Nick Brown

Ad spam game. Literally like 5 seconds of play for every 30 seconds of ada

Lamar Whyte

On the Aquarium stage you reach from the ship to the south I defeated the enemy before collecting all the fish and recieved the warp stone, but now I can't progress because the quest is still telling me to "Kill the enemy" but i defeated him already. For some reason I had the trident appear before I received it from finishing the last fish tank so I was able to kill the kraken early .

Heidicolt 8880

This game used to be a 5 star game to me but the recent update has almost ruined it. Before this last update... which took forever to roll out for what it was....I had my storage building capacity up to 1000 and now it's been reset to 350!!! I've already beaten the fish island, I'm about to run out of items for my house. Not really sure what motivation I'm going to have to keep playing much longer especially if the game is going to randomly reset the work I've put in anyway.

Max Anderson

Good game over all enjoyed it, 4 day time wall after about a week of play time is a little lame but apart from that good job. Would recommend

Niko Istrael

It would be better if we could save our progress by linking our FB or Gmail account on this game. This is the reason why I won't buy the "No ads" offer. Maybe if you can let us save our progress, then I'll pay for No ADS. Thanks!

K S Gaming

1 star cuz its not like tha ad

Sam Oldfield


Syed Khalid

All upgrades gone


I see a lot of people are having the same problem as me where buildings have reset & the price of upgrading is expensive. Like my storage used to be about 1k but now it's down to 350 but cost me 17.8k to upgrade that is so ridiculous. Can you please fix all the lost progress

Michael Marannano

Very nice game, but i uninstalled it because of the forced ads every few minutes. Also they offer ads for everything you do. What a shame, a really nice game ruined by ads. I don't mind watching an ad here and there but forced ads is a no go.

Dean Selinger

Not bad. The rare gems have way to long a cool down for the amount you need to progress. You can use your system clock to skip the waiting. The character movement speed is purposely slow making the whole game feel a bit tedious.

Christine Tan

I have a glitch in the game where the monster has disappeared and I can't continue with the island quest. Otherwise its a decent game. But not being about to complete it sucks. Wrote to the developers but no reply.

Coty Baker

something fun to pass time by, crazy amount of ads but watching the ads gives a reward so not a terrible system in place, overall a fun kid friendly game

Edwin Ocampo

fun I guess

Michael Richards

Was having fun but now my resource hut had a capacity or 1k at lv 20. Now for some reason it is down to 350. Kind 9f pointless had even have gathers since all they can do is like 60 at a time

A Rehman deaf


yusri octariansyah

Too much ads spawn on when we enjoy the games, please remove it. Change into another way to watch it when we need a more resources

Sarah Jane Baker

I love the game but how do I save it to a social media account or email account please? I'll be getting a new phone soon and would like to start from my progress already. I purchased a pack never got my gems!!!! Down to 1 star 🌟 the game has reset alot of things to the start!! 🤬🤬🤬 and I loved this game please sort this.

The Greatest Noob

It was a pretty enjoyable game. The concept of this game is really amazing. The story line was decent too. Overall it is all great game for offline and can be addicted easily. Everything was good but the graphics wasn't great. But it can be considered if we look at its storage size. Developer should make this type of game more for better device with less bug and better quality graphics.

Quintin Snell

3rd edit. Zero stars. Still no fix or feedback from dev. this game was pretty good. However, many of my buildings and mines, which I took weeks to upgrade, have been nerfed back to their base storage levels. My storage is a third of what it was. It seems this is a common problem, which the game dev is ignoring. When this is fixed, I will rate again, until then, this game isn't worth playing

Ionut M

cool game but full of ads

SioBhan Lutrova

it's nice and relaxing


Ads every minute or two

Fox Haddock

Awesome and addictive. The ads aren't so bad. The rewards are often worth warltching.

A Google user

Won't download

Nafier Rahmantha

very entertaining

Nikko Avena

Great game were it not for the ads that suddenly pop up. They break immersion HARD. And then when it runs out of ads, it just shows a black screen you can't get out of unless you restart the game.

علي عامر

Very good 👍👍

khalid timimy

I really like the game but unfortunately there's no quests I need three big gems to open a portal only got the first then I don't know why it doesn't show the next gem location and I'm afraid if I uninstall it and reinstall it all my prograss will be gone cause there's no way to link it to my Gmail

Althea Jhandie

It's cute 😊

Jerry Torres

it's different then most games and entertaining

Robert Berkeley

I paid for the "no ads" only to find that was extremely limited in scope. You'll have to constantly watch ads. Also to have a no ads option only to find that only covers the occasional ad that interrupts the game is pretty shady. It's really too bad because it would be a good game overwise.

Courtney King

Way too many ads. Only way to stop them is to pay $6. Every 5 minutes no matter what you do an ad pops up. I downloaded this game a year ago. I really like it. But the ads are obnoxious

Ques TheGypsy

Nice little game, though I'm not keen on watching an ad to get a bonus just for it to pop up with a random ad in less than thirty seconds. Don't be so obnoxious

Bennett Troidl

Yeah whatever this last update was just reset everything I had spent time on upgrading back to the start. Yet the cost are the same. Yeah great bug fixes. Continue 8/14/22 now come to a level with no boss to kill and I can't move on until said boss is killed. Just freaking great.

Jacob Opitz

I'm lvl 65 so I've played a fair bit the gameplay is fun and addictive, I gave it 3 stars because I purchased "no ads" which implies no ads but it just rids you of forced ads. It puts you on a ticket system which you spend to get things, once it you buy more or watch ads for things you want. What a rip off. Dont say no ads if you still have to watch ads even if it's only if you want. You need to watch ads or grind like crazy and people dont have time for that, especially if they paid.

Motasim Fuad

Game progress isn't saved to cloud. What a joke. 1★

venom gamer

more adventure and garfix

Jack Powell

Constant pop ups make the game almost unplayable, it could be a fun game but too many ads

Sandra B. Ruti

the is a 5 for me a ten year old

James Natale

Snorkeling isn't available, as the mask is locked and cannot be purchased. I have multiple maps, and yet, I cannot access any other islands. It states the app is up to date. I even went to see if I needed to manually update the game and there are no updates available.

Max Smith

I've no issue with the ads. They don't take long to play out. What I have had issue with a couple of times now is bits of land I've unlocked suddenly having to reunlock them and the cost of upgrades and building materials skyrocketing like the price of fuel.

Kevin Sawyer

meh its ight

Mrinmoy Das Choudhury

Hello guys, Your new updated game section seems to have broken somewhere Problem 1 A lot of my storage capacity has reduced to very small numbers Problem 2 I killed the enemy before clearing the dungeon now the stage does not complete as there is nothing to kill Screenshot mailed Troubleshooting done 1 logged off logged in.. No go 2 tried to update the game.. No go 3 relaunched the game multiple times.. No go Problem 3 I can't do anything with the lotus Problem 4 I can't travel to all isla

Josh Taylor


Kelly Rutter

I really enjoy the game. But it does need a map. Sometimes it's hard to find things. Also running speed should be an upgradable item

JacobGaspe Production

Been playing for a week. I noticed when i close the app. Everything rolls back no way to bind and save progesss

Laura Lindo

Started out really well but now all my storage have gone down but the levels stay the same can you do something about this please

Gary Moo

Too much forced ads in the game. It's still pop up even I off my data connection. So annoying. Thks. No thks. Can't keep on playing. Sorry.

Nirob Fahim


Mary Lynch

This game is so slow in updating. Just got the gate stone and placed it where it goes . Now nothing else to do. And the loctus flowers what are they for. They just sit in your inventory and take up space. Why can't the builder's of this game keep up with updates that are needed to keep you playing. Answer please

Gary Lambert

Game just doesn't build up to hype that adds show. Super linear experience of just collecting things. Barely any actual monster fighting in the game. Just gets super tedious quickly

Joshua Thomas Gosse

Killed the monster before I got the trident but now it says I have to kill the monster but it won't respawn

Roxphine Rose

Killed the enemy on fish island before getting the trident and now the game is stuck on the mission to kill the enemy because it is not there anymore

Rodrigo Sancho

Ads, ads, and more ads

Michael E.

Awesome game if it weren't for the fact that my phone overheats everytime I play it.


Worst no Ads system and purchase ever in all the games i've played.

Dylan Wijnen

Much like others I was putting up with ads and my phone overheating just because of the fun I was having. Started the game today and a lot of upgrades changed to insanely low numbers making the game pretty much unplayable. It seems the only thing unaffected was player storage.

Courtney Boon

I loved this game before the update but now I feel like I wasted real world money to be able to upgrade things in the game that have been stripped. My storage held over 1000 units and it has been reduced to 300. Same thing with wood, stone, ore, plank, brick, and nail production. It's already hard enough getting enough scrolls for upgrades to the gems harvests. At this point I want my money back or in game credit.

Robert E

DO NOT UPDATE! It totally jacked up my game. Storages in the town hall are not reflected in the game. Factory levels were reset randomly all across the game! Emailed the Dev ... 21 days with no response! Does the dev even care? Are they even trying to fix this? This is a perfect way to make sure no one plays your games!!!

Walid Elsaghir

This game is a great relaxing game even through all the ads but the latest update has reverted almost all town hall upgrades to level 1 values while keeping the same level and coin upgrade they where prior to the update

ashley dyck

I love this game but then my ship stopped working and kept saying "preparing for a new trip" and its been going on for about a week but other wise i love this game it amazing! Pls fix my issue!

Dominique White

Can't stop playing. I like it. No ads unless you want to. I wish you could zoom out so you could see the whole map. Also if there was a way to check on the status of production would be great. Love the new update for teleport.

xx Indigo

I was going to justify a lot about the app but the update made me uninstall after months of playing. Removing ads is $7 & devs argue with FANS who explain why they're unreasonable. Updating the game lost all my expensive upgrades, dropping production from 200 to just TWELVE & I have to re-buy?! Production takes SO much longer after, too. I would have bought a cheaper ad-removal. I would have kept playing. The game WAS enjoyable. Now it's obviously JUST a cash grab with ZERO respect for players.

Daphne Williams

I've surprisingly been having a lot of fun until we get to these damn gems. Five or 6 days to get 6 green gems, this is ridiculous. There's a lot that I really enjoy about this game, but there's a few things that are really obnoxious and I'm ready to uninstall. Please make the gems much much easier to obtain. And the maps for exploring.

Sheila Mae Cuapingco

After the update all the levels I gain for storage and factories returned to level 1. Why is that? My weeks of hard work gone just like that.

Stephanie Lamb

I was having fun until I lost a bunch of progress on my buildings and some of my land. Not worth it if that's going to happen.


Seemed lika a good game but too many ads. Super annoying. Not worth it. Bye2.

Ricker D

Awesome game. It can be mildly grindy at times, but it's overall fun. I love the animation for the sheep sheering. Latest update was great!! So glad to be able to reverse teleport now!!!

Cory Miller

It's going to be at one star until they fix their update. Lost all of the storage and mine upgrades. Is also pieces of land that are missing that I unlocked early in the game.

dian nazief

This is a great game if it werent ads every couple of 2-3 minutes, at least wait until 3hours invested on the game

Christine bradford

Loved the game for a while but then the random ads just got too much, could barely walk the character without another ad starting. Other than that brilliant.

Robin Skinner

I like the game but I have the same problem as the previous comments, I'm at level 70 and now all the upgrades of buildings have reset. Please fix.

Ahmes_ Degozaru

Too much ads. Uninstalled

Alan Jarrells

I was enjoying this game until the latest update where almost all of my progress was lost and now is very costly to upgrade again.

David Edwards

Advert after advert after advert. The game itself is fine, but, it's another game ruined by unnecessary adverts. If they get rid of the adverts, had them like many other games, only access them if you want, then it would work. But as it is, no thanks, don't want to be force fed adverts every two minutes. Uninstalled

omar oueidat

for now i enjoyed the story of the game and its fun to play

Marko Cavic

Bug to report

Better Because

This is an ad machine 😂😂

Calandra Hudson

I was doing well with the game, then the update took me back to square one. That's okay though because the update was worth it. It changed a lot in the game, and it's been a lot of fun to play.

Erika Aguilar

Same as the other people, I left the game for a few days and suddenly all my upgrades went poof, it was a good game until this "upgrade" Ads are ok ig, it's fine to want to make $ from something you are working hard on, but what's not fine or acceptable is to f up w the gameplay and make people who have been playing for some time now to lose the progress they had, wasting their efforts and time If this is a bug then I hope it gets fixed, if it's not well... you'll lose players this way

Andrew Davies

So glad you implemented the teleport wherever you want on the map idea. Awesome. Hope next update has a circle or triangle jewel big boss to fight for that new area next to the emerald factory. Plus the space at the very top of the islands map, hope the blue area is going to be a new island. Loving this game, its my favourite.😁👍

Charles Lynch

Well my game updated and I finallybeat the boss for the stone I needed but when I placed the stone there isn't any more objectives. Wheredo you get the othertwo stones. Update my game please.

Jemimah Fresco

Became boring real quick as soon i came on the island. Graphics are scruffy looking

feng lin

Enjoyed it, paid for stuff, then got stuff with loss in progression, just like what the rest said.

Jayee z

Good game and I love it. I have levels house 76.. I'm have a kill enemy not beat it a bug fixed. Fix it pls. I want play game keep continuing pls.

tyler holt

Ads are everywhere in this game

Jaime Lopez


Prasert Leenanunart



Ads play every 2 mins, very invasive and break up any attempts to actually play the game


Was a 5 star game. So much so that I bought the ad free version. It is definitely worth £7 with the content you get but the new update just shows how the dev will move the goal posts to gain money. I don't think it is fair to up the cost of resources to make other resources when it was low before. To go from 2 winter wood up to 4 winter wood to make a cone and 2 cactus to 5 cactus to make a potion is really out of order. The fun has be sucked out of the game now. It is just a chore to play.

Rob Marcs

Completely stuck now. My mission is to kill the enemy on the fish level but i did that before the mission. So the arrow is pointing to where i need to go but theres no enemy! Help!

Samuel Beattie

Can't find any help for why the dragon boat isn't ready for travel, have 6 maps on hand. The update halved production from lumber and fish and also disabled the boat on the wifes phone so she uninstalled. The ad rewards should scale to the relevant building upgrades for that item. If one pays for ad free, especially at the price you have it, you shouldn't have to watch ANY Ads. Not using the ticket nonsense or if it MUST be done, give a decent amount of tickets daily to those with ad free