Dream Wedding

Author: Studio Gameize

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Dream Wedding
Are you ready to plan the wedding of the year? Enjoy your wedding taking shape as you walk down the aisle! Choose how your wedding will be. Style everything from the glamorous outfit of the bride and groom to the theme of the wedding. Band or DJ? seafood or white meat? Many more questions are waiting for you on this pleasant runner journey. All you have to do is plan the most beautiful wedding by making the right choices!

Detailed info

File size: 144M
Update time: May 9, 2022
Current version: 4.9
Require Android: 5.1 and up
Developer: Studio Gameize
Price: Free
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Customer review

Troy Magae

Fat and small

P.srinivasarao Rao

So many ads

Guffran Ali

When I see this game i want to play it because it is a top speed

sophia alcasas

Thought this be a fun time killer, wasn't that long, before it kept force shutting itself down.

Bala Saroja

super ❤️😙 Iike this game

Dummy Account

Thank you include

Robin Jack

This game is very nice

Ashok Jain

I enjoyed this game but many adds pls do something for it ..

Semanti Verma


Saikk My

Nice game 🎮

Rechithra Jk

Super game

Zanele Cele


Ramesh Poojari

I hat this game

Makayla Meyer

This game would be good except for all the adds and it glitches all the time

Boby dhanraj

This game has same stages

Tofeeq Raja

Ilike 😍🤗👌👌this game

Khadim Hussain

Hassan Khadim

Princess Capapas

Honestly i love this game very much i'm to playing this everytime this is to easy to play please guys dont be mad it's officialy game to everyone it all the game are to much like a fun u cannot getting get a fun to if u dont play this game now please u can now play this game beacouse its awesome like u so hope u play all the game guys bye seeeeeeeeeeeee u again if u mad now i can rate this and i will rate this in 5 star hope enjoy all the game everyone bye i officialy rate this game i love game

Shahnwaz Hussein

😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘nice game

Nely Velaz

h Google in the meaning of princess

Panda BearOcean

It was fun for a little while, until the game either froze on me, or it kicked me out after I watched an advertisment.

Francisco Ortega

Master princess Carolina natalie Hernandez

Kevin Defreitas

Love this game 💟💟💟💟💟💝💘💗💜💞💟👍👌✌

Abdul Qadir

it game is so awesome

Asma Altrhoni


Yunus 123 yyy Ansari


Taqi Naqvi

Good game

Piya Ahmed

Very bad quality and it just has 3 rooms to decorate...then she just collects money that's all...boring

Noel Jun

Ganda naman a



Tlotlang Mlakeng

This is not a game to be played I gave it 1 star because it boring and freezing

Sajid Ahmed


Azad Hossain

Its better than the other games

Cheryl Toco

Hi po

Danel Coetzee

I think it is nice but to much ads

Lomie Fabillar

Shylyn a fabillar July 8

Thepudi Makhura

It is so nice 🤙🤙

Ankitha Ankitha

Ok ok

Asif Jan


coffea pies

bad quality but i enjoy it cuz it's nice game idea

Aman Shakya


Kelly Cimino

I love this game it's so much fun love Skylar and PJ

Motsamai Lebona

I love is game

Marisa Morrison

This game is fun I can't wait to be married me and my boyfriend This is an exciting game ☺ 😍

Ava Bordicks

I gave it a 4 because it is a very good and fun game but there are a lot of adds and there is also some lags but without that stuff it will be a 5 but it is a fun game 9/ 10 I would recommend

Mpume Mchunu

This is the first time playing

Muhammad Iftikhar


Kanta Devi


Farhan shaikh


Rachelle Moore

it good to me and every kid's

lean mae


Nicole binion

Basically just a running game and the same levels

Peedaraju Ievada

it so nice

Naveed khan

Nice game 👍

Ompha Lian

hsk to

Chandrabati Mondal


Purnima Adhikary

Wow I love it

Azelia Amor

Not bad

Ritik Agrahari

Aayeeee hayeeeee🥴



Heather Johns


Deepa Rawat

Best game

Sara Faisal

sorry 💕 keep

Shatrughan Chaudhary

vkjibnbmlmmm mllm bn bn nnn. vbb nnnjnnmmnmnnnbbnnbbbbbbbbbbbbb

Satish Meena

I like game 🎮😋🙂😏

pathan Siraj

these is west game west game for 100 mb ☹️☹️☹️

Levi Ackerman


Nilam Niraj Vadher


ساحل پرویزی فرد

ن ان ده

K vamsi Krishna

Hi to

Simon Kitterringham

Q g4gdgsuhfyvfubchi Qualm XL spring

Sukur Agazade

Mendes Indi yukledim cox gozel oyundu ellllllllllllaaaaaaaaa superer😁😅🤣🌺🍄🌴🌺💮🏵️☘️

Lieke Laflere


Hridya Unni

its not bad actually its kinda Fun..... But i play three times its getting bored so if you like that stuff okay try it.... But it will make you bore.... Only 3 stars 1st... Its not bad. 2nd sometimes its slowly. 3rd its kind a bored. 😐

Romeo Mabesa

Ajshhsushasbs everything e

Maher Nomi


Biru Bhadur Singh

Very nice game

Carita Roberts

nothing but Freeling ads ads ads don't try play store games you just get ads

thakur shakuntla


Venessa Thornton

come on you can make it better but I'll be nice to give you a 5% of the star cuz I'll charge your best

my_hero Queen


Lalremzo Songate


Fikile Sithole

I rated this game 5 stars because it can make you suggest what kind of wedding you would like to have

Huzaifa Baba

very best

Cerilize Chriszelle

Love yo😊

Rañosa Jane


I love eating I love eating

Fine you can play this game

Navya Shree


Lithungo Ezung



too many adds

Lubrico Roldan

Send me a load plss.. I want download ths game.. This is my FaV game I had tysm.. 😂

oyindamola igandan

It has to many ads and way too Glitchy .

Karen Pleger

I love the game making a good or bad wedding please play!😊😃

latha t


Shata Singh


Josina Begam

this game is so great😊😊😊😊

Hussein ahmed

Its look like in real life but to many Ads but i like it was a old game So try downloading it ,👍

Fahamida Mukti

Groom's wedding clothes are really ugly! Sometime we have to watch ads for unlock room and pets. One car never clean even I wash it. But the background music in this game are super relaxing.

Santhosh Santhosh

,, happy 😁😊😊

Manjotkaur Bhatoye

manjot kaur