Dream Match – 2022 Match 3

Author: Big Shark Studio

50K+ install


It’s time to relax! Dream Match is the most interesting puzzle games! Swipe colors, solve match-3 puzzles and help Bertram and Doreen decorate his amusement park.
More than 500 puzzles waiting for you to challenge!

Dream Match FEATURES:
● Match the cutest unique 3D objects with 3 and more eliminations to see the unexpected outcome!
● Various obstacles in the levels will be found: vases, rings, boxes, mailboxes, toasters, freezers, cozy birdhouses and gorgeous storage boxes
● Earn loads of coins and get impressive power-ups to speed up the progress of breaking in.
● Level up by beating challenging levels

Play at your LEISURE:
● Tons of free bonus Every day. Dream Match is totally free to play!
● Sync your game progress seamlessly between your Android devices!
● You can play the game while you are OFFLINE.
● Play with your friends, and join your favorite team TO cooperate on the list!

Download now and start swapping for endless fun!

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 28, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Big Shark Studio
Price: Free
1 votes

Customer review

Teri Meier

So much fun, just started playing today and I'm already addicted to this game !

Me. Myself.


Melissa Henson

Haven't got to play yet.

Vickie Schafer

Alot of fun

Vearly Jones

Love it so much 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

Deborah Banks

Love this game

Lynn-Rose Malcolm

Similar to another match 3 game I installed (Royal Match) which I enjoy both of these exciting games. Thanks

Brian Whalen

Cool Game!

Travis Dague

Fun game, however it has some glitches. When using power ball and spinner combined it will stop running and have to start over. Free videos dont work all the time either.

Gary Lang jr

Levels get hard early and you are encouraged to buy premium items. In addition spending money on no ads is only partial block.

Char Yundt

Fun and relaxing. Excellent graphics.

Lynne Laing

entertaining and Fun

Debe Mckay Exclusive Maid Service (debex2x3)

Awesome game

Oel Aguas

Nicely games done.

Henley Walker

The best game ever

Linda Conley


Elsie Graham

Game SUCKS!!!! Not fully set up... SUCKS!!!!!!!

Jenny Daniels


Selwyn Brathwaite


Delfina Herrera

This game keeps freezing when you add two bombs together. I hate having to log in and out of this game. I will change my rating once you fix the problem. The things is I just installed the game about a few hours ago. 😠 THIS GAME REALLY SUCK BECAUSE IT KEEPS FREEZING. I AM UNINSTALLING AND MAD BECAUSE I AM LOSING LOTS OF MONEY AND BOMBS. PLEASE FIX THE ISSUE SO NO ONE ELSE HAD TO DEAL WITH THE PROBLEM

Errak Randle


Cindy Brown

Love this game..

Carol Lotriet

The game is stuck also I can't join a team

Lee Brown

Good game

Cynthia Lemmo


Asia Ikram

Nice game There is no adds👍❤️

lynette tolbert

Just started but so far love the game, no problems


Game is good for me

Valerie Filimon

Set up well. Great game.

Veronica Winner

Awesome game!

karen ashby

Good game but don't like keep having to watch adverts

tom whitten

Love this game 🎯.

stephen martin


Lillian Harmoning

Just started the Gabe. So far I am really enjoying it. ❤

Beth Crum

Cant build like on Royal Match???? Whats The Deal fix or im uninstalling

Pooja Pooja

Really amazing loving it

Serena Giroux

Good game, ended up somehow getting uninstalled, around level 120ish. Had to start over. Love Royal match, so I am hoping for the best.

Vilma Gonzalez

I lo ve this game.

Dianne Norris

Coins received too low. Too many ads. Ads to Spin Wheel etc. Game freezes. Uninstalling.

Maureen Pullen

Great game can't put it down it is very addictive 🤗


Good but would love to be able to be able to have the ability to play over different devices with the same account

Joyce Soloducha

A good game but pretty easy

Amy Keller

This game sucks! It freezes all the time. Get your act together.

Bev Rus

I'm playing 2 of these new kind of blast games. Your new zoo game. I couldn't do helped me too play this game and your other blast game dressing up the girl. Which is currently on hold waiting for new levels.

Chris Kennedy

Was enjoying this game very much until level 640, I suspect that it's a glitch in the game, there are not enough birds made available to complete the level, a great shame, fix this so that I can continue playing and I will happily readjust my rating to something far more favourable.

hott choclat

There is a glitch on 640.;there should be 30:birds.i clear the board everytime. But all the birds don't show up

Sal Reynolds

Great fun

Heidi Borell

Absolutely fun game! Try it!



Katrina Laster

Love it

Debbie Silmon

Loving it 😁

Cynthia F Gilstrap


linda moon gisolo

Sweet Addicting

JT Woods

Level 640 is glitched. When all the birds are gone, it says I still have 9 more birds to go. Won't let you past level 640. Since I can't go past 640, I'll just delete the game. It's junk.

Patricia Lawrence

Good game so for

Tonya Barton


Chuck Izatt

Great game straight forward has ads but that's OK not a big deal

LoganTheExpert Productions

Just fun. I do not want to be unchallenged but do not want to be stuck on a level with no boosters left no gold to by more chances. This is just fun

Fiona Fletcher

Brilliant game



Korey Brown

Easily 5 Stars, I wish I could give more!

Erika Deaton

Just started playing and already addicted

Nieshea Willams


Corinne Thomas

Fun mindless play.

Ronald James Russell

Good game

Pam Bronson

Super great game!! I like that it doesn't get hard after a few games. Relaxes me!!

diane mills

Love ❤️ this game come join me

Leslie Peterson

Lots of fun, I love the bright colors!

Shelley Shbopapa


Debbie Stone

Really enjoy similar to another game I play. Just don't like ads.

Steven Clark

Grate game love the game that is why I am given 5 stars

ฐานิตย์ สุขมั่น


Brenda Floyd

Love ❤ it

Pauline Crossley

Great game

Brandon Parker

Very fun game

Crafty Girl

New game bur familiar play

Robert Padgett

Love it

Bradley Small

no worth playing

Winnie Ansaldo

Meh. Take it or leave it. Probably the latter.

Dianna Gagnon

This Dream Match game plays fast and smoothly, a dream to play!

Sherry Parnham


Maurice Hobson

Am loving this game it relaxing to play

Ajay ____Ajay


Sheila Brown

Love it

Bernard Biggins


leon Spears

Like the game

Rhonda Murray

Enjoying this game, quite enjoyable. I was wondering if you could skip the part at the end of a game, thanks again for the great game.

Jenn Utley


Joyce Davis

I love this game it's so fun to play right now it has not froze once I have not had to restart it at all this game is so fun to play I'm glad I found it

Vickie Valentine

The game keeps freezing

Muriel Hurtubise

Just stared and luv the game

Selina Davis


La Crisha Bingham

Very fun game

Carol burnett

Love to play

Linda Bockhorst

Challenge and fun

Ann Cain

Graphics great!! Fun game!

Kathy Keck

I think I am going to really like this game...no pressure...love the double up on coins...ads arent annoying and it's just plain pleasurable to play.

Dolores Johnson

Don't remember this

Chris Harbin

It is deceptively hard and I'm enjoying it. What I mean is it's so easy it's hard lol. I'm not sure how you did it but you made something so simple really difficult and I really enjoy the game

Herbert l Johnson jr

Awesome game so far