Dream Land

Author: Jency8878

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Dream Land – Base Construction
• Recruit members with different specialties. Construct our strong base according to the different skills of the various members.
• Build and upgrade tons of buildings to help us unite with allies and collect more resources.
• Research new technology to quickly build spaceships and make weapons.

Alliance Help
• Work alongside your allies to defeat the enemy.
• Constantly research technology, gather mineral energy, and fortify your territory.
• Join the just cause of defending peace.

Battle Mode
• Real-time PvP battles on the enormous world map!
• Establish powerful troops and forces.
• Expand the alliance territory by annexing dangerous space creature’s territories and enemy’s lands.

Multiple Tasks
• Plant various crops to survive on the desolate alien planet.
• Mine minerals to construct our strong territory.
• Hunt animals to supplement our physical resources.

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Update time: Aug 15, 2022
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Developer: Jency8878
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