Dream Land – A spaceship carrying the hope of humanity lands on an unknown planet. In this endless silent desert, we have to work hard to survive, constantly planting plants and mining resources. Everything we do is for survival. We must constantly upgrade our skills, collect more resources and repair our spaceships to take us back to our warm home.
Basic Construction
• Recruits members in various departments. Build our strong foundation according to the different abilities of different members.
• Build and upgrade many buildings to help us unite with allies and collect more resources.
• Research new technology to quickly build spaceships and create weapons.
Alliance Help
• Work with allies to defeat the enemy.
• Constantly research technology, collect mineral energy and strengthen your territory.
• Join the defense of peace.
Battle Mode
• Real-time PvP battles on a huge world map!
• Create powerful troops and troops.
• To expand the territory of the Union to include the territories of dangerous aliens and hostile countries.
Multiple Missions
• Plant different plants to survive on a desert alien planet.
• Mining of minerals to build a strong area.
• Hunt animals to replenish physical resources.

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File size: 424 MB
Update time: 2023-03-06T15:00:44.000Z
Current version: 0.4.2
Require Android: 6.0
Developer: WonderLand.Ltd
Price: $Free
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