Dream Island – Merge and Idle – Building Game!

Author: byss mobile

100,000+ install


Dream Island – Merge and Idle – Building Game! – Simulation – Tycoon Game! Build City! Expand Paradise Mansion! Free and Offline!

Detailed info

File size: 101M
Update time: August 26, 2021
Current version: 3.8.0
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: byss mobile
Price: Free
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Customer review

Melissa Freeman

The Game Is So Awesome!!!! Tap To Merge Computers, It's Fun And The Only Ads Are The One's You Choose To Watch!! Thanks!!

Osr rio

Fun to play

Tom Brookes

Good game but not as good as good as I was hoping

Daviann Webster


Sarah Allen

It is great

Caleb Callahan

I really like the game (thus far), but I wish I could attach an account (say Facebook or Google). That way, if I were to download the game on another device, I'd have all my progress.

Christopher James


Johna Hopkins

How many levels does it have?

Matisha Johnson

Love this game very much.

Appollos Martin

Game is trash, they tell you what to do rather than just let the player play it.

Anthony Ryan

Ad bar sits across the top of the screen. Can't see your money

Dustin Stiltner

Awesome game

Mohammad Rayan

worst game everr!! when i open it it shows me a black screen for 2min and then it crashes

Ray Gutierrez

Very good

tracy james


Jaden Gareau


tony kwem

Bad game

Tyniesha Eley

Keep freezing and I keep get the computer in my download box instead of the buildings

Darrell Briggs


Jacob Harkay

american dream is fun to play

Test Account

Pls help pepole say this will give you a virus and idk what to belev pls help

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hijjaz alangkah indahnya hidup ini mukim serasa Kota Kinabalu Pantai Jerudong Specialist Centre

Vengamuthu Vengamuthu


Stefanie Twist


Nicole Beall

Very addicting. Been playing a year now and still going strong.

Xd Eclipse

Wasnt too good it gets boring after a while

Naomi James

Takes to long to build quite bored,mighr delete

ahmad shah

Don't install

Becky Knouff

Great game


Well u haven't fixed the bug so I will unistall and never play again😡

Henry DiGirolamo

Nothing new to buy on island can't expand where my house is and nothing new to buy


grat time killer.and that all. Edit: I forgot I made this lol.

kathy browning

This would be grate if it were match and can accula build oh lislands

A Google user



nice game

Kellie x

No point leaving a review about the updates as nothing is getting done about it!!

Chris Hamel

Taking too long to update game!!!


It's rubbish. It's the most hideous game ever.

Ayesha Jaedine Sarmiento

Is amazing 😍

Oh Family

I love this game

Amanda Reisch

Hate that you only get smallest amount on everyday spin. Every single day.

Dan Manders

All of my progress is gone, and I can still buy stuff but when I do it just disappeares, and I cant even travel to the other island. And stuff takes way to long to even get to my dream house. I did send a message to you guys. Now do not try to change my rate you guys suck

Bajrangi Singh

I like this game but there is problem the problem is that it take many times to build

Shane Howitt

Great merging game. Am enjoying it! Thanx developers

Joseph Penfold

I love this game so much I always compete with my friend to get higher levels (normally she wins 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣)

Frank Civitano

I enjoyed the game but this Politics adds have to stop. I am tired of seeing Biden/Harris everytime!!!

Elizabeth White

𝕐𝔼𝕊 I am waiting update too.. You should make the island bigger so we can add more stuff both island our house and the business island too. Also make I to where we can get more diamonds. Make the wheel both money and diamonds e can spin to get. Maybe make the island where we live on where we can have another house on it.

Cheri L Shaw

Still waiting for updates. Almost 6 months later and still nothing. Use to play all the time. Occasionally would check for updates. Ready to uninstall

Renaneail Gross


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Sharon Mills

Amazing great game but now my grid is full and I can go no further, which is so disappointing.

Mark R

Getting real boring nothing left to buy the game kinda comes to an end at level 55 it really was a great game

Carter Cant (ValkyrieHelmCarter)


roy carrillo

The best..

Allen Rerucha

Really addicted to playing can put it down!

sam pam

Game is addictive but hurry with the updates! I'm slowly getting bored

VMan Rubiooo

Could you fix the lag

Yadvendra Singh

Love it

Tanya Perkins

Fun game. But I ran out of quests to do a month ago. Will more quests be updated?

Deathbird Sinister

The American Dream = A big house near the beach & a lighthouse. Welp, can't argue with that. ⛵🏝🏖🏡💈I like the computer designs; they were a 30 year nostolgia trip. Edit: STILL GETTING AN ERROR MESSAGE WHEN TRYING TO WATCH ADS FOR BOOSTS.


The American Dream only goes so far need more things to build

Juana Holton

This game is addictive and so much fun

blitzedflip 33

Great game and very fun and entertaining. But only problem is I got everything built up so nothing to do now. Update coming soon?

Freya Johnson

To many ads

Karen Fields

Good game😂

Allison Williams

Great graphics! Love how the game runs smooth, one of my favorites to play! Keeps my stress down. Definitely 5 stars!

Ryan Steffen

Overall I like the premise. But the wait times to build things on the island take forever (hours) and there's nothing really to do while you wait. It be nice if there was some incentive (faster countdown maybe) if you stay engaged on the app. Also money is disproportionate. I have a ton of money so earning money isn't a reason to stay.

Ms. C Bryant

It go

Kevin Murray

I was going to give it a 0 but i had to pick one


Love the game but I cant update it anymore. When this is resolved I will adjust the rating. Not sure why it cant update, tried it on multiple ocassions.

Tery Robertson

Way too many commercials. More commercials than game playing.

Mohammad Garmsiri


Yudelka Rosario Pena

The best game in the world

Patsy McLeod

it's cool


I enjoyed the game. A great time passer! My only issue is you can't play across devices. I looked to see if I could somehow restore my progress on my tablet because I mainly play on my phone but didn't see anything. Unfortunate.

Patrick van Ham

The latest update is a show of real greed. just one building at a time to upgrade while there were 3 previously is ludicrous, and only gem speedups possible. I will play this game even less now, just enough to keep a profile so you keep paying for capacity. The ads, which are already excessive, should be enough income for you!

Shahin Kashi

I really loved the game but the new wheel of fortune is horrible it only gives gold and there are only 1 chance per day and you cant spend gems to spin anymore. And island quests got bugged i think it doest show them anymore. I just found out it seems like the computer encome has been decreased to 1/5 of former times.

matt fed

Медленная и линейная

Hughie Young

Got to level 50 there is no more improvement available for 1st island. Is it really worth continuing??

Kerry Dent

Hate the new update as everytime I switch every screen even just to check tasks and only able to update one item at a time is silly so I either wait 8 hours for each item or pay over 100 gems


It fun to upgrade the island but it more fun if this games can save if wants to play another device

Amy Quantrell

Its pretty fun you upgrade fings

May Fam

I love this game. Its so relaxing and when I first got it I was addicted. I stayed on for 2 hours.

Kenny Waldrop

I would give 5 stars all the way around but I can't go higher than level 75. Wondering if you're gonna make new levels? I've spent real money on this game and would love more to do. Other than that i love this game

Luke Bower

This would be a great game if it wasn't for all the stupid adverts. It wastes your game play time and NO it is not value for money to purchase in house items. 15/5 I know it is free but do you need to make us watch a advert for every action. Plus I hardly purchase any game. They are too expensive. Also the internal adverts for the games offers are annoying and get or interrupt gameplay and the game keeps asking for reviews! Weird

Mark Dixon


Les Paul

Awesome game!!!....easy to understand and surprisingly in depth. The ads are non intrusive and very beneficial to the game..well done!!!

Jen P

I love merge games ... But something needs to be done about the ads ... You get the option to view them, which I don't mind, but when the "please wait for video to load" pops up every time to get something for free instead of paying with gems & no ad pops up ... WTH? Can't even finish tasks because of this. Please fix!

Emily Usher


Jessica Auld

It is the best ever 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

Terra Morgan


Brenda Barajas

App keeps crashing.

Yolie Del toro


Shawn Denise

Like it

Nate The Great


Michael Swan

First off, this game has two names. On the Play Store, "American Tycoon" and the app itself is "American Dream". JUST PICK ONE NAME. Another thing is that the ads are forced whenever I go to the island page. It takes a long time to level up cpus since I don't have lots of time. And when I downloaded the app, I wanted to customize my island but instead, you just buy what is told. If it was so "American" you would have the freedom to choose what color your house, car, or boats were.

Mme Claudette

Love the game

Ping Pang

Very addictive lose time not knowing

Wendy Hayman

I was really enjoying game but now I have got to A certain level there are no new tasks to do so getting boring

Justin Tryon