Dream Catcher

Author: Secret Test Lab

10,000+ install


Welcome, Dream Intern! There are currently 3,984,271,045 people sleeping on Earth. You can help some solve their problems by giving them clues in their dreams. Restore the fractured items to send clues through their dreams, explore their unique stories and immerse yourself in a wonderful puzzle dreamscape.

Detailed info

File size: 51M
Update time: September 14, 2020
Current version: 0.0.40
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Secret Test Lab
Price: Free
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Customer review


Only 10 levels :c

renato horikoshi

Still very short, very fast puzzles, a simple game but good. There's a glitch in the hourglass level, depending on the order you do it, it's not possible to fit the last piece.

Maddox Ink

Barely 10 levels? Game was fun but short. Are there more levels that I don't know about? Honestly, it doesn't matter. I found the story part annoying, and the music to be repetitive. Wanted a puzzle game to pass the time, but barely any time to pass here...

Smooth Gravy

Great game ..takes some patience to get through a few levels.. but overall..5 stars from me .

Joshua Stephens

Need more levels

Davinlie Davinci

Very Relaxing

Ayman Abdullah

So I finished all levels in less than 15 minutes. What then? That's it? I didn't uninstall it and I'm waiting for something new. I'm an impatient person !

Byron Grau

The color scheme makes it difficult to see the pieces and once I got done with the first catcher I couldn t proceed any further.


Very engaging, gameplay and graphics are very confortable and the OST sounds very peaceful, but unfortunately there are only few levels, anyways the game is excellent.

Francisco González

for some reason the game looks weird, in the image the game is in golden tones, in my phone its blue and black, i don't know why, i dont think that was my phone (moto e5) but for some reason, the game looks very weird

Jhon adriano Lachica

I already finish the puzzles do you have like next stage

Ez G

Short but sweet

Husin Soufi


Gemini Polverari

Are there going to be more levels available soon? I really enjoyed the levels available and I want more!

Ben Gunn

Best game ever

Gabriel Fidellio Martono

need more level

Chad Gallegos

Great game needs more levels

LockHare Ace

I love the idea but i wish there were more levels

Julio Antunez

It's such an amazing game it's begging for more levels

Jef Conn

cool game. not enough puzzles.

Nightmaridragon 13

Wonderful little game but it NEEDS more levels!

Matthew Cavanaugh

Where is the rest? No more levels. Now it just takes up space. Too bad.


It's a cool concept but everything was light blue and it looked bad

amv insanity

I liked the wish it was a little more complex I beat with in 30 min

Riva Arecol

Great concept! I'm sad that it's a little short but I'm ready for more!

Texas Lawman

A fun and simple puzzle game that you can probably get about twenty minutes of fun out of. Developers seem to care seeing as there are no adverts or microtransactions at the time of writing. Cant wait to see what else they come out with for this :)


Amazing fun puzzles, but so short I thought there would be way more levels for a game that was finally released

Katherine Wren Katzenjammer

This is a pretty interesting game. Forced perspective puzzles aren't very commonplace in the gaming world and they certainly ought to be. It's just a shame the game is so damned short, as it's an interesting premise. Looking forward to seeing how this one develops.


Excellent game. No ads. A bit short for my liking, however.

Devin Dell

Great game, not enough levels

Alex O'Connor

Great fun but currently a very short experience.

Narutash 21

vibration are hella annoying


I loved it! Only issue is the amount of levels cant wait for more!

David Laden

Fun game, but won't let me move past the "promotion".

Aldenson ofSatan

More levels please


great game but so short.

Leonardo Pacab Cordova

More levels please

Jude Espiritu

more levels please was really fun tho

Alisa Mihhailova

Nice! Add more levels