Draw Line Race

Author: Morphling

100K+ install


This is a game to test your intelligence. You have to draw a closed area at the right time. At the end, whoever draws more areas will win the game.

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jun 16, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Morphling
Price: Free
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Customer review


Mẹ game điêu vl

Duwane Nicholas

Too many ads, there are add in the middle of playing the game

learning topics

Very waste app ever I see many isses are there

Nicole Durmalingam

Got stuck at level 21. There's no way to skip or give up.

Viktor Ivanov

Every 20 seconds, an add

Sanaa Lari

Its ok ok game..🙄and it actually cheats in game. when it's his turn its makes two lines on its own also sometimws it makes lines oh his own line drawn.

Patrick Corcega

This game was boring...coz so many ads!!!!😡

Edna M

The app has bugs. I like switching off sounds, music, and vibration; which usually works on every other app, but with this one every 2 seconds there is an add that brings the sound back and to remove the sound my progress is scrubbed. FRUSTRATING!

Agnietė Patel

On level 21 starting to lag and not moving forward to another level, but game is interesting

Abhishek Shimla

There are many problems.... Everything is showing undefined

Deep Garima


Arvind Singhal

Stupid game maker.🤬 You Not play this game.

Katharina Leitsberger

I'm stuck at level 21 and i can't continue because at that point the game is broken

Purnima Roy

Heard an intresting gem

Anayah Prince

I love the game!! The only problem I'm having with tugging this app is the ads 🙄. Like-, during the middle of my game play, I would get maybe 2 or 3 ads. It VERY annoying. I don't see the pink in keeping this game.


Bruh. I can only progress till lvl 21. There's a glitch where it says you have more boxes but there's none left. The idea is great tho.

Shoaib Ahmed

It has only 21 level and has too many ads 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻0★ from

K Buck

So many ads during the game

Dakota Hunt

Tired of the ads were starting the first level and then freezing for a couple minutes before allowing me to restart level 1 just played at seven times before I decided to give up

Rose Kelley

I can't stand games like this, it just spams adds! What? You took a turn? Here have 2 ads in a row...on top of that it plays sound ads while playing! It's absolutely ridiculous! I like the game itself but I'm not willing to play it with that many ads

Mila Noortman

Glitches at level 21 ant can't play further

Samina Kashif

Game is nice n interesting ... But too too too much adds so i m going to uninstall..


Why is my game broken? It says undefined and there some text on the screen too

Anand Khowala

So darty game because so easy game

cööldipsinh räjput

Too much ads😡😡😡

Sabrina_lynn 1203

It's a fun game but has a lot of ads and it stopped working.

Nikhil chhikara

This is my fav game genuine review

Mani Jain

Pmera level 21 pass ni ho rha ksa ho gaa meri help kr doo

ledon loner

If I could give this a 0 I would

Leeanne Wright

To many ads, within the first second of playing I had 3 ads in a row... they need to fix that. When I would draw a line it would switch if to another spot that I didn't put it in.

Makayla Osborne

There where 3 ads playing at the same time it would not stop playing ads and its really really easy

No no

Unable to turn off volume on adds. Adds play during the game

Cathy R Gibson

Undefined - guys, it's a good game but you need to fix your code.

Shiji Hariharan

It's very cheating game they not giving our points so i uninstalled it

Marco Adona

In level 21 you can't progress anymore

tirth bhagat


tally tally

The ads are literally unbearable

soumya maria Sojan

Can't complete a level without completely watching 100 ads.. worst game experience


Theres ads playing at the bottom, amd the top, add show up every 2 seconds, the game is good but the amount of ads are unbelivable I recomend to not dpwnload unless you want ads to be slapped in your face every 2 seconds

Muhd Faudaushah


Toothless Night Fury

It's a nice game, I don't know if it's just me but on level 21 the enemy lines the same spot over and over again even though a red line is already there.

Tarala Nawale

Level 21 is impossible,,


y to many ads

Karan Pawar

Very bad game

Jyothi S

Very bad cheating game

Largou Ab

Bad AI , and too many ads

Jayden Burge

It was fun for a while but once I got to lvl 21, there was this glitch where even if the game was done with no box's left, it would come back to my turn and I can't do anything, there's another one where the bot also redraws over a line that it drew before. This needs to be fixed

Beckycat Claws

it says undefined alot possibly a glich but i like the game 𝕚𝕥 𝕚𝕤 𝕔𝕠𝕠𝕝

Uma Devi

Such an boring game 🤷🏻‍♀️ every level is similar there is no more difference between levels this game is soo easy but too much boring 😪

kunal waghela

Too much advertisement

Priyanka Kamble

Too many ads and bugs at level 21. The game doesn't play forward. It keeps playing at perticular singular point.

Nilam Sarwade

Boring Advertisement bhoot Sara hai

Shivani Darekar

Worst one.. 21st level is pathetic.. you can't complete it as well as can't skip..

Marcela Cortes

I'll never know if play againts the computer will be more challenger or interesting in higher levels... first time, first level and adds interrupt 3 times. Worst waisted time. You want me to pay?? Give something worth of it. This game is lame

Ruhi VSR

It's a very good game but way to many ads. After every move you will get an ads. I request, please give lesser ad or after 1 game is played, this really make the game experience bitter and not fun . If their were less ads I would love to play it every day.

Francis Leo

Level 21 full of bugs

Chloe Fantonalgo

The game is broken. Im on lvl 21 and when i won it didnt let me go to the next lvl. Pls fix this



Dayna Chandera

Everywhere there is undefined text only. Look like they didn't test the game before publishing

Adela May

On level 21 when you finish the bord it still makes you keep playing and the other person can go over the same line but you can't. Don't get this game.

Satyam Mishra

It's not game its ad game .idiots there must be restriction by Play Store for such app .in one word nikal laude.don't waste your single mb or time in this

AK Creations

This is the worst app i ever seen ...😡😡😡😡😡😡 this app is only for ad not for game

Rokas Saltinis

The game kept gliching on level 21, I found do anything after I put a line in a certain spot, and the bot kept placing a line in the same place, no matter if a line was already there or not

bam bam

Was fun but then once I get to a certain level it just freezes and refuses to let me progress after the level ends.


1star due Abusing ads


The Level 21 Is Missing A Dots So It's Impossible To Beat And To Many Ads So Give This One Star

Tim Westphal


Achi Marlina

I love this games because i can play it offline..no ads but when i on level 21 ,i can move to next level😢can you fix it

Haley Arnold

The game glitches once you get to level 21! Even after completing it won't let me move to the next level. Very upsetting because it is a fun game!

p8nt balla

It Got To A Point Where It Wouldnt Let Me Finish Levels. Good Game But Cant Play Anymore.


The game was fun except there is a glitch when i am making a move, the line moves to the other side of where i was supposed to put it to, it's so annoying and also there are so many ads that it cuta off parts of my phone's screen.

Bharvi Patil

Not so good it is having too much of problems and even having lot of ads.


Stuck at lvl 21, the game ended already but it won't go to the next level, ended up uninstalling. What a waste.

Lunar Lupine

Ads were annoying and level 21 is completely broken so it's not possible to play anymore

Jennifer Zimmerman

Got to level 21 and there are dots in areas that won't make a box. So your just stuck can't win the level.


Stuck at level 21😭😭.....already win but still stuck

jessica hurst

You can only get to levek 21 then the whole app just breaks.

Ady Adeq

This game is so best I give 3 star because the game is bug at levels 21

MyBunnyEli _EliTheBunny

I rated this a 3 because I was so laggy and I have never lagged this much before. I don't know what's up with it but im never this laggy. Someone please fix the ads though too. They pop up every minute and it frustrates me, and also, why are there ads at the bottom? Maybe that's why I'm lagging so much. Please remove the ads at the bottom.

Chyanne Lanum

How do I pass level 21??

Naysan Mojgani

Ads with audio playing during the game, and blatant typos

Lucille Arcenal

"trun" AHAHAHAHAHAH 💀💀💀💀💀 you need some spelling tutoring. (No offense, it's actually true and not trun)

Aryali Serrato

This game is so laggy I can barely play it and it's so boring don't get it trust me it gets boring so so so so so so fast do you not get this game it lacks too much and when I get an ad I can still hear the music do not get this game!!!

Nihaar Sultan

Super game

Emily Garcia

This game is easy I Ove this game try you best and don't get mad The more you get mad the more you lose and don't be typing bad comments people make this game so you can play and be happy also have fun


I enjoy the game but once I got to level 21 the computer started playing in the same spot over and over again so I couldn't complete the level

Eszter Lukács

Level 21 cracks

paranoid_ productions

I was so excited to play this game cause I thought it would be good but it's not this is horrible I have ads multiple times during each game I understand the need for ads but one after each round finished is ok not multiple times during

Maahi Siddiqui

Vey bad

Madhumitha Dhuvvuru

Some irritating sond is come

Harley Fae

To many ads to do anything. Not only the ads after every move, but 90% of the wrods are spelled wrong or dont make sense.

Josh Darnell

It is fun but so many ads every move you do their is a add

Jessie Marie

Be better if there was a two player option to be able to play with friends

Steve Hishon

Wat too many Ads that interrupt game play. I've gone through 3 levels and each one I have had ads stop the play twice before the puzzle is done. If there was a zero I'd rate it as such because of that. I'm deleting this and won't be adding any games by this company.

2-d in a bag

i really like it when i turn off my wi-fi but why can't i finish level 23? all the dots are completely used, so why can't i leave?

Vinod Ummar

It is tactical game. Best to improve your tactlessness.

Keon Zyler Tecson

Pls put inf levels

Bethany Crane

Entirely too many adds. It feels like the bot is letting me win. I even gave it a chance to make a square/triangle and didn't. Way too easy.

Molly Robertson

Every thing just says undefined this, game isn't finished

Ambrielle-Lyn McQuaker

This needs a lot of work. Everything is labelled undefined, making it hard to understand.