Draw Legion 3D: Epic War Simulator

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Draw Legion 3D: Epic War Simulator – Did you ever think a war can be full of funny things?

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Customer review

Oliver Joines

Its just like the game tabs but on mobile

Hareez Ameen

It's a very very nice game it's almost like tabs so I recommend you to install this game 😃. This edit is a few months later and please please please add more factions and maps and please reduce the apps but thats all.... I gave it five stars before i even used the app last time...

Aruna Nistala

Super duper hit

Pamela Ortiz

Kinda boring let us control them

Master Press Tech

Fun, wish was a little more realistic



reggy yt

Omgģ I finely found a game that is not a scam thank you so much for making the game so funny


It is good but it is one star because after every level an ad appears and it gets annoying AN NO SANDBOX

Gemartine Gaditano

Pretty Awesome Game i like it


Nice I'm addicted :)

Dulce Casimero



Really good and it's like a good experience for people who can play tabs!


Good 👍👍😊😊

Bymbajaw Erdenebayar


Murples Studio


Keitu Rabalao

It's so fun.

Khem bahadur Gurung

Loading can loading

bree wuchter

Awesome game

Alex Acosta

I think that its great even though its a remake it still deserves a good 5 star.

urfueifu the bacon hair

Add a sand box

Grace Quigley



Good game

Official_Artic sam

This game is dog and its a remake of tabs and theres ads every second and if there is an ad canceler for money I wouldnt buy it because the game is dog and has really bad graphics and you cant even turn around, and theres no sand boxmode. So do not GET THIS DOG GAME.



Amgz Gamer

I love it but one of the bad guys fell off the map and i waited 3hours for the round to finish

Baby Girl16



It is good


I like the. Game

john thompson

This is a rip off of tabs totally accurate battle simulator more like totally poopy simulator it's a remake but it's worse and it's disgusting And if you people to like it then add SANDBOX!?!?!?!

Valeria Lightbourne

Great game but I don't think it has a sand box

Annaliza Saludaga


John Mcdonald



this game is amasing

Ashlee Mize


Brandon Mitchell

I know I haven't played this game yet but I have heard nothing but good reviews I was just want is a sandbox mode cuz I probably put both people in them trees finally I have something that I can play in totally accurate about simulator AK tabs or mobile device I'm happy that we can control units cuz if we tabs you know what I mean.

Reaper Leviathan Rex

i love that there are so many funny units. plz add a sandbox. i would recomend this and umm if i hadn't said this before plz add sandbox made. oh yeah can we plz control units?

Jill E. Bean

My 6 yr old loves this game

Kelly Dykes

The best thing ever

USA chicken gamer

add a ww1 faction

Brent Nezzar Borja Romano 7th birthday celebration

I like this app alot pls add sandbox/costom mode

Aneli Galan

Good game

Vicki's paranormal at home

I love it 💓

Greyson C

I just found out that there are a lot of units and this game is the best and funny.

tovshin tseher

маш гоё

ating nyanyi

Bagus dikit

Denise Bollig


maiko miner

Bro this game is not what they show in pictures, but opposite. THIS GAME SUCKS

Kate Woods

Plz add sandbox


Absolutely love it its tabs for mobile butbit still has all of the same features as tabs

Ezekiel B. Asuncion

why is this like this?

Andres Mateo Pabellar

Please add new units and sandbox

luz acompaniado


Skyler Calma

Hate this game because there no factions here

Allyana Rotero


Wacky Trio

I have 2 complains. 1. When unit tapped, can we control unit. 2. THIS GAME IS AMAZING. I LOVE IT. I would also like sandbox mode.

Deleta Hare

It looks just like tabs lol 😂🤣

roblox clicking simulator,s

Please add sandbox and new units but it's like tottly accurate battle simulator but for mobile

Doctor Reindeer

It has so much potential, but calm down on copying tabs units. You can do it but don't copy all of 'em! Can add sandbox, and make it so 2 players in each faction are you're own units, and add secret units, this will make you're game have 10k Players, FACT!

Johnryan Villa

OMG it just almost like tabs

Geralyn Tan

yes 1000th