draw flights – drawing puzzle

Author: FTY LLC.

100K+ install


draw flights – drawing puzzle – Players can freely follow the route you have drawn. You win if you land safely at the goal!
The game is over if you hit a wall on the way or fall before landing at the goal.

EU / California users can opt-out under GDPR / CCPA.
Please respond from the pop-up displayed when starting in the app or within the settings in the app.

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Sep 7, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: FTY LLC.
Price: Free
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Customer review

Ganga maya Khadka


Sang Pham

No description yet.

logan peach

Way too many ads can only do one level then boom ad.

Mohamed Ferrane

Toooo many ads and you can't play offline .. even the gameplay is terrible

Shahina Khan

Very bad experience more ads less game

Vincent Belo

Death by ads


I like this game so fun and if you want to stop add without paying just off your net then play

M. Sheyam Al Fatuhad

Thanks for a busted game

Dawood Awan

Draw filghts

Ultra Bot Gaming

Best madarchod game in this world 🤣🤣🤣

Joel Vaughn

Ads, ads, ads. Don't bother

Joe Quintero

Keeps crashing


Play 2-3 seconds and watch an ad for 15-30 seconds

Ridzwan Rahim

Too many ads for this cheap game

Blake Storey

it's a proper funny little game and I've also paid to remove the ads. it's great..

Robert Moric

Ads, ads, ads....You can't escape from it.

Jackie Crighton

It is good

Scott Bloomquist

Full length adds, very very annoying for such a stupid game

Muhammad Shah zeb

Worst experience

stew ped

to many ads like every ftp game

Clive Graham

Way to many adverts. Uninstalling

Brent & Candice Matheson

Maby get rid of ads so we can enjoy 8t but it is a good game you did good

Abdul Mannan

Wow this is the Great game.

Drew Lemley

entertaining game with hilarious noise when guy gets hurt

Fluffy duck

Onky ads, unplayable offline

Chris Lynch

could be a good game but to many adverts

ᴋʏᴜᴜʙɪ ʏᴛ


Phantom Pony

The game is OK, say many adverts. And the price to remove adverts it isn't worth buying price is too high, and it forces you to have WiFi which is ridiculous so I will be deleting the game 👍

Conor McMeekin

Ads are a disgrace

Scorpio K

That's good

Chhaya Bhujel


Tuvshintur Baya


Naveed Akhtar

Because it requires internet, and too many annoying ads. Suggesting you all, not to play FTY Games. Bury your skills dude. People need offline playable games.

Jenya Semenov

The amount of ads is insane

Alan J.


Roger Thorp

fun,but to many commercials

Maggie Mel

this game is very funny and I like the graphics


Add generator


challenging and fun

Mckenzie Williams



Full of adds

Colin Warlow

Boring and a waste of time. Let's not even talk about the ads... First level I played I had to watch a 30sec ad. 2nd level the same.. My advice is to do as me and delete this ridiculous app..

Stephen Carroll

Unbearable amount of ads

Aftab Ali Lodro

it is nice game enjoyable and it has more different levels very interesting

Rana Zuhaib

fazool game hai ...har 2 secnd bad add ajaty hain net off kr k game ni khel sakty .....or add bht zayada aty hain...

Lord Woffle

Ad riddled garbage

Lawrent Elias

good draw flights

Stickman Animate

Great Job You Survival

Gangsta Leene

Looks Funner than it is, but it's novelty at Best, easy to pick up, but ads ruin it, also rag doll effects could be Better and puzzles could definitely be better.

Santa Saha


guruduttkalyan Kalyan


Gunner Haynes

it's really good, my son loves it

Tim Duncan

Not a bad game. BUT it's completely not worth downloading because of the ads. It takes less than maybe 6 - 10 seconds to finish a stage you clear two stages and you get a commercial that lasts 30 seconds rinse and repeat so for 20 seconds of play time you have to watch 30 seconds of commercials.

Anthony Sweet

pretty easy and yet challenging

Usman Ahmad


marios evgeniou

Sooo many ads, can't play offline

M Khan

Love king

Matt Jones

One 30second play and then an add way to many adds

Roger Phillips

First 5 minutes, more time me spent watching ads, than playing! "haven't got time for the pain!" - Uninstalling...

Asim Ali

When you'r mentally health is good then download it.after 1 hour you go mental hospital 🏥. For treatment and come back after 1 month again play the draw flights-then again go to mental hospital for 1 year.if you play again and make membership for mentality 👍.

Bad ys Boyes

best and nice game but I am offline player and this is not supported


is a good brain testing game

Andrew Willoughby

Fun but way too many ads

Wicker10 Zhang


Saleem G

بہت خوب بھاۂی سلیم

Amor Villaganas

RT hrdu

Or Elmekis

Sometimes there is a game between the ads.

Rafi Khan

Very good game for timepass download fast

Anne Nelms


eden scurry

This game is fun but like the reviews said TOOOO MANY ADS also the game kicks you out on my phone after every single ad sooo I think it's the game but if not hen it is my phone then :<

Mahdi F

Nothing fun here

Radha Athriya

Dis game is worst 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😠😠


To many apps 1 out of 5

Ivan Vujica

Fun at first but soon becomes too repetitive. Also too many ads... An ad plays after each round (about 5 seconds of game time)

Than Tun Myanmar


Zeeshan Saleem

Toooooo bad

Renae Scribner Willis

I love your game i LOVE IT

Kenneth Yu

Too many ads and repetitive

The Black Rabbit

30 second advert after every 5 seconds of play. Immediately uninstalled

Soufian El Bouchibi - سفيان البوشيبي

i'm giving you one star because i can't give you less than that . if you want to play this stupid game you need to be connected to internet , and when you do , you will find alot , alot , alot of advertisement , i want to ask who created this game : are you ok ? have you a brain inside your head or a potato ?

Vincent Chan

Too many ads

Jjemba Rashid


qayyum Zahid

Bad game everrrrrerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr🙄

Arijj Alkhattab


Awais Baryar

Syan baryar

Mwesigwa James

I love it

Izet Izett

Going to be a bit of a pain but I have a few days later and a few weeks later so I'll have 2nd hand of paper work on Thursday as I will be back next night so should have time to 😊🌃😉⌚🤔😏🌍😭😬😜😎😎😢🦄😘😎🙏The first one for a the night 3 but I a 2nd 3 2 2 3 2 2 2 who is a good friend and to me it was the best thing for her wife and a birthday present birthday and birthday a birthday present birthday wishes and birthday wishes and birthday wishes and wishes for Christmas wishes and birthday


5 star

Phiri Daniel


Richzar Lachica

Too many ads

Amr Ghoniem

Good game for mind I enjoy playing it

W. D.

Y'all really need to rename this game ahhh let's see umm I've got it ads ads and more adds with a little game in-between the rest of the ads. So in conclusion...ad... NM skip it!

Iqbal Hasanain Ari Haidarohim

Hell nah bro too much ads and can't play offline, r u joking rn?, 1 star

Jennifer Runion

undertaker: guys I can't do this anymore I'm going to jail because I was doing the bad stuff something like swearing killing me Mom Dad and my little brother and I'm sorry Paul bearer you were right I am the murderer please forgive me

Rory Doell


Ubaid Ullah

Be able and ha twhhkskgbhhsy it 5716 :&)*;&$(& Lghsp4

Bruce Masterton

soo many adverts

Tennessee Reefer


Goddess Tee


Majed Hamad