Draw Bridge Puzzle – Draw Game

Author: Bravestars Global Publishing

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Draw Bridge Puzzle – Draw Game

Help! My car can’t get to the other side! If only there were a bridge here.

Use your imagination and draw up a bridge to help the car get to safety. Touch the screen and drag across to make way to make a bridge. Be careful! You can only draw one line.
Only the most genius minds can solve these quizzes and help the car get to safety.

How to play
– Touch the screen to start drawing.
– Hold and drag across to make the shapes you want.
– Once you finish, release your finger and the car will run.
– Watch the result.

New features
– Unlimited answers to each level.
– New and improved mechanics.
– Exciting levels.
– Relaxing music.
– No limit on playtime.

Give this new drawing game a try now!

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Sep 9, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Bravestars Global Publishing
Price: Free
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Customer review

Richa Mishra

Game to loser I can we feel it loser

Abid Shaik

Nice 😊 game

Fida Hussain


Younis Ali

Nice game

Rishi Sharma


Dagim Dagmawi

Gogle play should have 0

ArbI Boy

154 no above level

Наиль Магазов

Куча рекламы.

Игорь Гайдуков

15сек играешь 40сек смотришь рекламу

Amirul Raza


Nely Younis

Verryyy good

Hk Khan


Sunita Achhami7


Rashid Khan

گوگل پلے سٹور پر شاید ہی اس سے زیادہ کوئی بکواس گیم ہو۔

George Tabello

Wast of time. A lot a lot of adds..

Jihan Abn

So good 💋❤


Full worst game no chalenge. evry levels are too easy

GYM Fitness


Qayyum Khan

Kia hall ha

Md Riyaz

Mota moti vlo

srikakulam sports shop


Mansing bhai Mansing chaudhari


G.K. Biswas gkb

too many adds,,, and its a very poor game

Lalan Upadhyay

Bhot kharab game hai bhai log don't install

Mohamed Ferrane

The whole game is too easy .. worst game

Inderjeet Kumar

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Hem Raj


Samer amer

No idea at all

Gul Khan


Dip Zahan

Poor ganeplay, no challenge and lots of ad. This is more like a business app than a game. Do not download this game ever

Awais Gujjar


Khalid Hamarsheh

My phone got so slowed since the downloaded and touch didn't work

rohit Uchil

STUCK at level 149. Car not loading and screen not appearing... not able to play..

Fetene Nigussie

Google play should have a 0 ⭐ reaction icon for such an annoying games! Nothing comes after I reached level 149. It neither goes back nor forward level or anything else! Your only option is to exit the game and uninstall it!!

Shahida Perveen

Pls don't install this game too much ads im not joking really

Yohannes Gebreslasie

I like this game

Arjun Mainali

Nice game

Sheryar Shirazi

stuck at 149

Pagadala Lokesh

Noob game and irritating ads

Dinesh anbalagan

Worst game level number only change... Same level again and again

Chal Beata

Uol Io uvio pl

Fawad Butt

Worst app. Too many ads. Will not let you even play. Ads will appear during your gameplay. Dont install this. Instead install a crack version

Akshay P A

Reset doesn't work properly. Uninstalled after playing couple of level's.

Raju Kumawat

This is good app

Ahmed Aldubai


Rana Zeeshan

Very very bad response Too many ads and bug's After few stages game are hanging

Md morshed alam

Why people are not reporting this game?? So much ads. Please report this game, and we Don't need this type of game in google play store.

Tahir Ahammed

Don't install too much ads


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Ali Seyar Mushtaq

Played 100 missions, all I was doing just drawing a straight line.

Tisha Islam

3 week

Aftab Arzoo


Marwan Kohai


Umarani Kethana

I like this game

Abdul Basit


Ak S

Add many

Soniya Kumari


bezi girma

Worst game ever, too many add

Leigh Fraser

It takes a second to draw a line which is the bridge and then you get to watch about 15 seconds of an ad before you can exit and go on to the next bridge !?!?!? I get more fun out of banging my head against a brick wall ~~~ it's nice when I stop !!!!!!!!!!! 🚮🗑🗑🗑🚮 uninstalled


Ad after every level

Your Channel


Moayad Ahmed

1M ads in sec

Sufiyan Mammani

Only Ads


786 love 786

Swagat Sahu


Farhan Ali

I love you❤



Santosh Sahoo

This app is really good

shivam mallick


Amir Hashim

Worst, ghatya, app when adds are appearing. App going to stuck.

Choki Dorji

Worse game ever

karan kumar

Ûj her to get to get a chance I was❤❤ a new one 74e nhi kr rhe hai ki baat nhi hai to 8

Ajith Dhammika

Dont install

Simranjeet Singh

Love you today.

Rinku Kumar

Very bad game.

Sunnatillo Mahmudov


Ajay Agarwal

Very bad game

Seema Mishra

It's a good time pass

Syed Abdullah Junaid

Adds issue😡😡😡😡

Khurram Gondal

To much add...

Doaa J. S

Good gob

Nazif Ahmed


Muneeb Haseeb


Rajnish Thakur

Waste of time and MB

Khawaja Moiz

Alot of adds made me uninstall the app.

Vanaja Gyarala

Jj usual ha ae up ka to

Ahmad Shahzad

Good game...

Priyanshu Gupta


Hasnain Saqib

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Usman ghani

So many adds waste of time i don't recommended

Ali Choudhary

Barwy itny ads....MadarCh....D

Aashish Sapkota

Best game 🎯

Mahendra Mahato


roj khan


Sweet Dad


RK Services

Reset tab not work...

Sh Faheem Faheem

Such a interesting game


Only 30 minutes game end 149 level end no more level this game

Sakina Emanual


Md suhil H

Too much ads