Draw & Break It!

Author: VOODOO

100K+ install


Draw, race and win! Pass obstacles and don’t break your car before finishing race!

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jun 21, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: VOODOO
Price: Free
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Customer review

Jay Ahir7200

I would advise to my dear friends for don't install this app because this app is almost time errorebel and very non systematic app

Julien Robberechts

Nice idea

nandkishore singh

Very Nice

Pat Lydon

Too many ads

King Yt

Gatiya hai



Thuto Kamohelo


Bell Boys

It's alright you can't turn off internet and it a lil boring

Parmar Manav77

Too many ads


WAYY to much adds! I know it how they get money. But after every single round!? Unbelievable

Yuchen Tsai

Good for us


Very worst level of adds

Yatheen Babu


Priyanshu Kapoor

I dont like without internet it does't work

Gangsta Leene

Too Simplistic, race courses could be designed better, fun for a few minutes.

Rose Keane

It is an ok game for little kids

vinay patil

Worst kind of game ever seen Ask for continuous internet connections


Wrost app

Jan Franta

Great idea but the amount of ads makes it unplayable

Heinrich van Loggerenberg

ads ads ads


It's a scam

Gagandeep Singh

' anuhsjushn synsnsue unwnai suhsna sinejs wish suhs is a six is he is she is syshjes is she js ask sjdjdjs s

Kaberi Hudait


Earl Chapwick

Too many ads like the rest of their games

Justin Quinn

I enjoyed it before the new update only use coins on first few then have to watch ads to upgrade deleting

Kamohelo Mofokeng


Ishu Ashu


G Mohammadrasool

Waste game 😡😡

retemanda lol

The fact that you can't even play the game.

Bera Deepak

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Banvari Verma

Loud of ads f....k ¢


too many ads

Jourdon Spicer

Does not look like the type of game that'll need internet

Shiv Naikam

Nice gam

Christopher Schoenaar

Way to many ads

Deepak Mishra

........................... Lot of ads ........................... Lot of ads ...........................

Trenton Schermerhorn

Games not bad however!!! Leveling up is cut off at Level 6 you must watch adds or pay for no adds don't waste your time also ots like the same 5 levels over and over again

The Good Paparazzo

A lot of fun plus make sure you think

Ayush Pandey

Worst app ever

dj dj

To much advertisement

Juan Carlos

To many ads


Ad no so much and my friend of song was very good and my friend is not working in your life with me and you bro love to be friends with you and your family and friends and family members of your family and friends and family members of your life always and family wishes you tube video aditing barf video aditing and my friend of your mother and my friends and daughter of song and friends are doing good and my friends with her and my friends and friends are not feeling good for your family members

Mohammad Arif

Don't download this game, Don't waste your time.

Abhay Kalota

This is very very bad game

Juvair Ali

Uvais Ali N game

Anthony W

More ad time than play time it seems


Game is broken, draw a car and watch ads, thats the experience you cant even start

Donna Yurs

It's like wooden sticks that are so little are weak and then you just try to break them and they actually break

divhani thiba

Fun just the ads are annoying

Parmar Jaydipsinh


Transcendent Podcast

it's loops

Cameron Smith

Adds after every single race don't install


LOTS of ads. Just a gross amount of ads. Simplifies drawings, simple gameplay, lot of ads.

Teja Achanta

Game is good... But ads are irritating

einar eiriksson

To many ads


Gsjs Jem

Malaysia Doom

Your game sucks my guy

Fahad Mohd

The game will kill you with ads..it requires internet connection so it can force the ads on you

Alexander Antila

Ridiculous amount of ads.

Robb Boyle

Bombarded with ads immediately and you can't play offline to see if you even like it.

S U L T A N 0 0 7 A N S A R I

So much advertisement i hate this game

Mahatva Sharma

Not that much interesting

Gurpreet Dhiman

Nice game

Saifu Saifu

Full add

Raulmauricio Holguinmena

Too many adds bad game in general overall trash

akshay akku

So much of add very bad

Porshnique Wade

A Cool game I say

Wolfie Howler

Bogged down my battery, went from 50 to 30 in 5 minutes

Shivam rathore

Worst game ever


full time wate game dlelte ut from play strore

Christopher Munro

Passable concept. Unfortunately, forced add fodder trash, as expected from VOODOO. Waste of time past the first 2 minutes.

Devendra Karkar

This app definitely deserves one star rating.

Bhupender Singh

Wrost game ever u have to open your internet for play. And there are lot of 1 minute add and u cannot skip it.

Billy Drummer

Totally Wild

Eric Chapin

Annoying error message. I have to restart this game every few levels because it got stuck with no internet error even though I was still connected. Sort of playable.

Ethan Schrag

They should have put ads when you lose but no this is just a ad spam



Vanessa Argenal

It's so good I made a tank out of the four wheels and so fun

magnus geijer

More ads than game. Uninstalled.

Kwanda Mgenge

I give 4 because of the ads. Please, please, for my and future generation's sake; cut the ads.

Siphesihle BRIAN

It has many ads I can't even enjoyed it 😕

Havoc Vicky

Worst game over ads please no download

Jainish Churi

Lots of ads

Dhawal Nayak

so many adds, after each level their is add and you can not play it offline.


Terrible game bro, just because of those ads

MrSweet Khutso

This game is trash 🗑️ please don't use ur data for useless things😑.

Kanuj Dhar

Full of ads .there is ad after every match

Derek Muller

Fun design/concept. Way too many ads (5 longish ads within first 5 minutes of playing it)

himanshu yadav

Worst ads expreriece makers didn't have any sence of adding ads they just put add after every draw and ads are irritating it is the reason I uninstalled this game 🐢

Murray Kruger

Can't deal with the game not letting you play with no service.


Doesn't run without internet

Bryan Hayes

Do you want a fun little racing game with none of the fun and all of the ads? Then this is the game for you. I played 2 levels and had to watch 3 ads.

Merlin Yoder

It get very boring and repetitive after awhile and what the heck are the coins for. You can never upgrade anything.

Renae Kuhn


Erik Andersson


Tyler Martin


David Jones

How do you start a race????

Dave Mashburn

Deserves less than 1 star starts showing ads before you play a single level, deleted this garbage after about ten seconds.

Allie May Clinton

I like this game

Sofia Lujano

Adds every time