Draw 2 Save


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Draw 2 Save – Can you save the stickman?

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File size: 67M
Update time: January 7, 2022
Current version:
Require Android: 8.0 and up
Price: Free
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Customer review

Hanni Cadungog

fun game but theres so many ads

Manni Ray

Too easy

Korubito Kun

One of those "ads" that is actually enjoyable

Hh gh

Very bad game

Hakimi Ismadi

So many ad

Haruz Gamer

It is very bad game

Godofredo Lape


Mustapa Bin Emi

This best game

Sagar G

Lot of ada

Rajendra Verma

Hghozgi you saying that the only thing I can do that you can see that the only way we can help you saying I have to do it in a few days ago you saying that you can see that the time to get to know if you have a good time to do that the needful at the time of the only way to get the only way we could get the only thing is that you can helps you saying that I will be able and willing to do it for the only way to do that I will have both been over there and willing I have a great time in the time .

Jaskaran Ram

Is the game is very easy and funny

Ayush singh

Not a good game to play very bad experience even if I try to use the pencil it doesn't. I record everyone not to download this game 😡😡👎👎

Umesh Soni

This game is so much easy and have no challenge.

Sameera Sampath

I give 4 stars ( it has many ads) But its super game

Sumit Saras

Good good game 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼


Truly pushes the boundaries

MJ Computer Technology

Finished all levels pls more levels

Punita Tiwari

Nice it's ice 🖕🖕🔥😎


Techno gamerz is pro player Sub him

hemalatha chinta

This is the best fun game ever🤗🤗🤗🤗

Monu Kumar

This way not good

veronica tangente


Adrian B. Perbin

Amazing 🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓💛💛💛💛


The beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeest

eric gironella

insane amount of ads

Mad Mc

This app was really fun and can be challenging. There are some adds but not to many.

Hazarina Rijuan

This game is so funny


Ads after every single level. Great

NEET Vader

1 ads per stage and touch problem , not recommend

Weston Wesley

this game is really boring and easy its not like the ads you can go outside for an hour and this mf is still alive


Add generation game, uninstall



Kevin Uribe

The game is so with all water it's really so stupid it's literally stop playing this game I'll just put it down from the app store so it's really so trash literally though drashed length went early somewhere your levels are impossible bro

Vichard Tan


Ya Ya


Muhammad Faiszie

Kekgi aq mari mula

Shahanie Villegas

lain ang dola ron makabieros


Best game ever!!

bts bts

To good game

Anne remelyn Gomez


G. gopal

Good game

Diana Bangcuyo




polo shirt

I couldn't even play the game properly because there's an ad after every level. Don't bother and download something else.

That one guy

Fun game, but too many ads.

Dominic Amaro

Fun game but an ad after literally every level. Deleted before level 12 cuz it got really annoying. And it kept kicking me out of the game.

Ayman Zebary


Rabbe Hossain


Sanjay Pandey


Thirdy_alvin Bulie


Kadari Kranthi

Waste .🤮🤢

Adam Haikal Najieb Fardeen

Banyak iklan sangat tidak memuaskan

christ hawker


Eros agsalud

Dis game is fun and games until you see the world to see you at the end of this world is the best of all the time

wilma Atillo

Its good game itss big oten.######

Sunny Sharma art


Omor Faruk


Kushagra Chauhan

Imaginative game

5б янжинлхам


Devin Pelley

Too many ads

Irie Atkins

Let me tell you something the devil sucks ball at making games some times it won't let me draw or make something so and it automaticallys starts so when I can't draw it makes my guy die. And the adds I will be drawing trying to do a level but it will pop up with a add and make me lose. WORSS GAME EVER!!!!!!!

Jacklyn Ellis

great game- too many adds

Abel Barraza


Jody Dale

For all you idiots that can't solve 1+1 you could just turn on airplane mode and you won't have to worry about the ads simple as that

Jimmy Andersen

The games fun but it does have way to much ads and it's pooy designed I've played the game for 1 day and I'm already like 75% done with the game but otherwise the game is good

Terrenz Yuso

This is cool 😎😎😎 wow I just winned

Margelet Angelica Mallari

Ang Dali Dali lang

Manju Yadav

I completely done all 293 lavels of this game in 6 to 7 days

Facts with arjun chavan

The fame very good but many ad

Manoj Kar

O p

traveling with noah

This game sucks I played it on flight mode to get rid of the ads but they came back when I was in flight mode so get rid of the ads!!!!!

wazir aryouby


Alec Parales

Nice like it

Caleb Corcoran

Uninstalled, I would pay for ad free if it were an option.

Daisy Cha

This game suck too much ads

that vr dude

Just turn on air plane mode and play

Shahid Rasheed

I like this gMe so much😍😍

sadman ahmed sijan

Lots of adds

Abe Hildebrandt

Ads ruin it unplayable

Kashiram Gautam

5 star

Novel Mendez

I don't like dis gene😡

Erwin Iskandar

The game crashed when I press start so I basically can't even play it

Jennifer Orante

It's fun to play

muhammad usman

Very easy game and. when you're in 82 or 92 level it doesn't draw ,lines im very mad

Lulu Ulfa

Game jelek Game haram Game tolol Game bikin orang kesel Game terjelek di dunia

MJ Intong

Nice game all you need is turn off ur wifi

Ranbeer Singh Boparai

Too many ads, way too many...

Jessica Gerry

Adds after every level

Adam Walmsley

So many ads, every time you beat a level you get an af

Paul Kim

Too many ads

John derick Olivar




Marlyn Perez

I' am not a god I am not a king I am mader


Too many ads do TikTok which are just slightly less evil than TikTok itself.

Brijesh kumar Vlogs

It was terrific

Gilbran Al Ghani

Done! All level!

Renee Wagner

The game is fun but once you reach level 50 there are more adds and once u reach when you start using the guys hands to reach rings there are so many adds that's like at level 130

sharanjeet kaur

Its oooooo

Rabnawaz Hussain

Very very verrrry goooood gammee Bsbdbdbsndnxncnvngjrnehfue e cooooolllllllestt game in there worlddddddsd

Chris Barton I

Really good graphics