Dragonicle: 2023 Fantasy RPG

Author: X-Legend Entertainment Co., Ltd.

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Dragonicle: 2023 Fantasy RPG – Dragonicle is a premium MMORPG that combines stunning graphics, gameplay and intense boss battles. Join the anime adventure now!
■ Discover a mysterious kingdom ■
Start an epic journey of warriors in the land of Asran. Follow the instructions in the Tome of Knowledge to travel far and wide, collecting shards from around the world, taming rebellious dragon souls and writing an eternal heroic epic!
■ Collect cute pets ■
Log in to get an exclusive shelf and thousands of cute pets in the wild! Fae Woods, Dawn Bay, Pure Arctic: Choose the right terrain, sit back and enjoy the ride. Discover rare breeds and catch all the pets to become the pet master!
■ Unlock Dragon Souls and God Gear ■
Make contracts with Dragon Souls, the warrior’s most loyal servant who sacrifices everything for his master. Train dragon balls, disable weapons and change soul forms to achieve ultimate power! The beautiful Tamamo, the tsundere Elizabeth, the evil Bahmrite… which dragon soul do you have the deepest connection with?
■ Fight epic bosses ■
Wind Wolf, Succubus, Shadow Drake… Only a group of warriors can crush them. Be careful! The boss seduces and consumes you with immense power. Also, don’t let your dragon’s soul corrupt you!
■ Meet your soulmate ■
Meet wonderful souls in enchanting landscapes and take photos as a memory for the next meeting. Go on dates, hold hands, feed pets and design clothes together. Organize such a romantic wedding that your friends will never forget!
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File size: 342 MB
Update time: 2023-02-16T10:15:36.000Z
Current version: 6.0.0
Require Android: 4.4
Developer: X-Legend Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Price: $Free
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