Dragonian : How to tame your dragon

Author: PrismaThunder

10,000+ install
Role Playing


Dragonian : How to tame your dragon – # An office worker is kidnapped, ending up in another dimension, and is contractually obligated to a dragon?

# Lure mighty monsters to your side!

# Level up our hero, and the guardians, with the blessing of the pretty Ms. Dragon!

# Protect the crystal against endless waves of monsters!

# Get awesome equipment for your hero!

# Strategically level up your hero with each prestige!

# Command a variety of monsters!
All in-game monsters can be turned into your guardians!
Strategically choose guardians, and enhance monsters with stronger gems!

# Upgrade your hero’s equipment to make him stronger!
Try on equipment of your choice!
Have fun enhancing equipment!

# Acquire various skills!
Use your lightning, blizzard, increased movement speed and ATK buffs, for maximum hunting efficiency.

# Additional Level-ups
You can level up G-tier monsters beyond their level caps to make them even stronger!
Make your favorite guardians G-tier!!

# Time Attack Dungeon
Successfully defeat monsters within the given time!
Get items for enhancing equipment!

# Unlimited Boss Dungeon
Challenge bosses and make them your guardians!
Enjoy hunting in a pack with your guardians as you collect different bosses!

#Befriend the Dragon!
Give meat and receive more powerful assistance in return!

# Monster Store
Purchase random monsters from the monster store!
Maybe some of them can’t be found out in the field!

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Detailed info

File size: 103M
Update time: October 29, 2020
Current version: 7.9
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: PrismaThunder
Price: Free
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Customer review


Good game

Morgan Drake

It is cool and fun to play

David Rose

It gets a little in unintuitive, I do don't know how they choose which of the monsters you use in a synthesis week determine the final result, but it's still fun.

Branden Marx

For reward

Dante Fan 24

I really like this game. It's different from other's defense games and fun plus cute.

Rina Chan

It's fun, but it throws you into the game without much explanation. I'm still confused by this game, but also enjoying it at the same time.


Auto attack when near enemy.

tung le

game oke

Romi S

Maybe yes


Quick cash grab using assets / system from other games made by this developer. Not worth your time or money.

Randy Selvidge

A misogynists' dream. If your a man with a superiority complex and you want to go back to the 50s where women have to rely on a man in order to survive then this is the game for you. I don't get why developers think that sexism is fine in their games. I guess they can only program what they know.

Adam Holmberg

Pretty good game, there's the rare occasional glitch but other than that it's a fun game

Ruben Campechano

Good game


Literally just throws you in with no tutorial... not good.

Louie VanHeest

Only complaint is that theres no way to zoom out. If I could zoom out just enough to see the four spawns at the same time, Id have no complaint

Shun Infel

It's a great game,

James Dawn

It doesn't have a lot of gameplay, but is very free with premium currency.

Andy Febrico Bintoro

Need google play achievements and auto feature without ads

Nguyễn Quang Hùng


Shyoto Kun

Good game but the ads doesn't work for me



Hime arlene


Sarah Mosier

Failing to log in to Google is still an issue. It shuts off every time I've tried.

Nexiled Flare

So far, its been slow but relatively rewarding gameplay. The only complaints I really have are specifically with the dragon dungeon. Boss projectiles do far more damage every difficulty, and the end timer after killing the boss(~5s) is far too short to reap the reward of getting a chance to tame a boss, which lesser ones(some with the tame icon!) Spawn after the boss is defeated. Couldve had a red dragon(Antares)but was 1 second late precisely. The rank for taming the boss is...low.



Yuki Setsuna

good game, but sorry i have give you 2 star because you have to log in on google play to able play otherwise you cant play the game at all. i wish you will change it so we can play it without log in on google play