Dragonfist Limitless

Author: Bitter Extracts

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Dragonfist Limitless – Undertake brutal martial arts training to raise your Power Level and begin your quest for revenge on Emperor Axemetal; the man who attacked your isolated mountain farm completely unprovoked, depriving you of your doting flock of llamas…

Dragonfist Limitless is the playable version of that epic training montage from every fighting movie and anime ever made, only rendered in glorious retro pixel art! Now cram in an incremental prestige loop with loads of leveling up and big numbers and stuff to spend gold on, constant bad jokes, overpowered shonen tropes, bizarre subplots, online chat and one sassy, sassy old sensei!

Rich story with over 40,000 words of pitch black comedy and lovable characters
Anti-Pay 2 Win With one single in-app purchase you can remove ads and double all in-game sources of free premium currency forever. You can purchase more to support the game (made by one person over 5 years!), but it’s not necessary to progress and further real money purchases only offer limited advantage.
Fight to get gold and finally buy some pants! Fight strategically, or don’t–you can also just get strong and bludgeon your way through blocking enemies… Meh
Level up by boxing, lifting weights, balancing, unlocking your ki and MUCH more to exponentially increase your Power Level
Upgrade your exp gains with loads of stacking multipliers like Scrolls, Tomes, Achievements, clothing, advanced lessons and literally also the souls of your enemies
Collect rare items that boost your gold and exp so numbers get bigger, and bigger, and bigger!
Compete online in the weekly leaderboard to have the highest Power Level in the multiverse
Study under various masters to earn powerful moves like Energy Beams, Thousand Fang Stance, and the infamous Gut Blender attack! Every move is uniquely balanced with its own strategic importance, for example Wave Fist Style is a defensive move that exhausts an already weakened opponent
Secrets galore! There are lots of powerful ways to min-max your gains for the most efficiency, but only if you’re on the ball…

Dragonfist Limitless plays like a weird fusion of an old-school side-scrolling beat-’em-up and a clicker/tapping game with satisfying incremental progression (meaning the game is about chasing bigger and bigger numbers). It’s a unique reimagining of the idle/incremental schtick, with more emphasis on ACTIVE PLAY and only very light idle features (which are unlocked a little further into the game).

It’s a slow burn at first, but the pace really starts to snowball after you escape Mash CIty (~25 hours gameplay), so strap in for the long haul and get ready to train hard!

Please note: Dragonfist Limitless is an online-only game with chat and competitive leaderboards and thus requires an active Internet connection in order to play.

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