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Dragonary – Create an army of dragons in this addictive game and win rewards in the way!

Detailed info

File size: 52M
Update time: September 13, 2021
Current version: 1.9.10
Require Android: 6.0 and up
Developer: Coinary LTD
Price: Free
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Customer review

Josh Bennett

Connectivity issue. Every time I click on something I alway get the unable to connect issue. The worst part is that my energy are consumed even the game kicks me out before the fight. It feels like the game is closing out. So sad.

Rodel Navarro

-1stars problem still exist,not fix...

Daniel Velarde

Good game, improved a lot. Great team

jobim jr. inclan

Hi good evening from phl I have tried to forge uncommon fire ember going to rare Fire ember but i think something went wrong the ember did not return to my inventory and not only that tried it for the second time but the same thing happened but the draco coins did not ate it. For the second time i used uncommon lighting ember going to rare lightibg ember If there if something is wrong please at least return my uncommon fire Ember and uncommon lighting ember.

Nick Conrad Navales

Trash App full of bugs and ads. SCAM investment scheme, BEWARE! Would give -10 stars if possible.

omar asistio

To the moon!

Thinus Emmenis

Very bad played 3 days now maybe more but if you manage to get 1000 obsidian it doesnt pay you and the speed up on hatching eggs doesnt work even the coins is not correct i mean i have 1300 coins use 250 of it to merge sparks and all of a sudden i only have 850 coins left very bad please fix it and i will update my rate

Jake ML

not a play to earn game. token dont pump at all dont invest on this game . you can never get return of investment here.

Pedro Aguirre

Tienen publicidad ahora! HORRIBLE!

Dennis Corcuera

Always have un update. However the update is not really important. They just included advertisements,

Donald Alfonso

The Future of Gaming😀! there are few glitches in the game but nevertheless, it's a play to earn game.

Genia Baldevia

I used to grind in this game and expect on my return to have my dragons still in place but, boy all of the dragons i get from breeding are gone. It just wasted my draco earned to fuse them. And the dragons I had from the chest are missing. I used to have an uncommon but it looks like it doesn't even exist

Kurt Anderson

There are just too many bugs. Values don't register, everything is clunky and unpolished. Just alltogether sloppy in every aspect. I'm not sure why it was even put out yet, unless people are actually spending money on this, which would be wild.


Hi can you guys add auto battle in dungeon and PVP please? Many players having to hard controlling 5 hero skills. I will rate you 5 if you do so. Thanks

Liezl Moreno

token value is 👎👎👎 .. you cannot earn on this game.

Salman Mughal

Very good

Meyosh Ganda

Ads are annoying

El Victorious

Soon dragons will fly

Jason Caspillan

Fix the bug issues

Roasted Strawberry

Nice gameplay and I like that the creators of this game is very dedicated on making this game popular, the improvement on every update is pheonominal, keep on working the game!

Kathalia Alcantara

I just finished updating this game. It works really fine yesterday but now after updating I cannot open the up. Idk what's the problem

Cyrus Ranjbar

Unable to play app just stuck in checking version on may poco m3 pro

Peter MalindogII

The app says I am playing an out-to-date version but when trying to check for available update in Playstore it does not show any. Why is that and how can I update the game?

The world of nate


yu ri


Kristine Lopez

I like the game im still playing it i like it especially now that you can breed dragon and fuse ember with the drago that you earned from the game, unlike before , just continue playing so you can breed rare dragons.

Mary Ann Nagrampa

Hi, please resolve the app update coz it cannot be opened/played... Thank you....

frederick beligolo

App wont open after the update

wilmund villarete

Can't open apps

Pol Gadot

Stuck and cant open the game after update to the newest version

rodelio jose

after the update of the game is crushed, did not open the apps. i try to re install but same process did not work, pls fix the issu of game

John Prestosa

Best NFT game out there! Been updating and developing for quite some time!


Latest update not working.

May Ann Francisco

Updated to 2.5.4 game is working but after the new update 2.5.5 the game won't even open again.

Jun Jun

I love these game


The game is cool !!!

Redel Castro

my obsidian is getting restart but they dont add in my minted token in website

Angel Mae Salvaloza


Arvin Lim

Ung version ba dito sa playstore is ung updated version sa pinakalatest??

Krizia Roman - Espejo

Best nft game so far

Tom Labingpito

Worst nft ever!!!!


Too bad for us uncommon rarity, we invest, prepared and calculate for the dragon stats, in just one update we fell like a new player or as common rarity. Every update sucks!! New update!! More Bug and More Lag good job!! Which version /revision of white paper? Haha

R o n

Super duper really good game and I hope more updates in Dragonary and All time high token


Prometieron de todo, y digno de Argentina... quedó en la nada. No existe el ftp donde se pueda sacar algo útil sin invertir incluso mucho tiempo sin ponerle de guitarra.

Kat Rivera

It's been a week and still I cant breed two dragons because of bugs. This game is a bug game. I was a nicce game before buy know its boring.

Charlie Kanashi

Pls remove some bugs when the screen zooms it stays that way and the loading screen quite take some time I'm a realme 6 pro user BTW

Camalzade Kenan

I have enough dragon coin, but I can not creat new dragon. It is very bad.

Aqua Gasolina

This game sucks blogonary for real dont waste your time playing this. Its all blog and blog.


Holder since the start, and still here supporting this great proyect, proud tester and i do confirm the work been done here.. next update gona be a big one!

Haki Kenshin


Banana Boyz Ph

The slowest developers of all, 8 months of playing is still nothing happens on the game, maybe they hire more dev to fastest the progress of game! Dont enter this game on this state!

misael vicera

Recent update crashes the game a lot. Currently using Poco F3. The game crashes a lot when the "finale attack" animation occurs. I don't understand why such feature needs to be in this game. It's not visually appealing and it just causes problem for the user.

Eric malekzad

I can not install and run the game

Marvi Familar

Why is coinary token value getting worst and number of players are decreasing.

Niomai Barrera

Nice game

Erplabes Biasura

Nice game

rudz bayaua

Waste of time. No token rewarded after reset. Scam nft games

Kazuki Hideo

With the recent updates i Found it bad because of too many bugs and a bit laggy because of the last shot thing the dragons do pls fix this

Esheka faye Jaruda

good job

Emmanuel Reyes

I've using 2.5.3 . It is the same, I can't use my wifi. It says no "internet connection" though i have internet.

Renz Marion Salazar

Love ko 'to

Courtney Allen

The game is mesmerizing at best and it does takes the player over the numerous twist and turns and makes you want to be playing for hours on end.

Julius Yu

I rated it 5 star before....now drops to 2 star, playing experience is poor and they have to improve rewards.

ze ref

Force close

Gerry Nel Delantar

More bugs on this new update, no EXP for HISTORY while no EXP and LOOTS in EMBER, and fix your drop rates and the force watch ads

John carlo Divina

I love this game


now has in-game ads 😢

Anthony John De Ramos

common dragon should higher there level like those nft dragons so that the game will be more competitive.

Albert Quizon

Cuase i dont get anything


The future of NFT is here. With free to play and play to earn mechanics. You might don't want to miss this opportunity.

Romulo Hernandez

to the moon

Michael Cruz


Aileen De La Paz

This NFT is going to go boom very soon. Join the community as the development unfolds. If you like team games, to belong in a guild or a clan, this one os for you. If you like breeding or perhaps kart racing, this one is for you also.

neil ordaneza

One of the Best NFT Game I've ever played. If you're looking for a long term NFT Game investment, this is probably the one I'll recommend to you. Maybe they're still under development for now, but the superb graphics, the multi-functional gameplay, and most of all, the P2O and P2E feature is the best asset this game has ever had. Kudos to the Coinary Team. Muchas Gracias!

paul ssnfuture

Even with good connection and new phone or even emulators I still get this abnormal connection where its just getting errors like no connection randomly but also frequently

Rosalie Dc Paris

Update not good, 3 consecutive game hang up. Back to start , waste time

Jem Bobis

Cant make an egg after the update. It always say no connection

Mr. Pochi

I invested a lot here and I until know didnt get any penny. Please Burn some cyt so that it can increase in value

Catherine Bustamante



New update freezes a lot

Kagaya Vlogs

Good gane

Vincent Chia

the latest update have a bugs, each time after finish the embers mission the screen turn black nothing will get and need to force quit and restart the game. please fit it

Mixed by

ok nft

Edcel Estanislao


Kevin Policarpio

dead game avoid investing in this poop

Ladi Samuel

I have a problem with my 2fa authy I have been sending mail to the service support to help me reset my 2fa still now i didn't get any response from them

Jesus Gallargan

game is surprisingly good to play!! but need more developement to fixed the bugs and errors😚...by the way i am always enjoying to play it!!!

Arthevan Duro

How to use stardust

Sem Joseph Ariza

Game has potential but devs are so greedy. Not worth investing

Norman Roi Tuazon

Useless game dont invest

Amarah Mikayla

Waste of money, developers unprofessional, no game update

John patrick Anderson

2week ko nilaro habang habang pa ako 8am para sa token. wla din ako nku2wa eh.useless

mac rico

Updates are outdated. Wish they have better plans for next game update.

Ricardo Pilar

Is it true the developer of this game is dead?


This is broken the obsidian I earn Don't go in to the wallet what a broken system

Lanang Ari

Dead game

Francis Marlou Cañete

Puro pangako at wala namang natutupad, mukhang pera yung creator ng game, ekis na kayo sa Filipino community.. 👎👎👎👎

Jonas Mendoza

Paying game ty Legit

Kamote MTB

Updating the app here in playstore has an issue. It can't be updated automatically neither manually.

Karly Winkler

This game had potential, but still plays like a half built game and is very unbalanced. The changes the dev team have made along the way broke some of the mechanics which make it very difficult to progress. CYT is nearly useless in game as it's not used for anything at the lower levels and you simply can't make enough in-game currency (drago) to progress. Fighting other teams is boring and 100% dependent on levels. Breeding is interesting but costs too much. I think this game is dead