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Author: highbrow

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File size: 299M
Update time: September 10, 2021
Current version: 1.0.3
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: highbrow
Price: Free
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Customer review

Anna Hatfield

Won't update. I updated via app store but when I open the game it tells me to install additional data and then it won't no matter how long I wait. Would love to play if it worked. Even uninstalled and reinstalled and it still wants me to download additional data that wont download Edit: no response for many days from the support team you guys literally told me to email. 6/25 still no response from support

Naomi Lee

Too many promotion made me excited, and many stories as framework raised my expectation. Nope

Emily Zarins

Game crashes everytime I watch a video, its getting rather annoying. Please fix.

Kitty Cat

The game is quite cool and awesome 👍🏻 But there's a problem that you can't collect all the dragons. l have a lot of eggs to hatch but the inventory is full and now I need to give my uncommon, common and cute dragons it's soo BAD 😞

Naeem Otsutsuki

Man I ain't gonna lie this game is fun, its not the type of game where you need a to grind all this stuff, this game is like patience and that's what I love.

Arthur Colosky

This game is fun but it too expensive for what IT IS!!! What THERE giving is very little for to much to buy for a game like this and..somehow killing my phone to? And I spend a long time on this game! Never feel... it was good enough

Mala Roy

Best game I have ever played. And this a quick victory game 🎯 you will never get tired of playing this game.


This is so funny and good


Dear developers your game is total mess the trading post is not interesting any more every time I see common dragon eggs in the same time most dragon eggs are impossible to get other dragons cannot be found . The game is becoming pay to win on the other hand legendary dragon eggs are tooo expensive to buy . Please find a solution.


It is a good game, but resources are scarce and the game crashes after playing for not even 20 minutes. That would be my only complaint about the game, I still prefer the older Dragon Village since it was more rpg based and getting items were easier, especially when it came to evolving your dragons.

Poblete Jeron Alexis

I can't play the game. It always stuck at loading

Lorreto Serrano

i love your games maybe add more dragons more areas and others!

Leo Vigith

I love it. I love you

Angel Madden

You need to fix the bugs I keep getting knocked off constantly I really like this game I just started it but you got to fix the game or I'm going to have to stop playing and that would be a very big shame!

brandon miller

Plz add new areas as well as dragons and an easier way to get rid of unwanted eggs by deleting them. I love this game so much keep working on it and keep doing updates too


They fixed the patch files problem and now it works. This game is really good but there are two many adds. EDIT : Take back everything I've said this game is trash

Erin M-R

I love it

Zane Flores

Hello again, I've been playing dvnew since release,But i had to change my phone at the start of the year sadly my original account is somehow missing i logged in my email and all my alternative emails but none of them worked my account is missing... Really sad about that since all my strong dragons are in there.Hopefully it gets recovered.

digital dragon jade

This game truly is very enjoyable, i would give it 5 stars, BUT I have a complaint about the dragon inventory. I downloaded this game to collect all the dragons, but apparently you cannot expand your inventory past 300. I don't wa to get rid of any of my dragons, and I'd like to continue to be able to enjoy the game. Plus, not only can I not collect any more dragons, it literally does not let you progress any further unless you have space in your dragon inventory.

Official Karmex

Awesome game play

Alexandrei Malazarte

The game is so great I even get a legendary dragon only two summons but the only thing that I don't like at this game is the lag it's so laggy pls fix it 😁

dread darklight

I just rated this why did it reset but i hope i become op lol

Tally spine cleartax tally on mobile

Mast hai

Hizashi Yamada

This games pretty fun, somethin to do to pass time, no consequences for not playing. Easy to progress in and simple

Carol Chambers

Absolutely wonderful! I found it in my recommended in google play and I installed it. Best choice I ever made.

Crymson DeAllura

I last reviewed this game back in November 2021 giving it Two Stars and decided to see how things go after the MTx changes. I'm now dropping it to One because ever since the addition of Yellow Diamonds and needing to PAY ACTUAL MONEY to trade dragons you have utterly destroyed the trading market and economy and I have made next to ZERO progression in your damn game. I cannot even buy dragons for my collection IN A BLOODY COLLECTION GAME because there are no COMMON DRAGONS in the bloody market to buy! So how am I supposed to advance in your game with no way to actually get simply COMMON dragons to fill my collection and use to improve the power of the current dragons I have, and the one or two common dragons in the market I do find are worth MILLIONS. I sure hope it was worth destroying your sodding game for some petty Microtransactions, who is going to pay £1 just to put up anything other than Legendary or Epic dragons in the market? Nobody! So the one source of dragons, being summoning, you have made utterly pointless using to get dragons because you can't even trade them!

Logan Osborne

it has been great so far and I am enjoying the game

Gamer God

hard to pick up, but once ya understand it it's quite excellent

Sick Brain

Make more visual effect. make the characters lively


Just came back to this game after 3 months and the bind system is SO COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY (you needed yellow diamonds to buy a ticket to unbind a dragon egg so you can sell it) and that is so unnecessary cuz that just give p2w players advantage to earn more coins, and you spelled "resiter" wrong

Michel Waylander

This started as a very nice, casual collection game. I've spend a lot of time planning and collecting. Then the usual milking shenanigans started. pop ups gut more and more annoying and still increase - made me stop put any money into the game. And since they pushed "whale only" dragons to the list through "events" (white thunder) another very promising and fun game died for me due to greediness taking over. 5* game for me. -2 for whale only content -1 for the popup numbers.

Logically Sound

Imma be honest, you don't actually do anything in this game, like i know it's idle but this hinges on so idle it's boring, there aren't many features to it

Stan Gomez

This app is awesome!!!

yoni davidov

Great collection game

Surya R

you should be able to turn off the auto explore if you can 5 stars I don't know how to do that.so you can walk and use skill you're self I want to do it sometimes so it is not idel

Jeevanreddy G

Nice game to play Super game download nice game

Sri Divya

very cool every needs thi game

Abhishek Bindhani

Why isn't this game working? It just keep showing to reconnect. Worst response toward query

Rajni Singla

It is the worst game I have ever played because we have to do nothing in this game as shown in trailer the player is walking and automatically it collect egg or other garbage and when monsters came we have to click one time and the battle is over Don't play it

Puran Sharma

best game


rng system feels broken, which is really frustrating

Mizz Dream

Extremely too simple and boring Graphics aren't as great either


Too easy to accidentally spend all your diamonds on a misclick. Put some kind of confirmation button before purchases.

aqil gamerxx

I really love it I will enjoy at 2021 - 2030 and thx for doing a great game have a nice day 👍♥️😊😊😊

Fuade Isaq

Hudafu jiradhu

Midhun Vinod

Really good game. Playing it since launch day. Highly recommend it. Edit: my favorite dragon is white thunder but never got one. Thanks for your reply🤜

Thomas Maher

Can we please get Lunera legendary teir. I love how fat and big she is and huge wings!. Finally proper Dragons. I love how fat they look. Please keep it up. So many beautiful female dragons that are very fat. I love the designs!

Clair Robinson

Love this Game so much I play it daily

Kim s

Game crashes often but still fun idle game

Susan Casserole

Colosseum is absolutely broken. The point system makes no sense and the match-making his abysmal. There needs to be some kind of system that allows players to fight against other players in their respective power bracket.

amy leach

cool game the graphics could be better t

Wiktoria Zaremba

Its fun

lalu yee

Game can't load

Johnlester Pagaspas

I love this game👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👌❤💖💖💖💖💖💖

Sudhakar Srivastava

I love this game play this game but but very much it's not A very matching balance in the …New Update

Maria Badar

I was great but it's more better if iyou gave me max evolve dragon 5 star

Sabrina Shafe

I love this 😀

Noob's Play

Fun game to play while waiting, could use a little improvement on dragon ratings... But it is fun anyway.

Getachew Merga.A


Clint Reidhead

Just play it because it has cute dragons.

Martha Isabella Achan

I love it

Suong Shima

Now iam downloading again why i love this game

Daksh Deswal

Have been playing the game from release. Have had no complaints till now. Now though it is not starting and showing the message that "There is a error in the downloaded patch files. Re-download" when I click on re-download it just restarts the game and doesn't do anything. also tried sumit a report and contact us. PLEASE HELP. Other then that good game. Had to delete the game and lost all progress as the game did not log me in my Google account.

Eng Soon Cheong

The best dragon collective game ever!!!, the feature and no lags!!!

Tan Yi Yi Justin

Decently cute

Adrienne Gonzalez

I have not been able to get on the game for the past 4 days. It keeps saying that some files were not downloaded and asks to download them again. I press yes but there is an unknown error and the game has to restart and it does it all over again.

Gene Josue

So so good and the dragons

Kamani Gibson

it's the best game


good game, a lil laggy


Day 2 and I'm still lost on what the objective is suppose to be

Maricrist Villasanta

Stupid as hell I can't even select my partner in the beginning

Sirajul Khan

Bogus game. Sorry story line. Utter waste of time. Thank you.

Kaiden Lee

this game is really fun alot things to see and a lot off adventures this is very great game and I'm really happy i got my dream dragon

Josh L

Super Fun!

Furqan Ahmed Khan

It is good

PokeMMO ToneZ

I gave up on the game and uninstalled. Sorry, but the amount of dumb bs I see with this game's mechanics really just piss me off too hard. Merging monsters for skills is bs, seems like the game deliberately makes all the worst skills have high chance to be chosen. I wasted hundred of gems just adjusting skills... until I just said "No, game. You dont control me, okay?"


There are alot of pretty neat dragons to collect, I especially love the skeletal dragons, and fluffy dragons. The art style is pretty nice. The play style is easy enough for me to understand which is awesome. ^_^ The game has been very generous with its currency which I love alot. 💜 Definitely one of my favorite games to play on my phone. I'm looking forward to whatever's next for Dragon Village New. 💜

El Nath

Cash grab with a scam rate on dragons

Sorven Nevros

I really like this game. Afk features are always welcome for me. and pretty much all the dragons are either very cute, beautiful, or majestic.


This game is awesome!

Try Cahyanto

nice game

Taw Tha

It used to he good game I stopped playing for a while then it just keeps me on the loading screen


Got bored after few minutes in the game

Keegan Bodine

I would give it a 5 star but it's kinda confusing. Like at first you might think it's a simple based game but if you want your dragon to be a beast in the colleseum you will not know what your doing. But I can say if your dragon is like hp, attack, defense, hpdefense, etc you want match your dragons abilities. Like if your dragon is a attack type you want to use increase attack and bash for your dragons abilities. Because your dragon already has an increase in attack. Good luck and have fun


To complicated with a 50 minute toturel

james whittaker

Im really enjoing this game as it feels verry laid back and casual for a monster taming game. I really enjoy the designs, which inspired me to create some of my own, and now knowing that some of the dragon designs fans made have been added to the game I am now going to strive for one of my favorites that i made to get put in. Thank you to the devs for making such an enjoyable game

mahaveer singh

Nangi girl

Amethyst Hunter

I want to like this game a lot, but something feels like it's missing from it. The art is very cute but gameplay seems to stall out after a few minutes of play, and there isn't a lot you can do within the game. It's a good start but the game doesn't feel complete.


fun to play lots of cool dragons to find and collect

Curtis Fisher

So far it seems light on the microtransactions which is always reassuring. One gacha but I don't know if they're exclusive dragons- you get a ton of premium gems regardless. Looks like this is gonna be my go to idle game for a while, and considering the rate at which I delete games that's pretty high praise. Keep it up dev(s).

Cesare Hip then Hop then Hip

Idk what is what with this game Lack of info about anything B O R I N G

MD Sajid Khan


charles bickerstaff

not bad could use a bit more of an explanation on the dragons other than that haven't had any issues thus far.

lande vermaak

adore it. stunning game please make new quests, as i am done with mine

Antonio Czechoslovik

(EDIT) Return the 200 gems earning after Treasure Chest, you're giving us problems catching up. Just let me know what's wrong. Also, return the gem earning in Colosseum, too.

The Bucketness

Soso good it sood be the new Dragoncite

Shadow Blaster3

I am happily enjoying this game. Summoning to get new dragons, new gems, and such are quite fun. But there is one problem, when you "register" a dragon (which a red exclamination will not go away unless you register) it takes the whole dragon with. For low grades of dragon, this is a fine thing to do since you would have many copies, but for legendary dragons, it shouldn't take the dragon and all of your hard work of materials for that dragon. If this could be fixed a little that would be great.

Christopher Collins

It is a good game👍

Kathy Hampton-Slinkard

Not 4 kids

Silent Nature

I just love it