Dragon Masters: War of Legends

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Dragon Masters: War of Legends – 🐉Nobody knows how dragons invaded our world. Humanity thought to be doomed at first, but some people appeared to be different and were capable of taming magic beasts. Feeling new strength, they were hungry for power over other people and quickly took control over armies or even whole kingdoms. This was the start of a new age – the age of Dragon Masters.

⚔Join the world of never-ending wars in the sky with Dragon Masters – action PvP shooter wargame with magic beasts. Tame and train ferocious sky monsters to ride into fantasy PvP battles. Choose various types of ancient creatures, each with unique abilities. Mount them with various riders who have their own troops and special abilities. Lead armies to victory, destroy flying monsters and burn down castles. Feel full scale warfare.

🔥Earn battle experience for your creatures to get access to more flying beasts and riders. Combine them in different squads according to your tactics. Form alliances with other players and burn whole kingdoms to the ground. Experience the power of ancient creatures! Become the best commander!

Battle with squads of top players from around the world in fantasy PvP game. Form an alliance of 5 players to fight in dynamic 5v5 battles!

Ride unique flying monsters, each with its own skills and playstyle! Fire and lightning will destroy anything on its way. Fast, strong or balanced ancient creatures will diversify gameplay!

Fight with dozens of Dragon Masters from different orders, each with unique abilities and armies. The more experienced the rider, the better troops he can train.

Try distinctive combinations of teams. Each one complements another. Ride different types of flying monsters to use each one in the right time of warfare or collect several sky monsters of the same type to stick to one playstyle!

Each rider has an army and unique abilities. Choose the one that suits your playstyle and lead them to destroy enemies!

Train your teams to increase your power and destroy everything more easily. Higher power will attract better riders and let you tame more powerful ancient beasts!

Dragons are the most powerful creatures, but don’t forget about your army. Use everything you have to destroy enemies. Kill everyone or burn down castle and towers to achieve victory!

Be the best fighter during the war and receive medals for contributions. Get more resources for each medal you receive.

Test different builds until you find your own sky monster team. Fight everywhere and every time whenever possible! The action game doesn’t have energy or other restrictions!

Vast territories for exploration and maneuvers. Explore magnificent arenas and use terrain for advantage. Make sure enemies won’t have any chances in the war!

★★★Our fantasy war game is completely FREE to download!
🔥⚔Action shooter in the sky! Choose a flying team, train them and enjoy perfectly drawn world textures, beautiful sky and landscapes in the simulator. Fierce and powerful ancient beasts awaits you in the shooter warfare. We created a next-level top action wargame. Regular updates and new content are waiting for you in battles of 2022.

🐲Not sure what game to play? Try simulator 🐉Dragon Masters: action shooter PvP wargame

Dear users! We are constantly working on creating new content, improving the wargame, graphics and optimization! Please write to us if you find bugs or issues

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Customer review

Iva Hardesty

It used to be a good game but now single player kept freezing on me and closing out. I even restarted my phone and tried again but it happened again... I even had a hard time uninstalling it. My whole phone even started glitching up so I had to take it out.

Gyan Sahu

Have potential but too many glitches. Once it was not allowing me into the game for few days. When that glitch had been fixed I found many player almost progress upto higher level except me. Then single player option too has lot of glitches. Too difficult even to move your dragon and eventually it will make u out from the game.

Nyrell Shaw

Great game

Udhai Chak

I really love this Game.!!

Zubir Papak

Kerang bang

Chelsey Rhea

It really needs work, Biggest issue I have is the game crashing and lagging constantly. The crashing and lagging are the worst parts but it also wouldn't hurt too add some more features to the game for future reference,maybe some more dragon and rider customization etc.

Urlrogg Orc (Homicidal Narwhal)

Great easy to follow game

Arijit Ghosh

This game is wonderful but problem is no fire button everytime my dragon fire automatically.

Aj Arfin

Love this game

Austin bethea

It's super cool but I can no longer access the pvp mode.

Marcus Harper

Nice game

Tetriz Demon

Honestly, it is a pretty fun game. The PvP is fun, and the single player is surprisingly good. The latter of which actually has a great sense of scale, with you having a load of islands to conquer, with naval battles going on between (of course you can burn down enemy ships, which is very satisfying. I do think it could do with at least one other map, maybe an open plain with fortresses/bases to destroy, armies battling between. (It'd be nice if infantry armies got added to the current map too)

Abith Abbas

It's like I'm Aegon the conqueror whenever I play the single player version

Katerina Neville

My game experience has evolved over time but overall this game is relatively good

Sean Looney

Great game for all to play

chris Baillie

Apparently you have absolutely no idea how controls work. If I ask to go in a certain direction I expect to go that way. Is that so hard for y'all to understand

Edward Brown

Awesome sauce

Krishna Reddy

Sooooooooooooooooooooooo good

James Farmer

It's a good game but does need optimizing more and would be nice if you could add more dragons, side quests, camera options and more maps...etc and abit of improvement on graphics...

tommy james

PVP mode stopped working after update forcing me to play single player please fix this big and add more dragons and guild play other than that I love the game

Efosa Agbonson

It's a nice game but will be better if only more scene can be added and a story line.

Taneisha Davis

Best dragob fame i have ever play i hope this game gets update

lafayette harden

Fantastic aha

Antonio Scott

Best dragon rider game out there hoping they add some more dragons 😉

Stephen Mccoy

I'm really liking this game but it keeps crashing when I go to single player.

Mark Alvarado

PvP mode won't work, neither will the weapons upgrade screen. Reward doesn't populate. I had given this game a good review initially but I should have known better.

Robin Braden

It's a little bit laggy

Edward Moore

100% trash

Steven Stalnaker


Travis Gilmore

Awesome! Can't wait for all the new stuff, great job guys

Lycan Asura

Honestly its kinda like a MOBA, great dragon game which i am sure GOT and HOTD fans may love. Would be a five but theres a bit of issue. Like add something like fear guage and maybe level up on field. Also a roar ability which will work with the fear guage. Improve flight for more flexible flying plus landing the dragon. Also mic comms and kinda improve map size plus give more rewards after matches or lower level up requirements. Still it is a great game for those seeking a good dragon game.


Downloaded 3 times and got stuck in the launch screen everytime. No issues from my wifi network side. Dk why this is happening.

Enigma Creed


William Vincent

Game is good. Graphics are excellent. Gameplays same. Loading etc. very fast. All's really good, just 2 problems #1. There's ONLY 5pvp option on ONE screen (2other modes of play, always say "soon")& #2. Progression in the game is EXTREMELY SLOW. The progression through the levels of either the rider or the dragon are RIDICULOUSLY SLOOOOOW! FIX THAT PLEASE!! & To go to the shop & buy something is ridiculous to, about $5usd for a 120 gold that buys you 1,000 coins. 2500c for my dragon to level up

Marquis Ferreira

This game is so cool to play I played it with my friends and it was so awesome but one problem when I play it kicks me out for 10 hours I had to wait and bugs pls fix the app

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Alec Brock

This game so far is epic, feels like dragon dog fighting

JJ Beauchamp

Really fun, easy to learn, but not too much to do yet unfortunately

Benjamin Jefferson

Pretty fun game so far definitely going to need more dragons to choose from and everything in the store seems a little too expensive for not that much. But the whole idea of the game seems great and can't wait to see what more you guys come up with. Definitely going to need more maps opening soon!! Game gets boring fast.

Parvez Nawaz

The game got potential i tell you. I would recommend if there would be way to adjust the camera settings as I personally don't prefer my dragon to be too far from the camera. And please make the dragons cooler, I mean.. Something more colourful

Nasir Muhammad

Good concept but lag and glitchy gameplay kills it. The single player campaign does not work.

H.B.K. !BRB!

It's a great game it reminds me of century age of ashes on the console. I'm glad to see you guys beat them to the punch. I enjoyed the game but I can't wait for more customization and overall game improvements.

Lenza Dulo

The game is really good

Jasper Twiceslain777

Would be a good game if it worked properly.ive emailed your support team several times over this issue an I'm thinking there non existent,coz I'm getting no help..I e uninstalled,re-installed,restarted my phone several times ,etc still will not work so I ask u where is the help at or is this one those we'll take ur money an jus ignore people who r honestly into playin the game. Get the game working if u want any kind of review...

Tyler Flarity

I love this game

Teresa Towles


M blackweed

Need lot of improvments

Michael Badman

Game is fun but the the controls are dodgy sometimes no games chat and no guilds to join yet. They still got a lot to do in the game but it has massive potential when the game is finished I'll give another review

Dr Nitesh

Its cool dragons, Just the thing is no command like attack halt defend or move to dat direction and sometimes I keep pressing direction button but it doesn't move. Look at it n please keep providing updates. Its a good game I lov it. Edit: after playing 1 tym on which wrote above review it keeps saying 'poor connection' while I am watching youtube on 720p without any buffering.whats this?

Robert Savage

Good game. Bought the Season Pass thing....now for 2 days it wont let me log on. Says Connection Error, yet my other games work with my Wifi 🤔

Seema Musa

The game wouldn't open. Wgenerve I open it, it says that there is a connection problem but all other apps and games that use WiFi are working fine but this one isn't opening. Please fix this issue(my phone is Redmi 9c)

Siddhant Goel

It's a good game. It worked completely fine for the first 2 days but on the 3rd day the game says I have internet problem even though all other apps are working fine I've tried uninstalling and install again but it doesn't work. Please fix this.

Ashish Sah


Prasad kuzhiparampil Prasad kuzhiparampil


Blue Stripes Monkey

I can't connect. Why ?

anik rahul

ীহীহহীহরজর গীহরজরৃরজরৃরকরকজরকরকরকরৃরৃরৃজরজরজরপরপরপরওওরজরজরজজরজরজরজরজরজজরহরহরহহরজরহরহরজরজজরহরজরজরজরজরজরজজরজরজরজরজরজরজজরজরজরজরজরজরজরজজরজরজররহহরহরহহীহরহরিহস,ৃসমডমম শহশহশনসনয়ওময়ৃসকসমসমডৃসজৃসৃসজসৃসৃসৃৃসকসকসজসজসজৃডজডজজডজডজডজডজডজডজডজজডজডজডজডজডজজডজডজডজডজডজডজজডজডৃডজডজডজজডজডজডজডজজডজডজডজডজডজজডজডজডজডজজডজডজডজজডজডজডজডজডজডজজডজডজডজডজডজডজজডজ্ৃডজডজডজডজজডজডজডজডজজডজডজডজজডজডজডজডজওরজডহডওডজজডমডজডজজরজরজডজরজজরওরজরজজরজরওরওরওজরজরহরহরহহরহডমডৃসহজডহডজসজসজজসজডজরজজরজরজরজরজরজজরজরজরজরজজরজরজজরজরজরজরজজরজরজডজরজরজজরজরজরজরজরমসৃমসমডজ

Charles Shellhammer

Will not load, says internet connection failure, I have a stable internet connection, will not log in

Desmond Francis

No no no

melvin ramirez

I had to uninstall, the game don't start anymore.

Smith Jackson

Fun game, different from others but feels like everything isn't fleshed out. Example one player can run into a tower and breath it down and be over 70% hp with soldiers and tower attacking. Also attacks launched rarely ever miss, even when target flies beyond range after shot is made.

Maurice Possible

Nice game but needs more improvement

Andreas Van Der Merwe

Only complaint that isnt giving u 5 stars is that the dragons itself is SO smalll ingame Like cmon a catapult is thrice the size

Ya Nis


chityin htoo

good game

David Zierk

Better if we could play with friends

Peterius Prowler

Constant connection problems and unexplained LAG even in the menu

Daniel m Watts jr

Good game

Utkarsh Nigam

Finally a game which I really want!!, Graphics are cool, controls are bit complex but still manageable, overall I believe it's good game If the player is interested in fantasy gameplay genre.

coye stanley

Need to have better control options. 3rd person view would be great

-Dragon Master-

Pretty good game

Luciousmalfoi67 Malfoi

Can't get past loading screen i just installed it again after waiting for update, but the game seems broken it's just stays at loading screen....

Sky Wolf

It's pretty great and all that, usually I don't play games like this, but it clawed its way into my interests. It can be laggy and annoying at times; definitely when it forces me to wait 3 minutes to respawn and when my allies do nothing but sit around so I'm the one doing all the hard work. It definitely needs some polishing in some places and I feel like it'd be a nice touch for the dragons to have saddles; scales aren't comfortable to ride y'know. Anyhow, great game.

Nathan Solomon

It will be better to add douging mechanisms because you cannot escape enemy's attack add more dragons from movies like game of thrones

StephenM0ther FukinF0x

Great game cant wait for other game modes!!!!!!

Cesar Tamayo

Amazing game. Full of potential

Latticed Dreams

The controls are actually atrocious, it's really, really hard to actually rotate your dragon. Would not reccomend to literally anyone.

Gwenie Davis

I really like this game, though what about there being a way to friend another player?

Parthasarathy Yuvaraj

It was great exprience to play

Mike Smith

I ❤️ dragon 🐉 & very happy with this game thank you to you all from mike Smith

Johnnie Gass

This is a ton of fun thank you.

barry hendricks

Keeps trying to reconnect to server in the middle of game

Nini Kharabadze

Finally a game I can enjoy

Stephen Zou

Great game for Dragon lover!! I really recommend this game! And hope developers bring new features and more updates in future. Thank you for creating this game. I have enjoyed a lot. Please do real actual gameplay for Ads about this game to reach out Dragon tamers around the world!!!🌏 Everybody deserve this MMORPG/Strategy/Action/MOBA game.😍❣ I'm totally impressed Please make Graphic better, more in game features, Realistic, enjoyable like Battle emotes, etc. Still long way to and I'm ready.

Tolbert Choneska

So far I love this game

dontgive adamn

Great damn game can't say more keep up they great work damn finally sokmne got it right thank you for making this game. The only thing is I purchased the Four dollar pack and yet to receive it in game

Logan O. Boyd

Good for starters, fun game play but will do well with events and a more fleshed out campaign.

Ronnie Harris


Adi Das

Only fun for a short time....



Erin Gazdun

I Like This Game!

Patel Pragnesh


David Rendon

Could use bigger graphics (dragons could be bigger) Different Control mode options Customize rider and dragon options to get the player more involved. Story mode or missions.

Manpreet Singh


Ali Sepehri


vahid alvahed



Game has so much potential there is alot of things to fix and add so I'll hope they can make this game a good one and entertaining also why can't I claim the standard awards?

Adam Mota

It's a really good game


I love it

Ronnie Harris


Nazran Arifin

I would love to play this game on pc bcoz it's so cool game. The gameplay is fine but if only the devs make it more challenging especially the army(minion) should be more aggressive so that we can depends on them. And i found out that this game is too short bcoz of the lane is not long enough. But overall i really love this game and hoping the devs would make this game a lot better for the upcoming update.