Dragon Hunters: Heroes Legend

Author: TTHmobi

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Dragon Hunters: Heroes Legend
Dragon Hunters: Heroes Legend — A Popular Game with Tribal Adventure Style
★See you on 26/04/2022!★

Pre-download Time: 25/04/2022
Opening Server Time: 09:00 a.m. (GMT+7) 26/04/2022
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Dragon Hunters:Heroes Legend is a MMORPG game with the style of island tribal. It has unique art, high-quality graphic, cool pets, cool gears and exclusive develop system, which give player a wonderful adventure in tribal.

In the world of splendid forest on mystery land, player will become a young boy in tribal, who follows his father’s willing and adventure to reveal the prophecy of the Book of Loyat..

[Squad assemble!Defeat evil dragons!] Dragons have appeared on the Star Island, which has fantastic landscape, cute pets and also evil dragons! Assemble your Dragoncide Squad, to fight against the evil dragons with warriors!

[Various monsters! Make your exclusive pledge!] There are all kinds of cute pets on the Star Island, like Icy Bear, Fire Wyvern, Bluish Parrot… They are adorable or naughty or indifferent. They’ll suddenly come out and then sneak away when you are unaware. You have to carefully observe every corner of the land to find their traces!

[Super evolution! The strongest pet exclusively for you!] Pets can be evoluted into many forms! Exclusive pet develop system which you can watch the growth of your pets! Work together to break through the limits of combat! Come and develop your strongest pet! .

[Training with instructor! Accompany you to grow!] Real system of Mentor-Disciple. Training everyday so that you can feel the kindness from your master! Assign Mentor-Disciple missions and observe the growth of your apprentices. Also, you will be rewarded by finishing Mentor-Disciple missions, and hunt with your master, apprentice, friends and partners, to gain abundant profit! More surprise will drop!

[Various classes! Power awakens!] There are strong warriors here to resist the damage for you in the front row, beautiful priests to protect you, sassy rangers for long-range damage, and mysterious assassins to attack the enemy! With a variety of class combinations, the battle will be easier and more fun!

Detailed info

File size: 96M
Update time: April 28, 2022
Current version:
Require Android: 4.3 and up
Developer: TTHmobi
Price: Free
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Customer review

Edward Edrada

Good game

James OOOh


Jhomz Arellano


Khairul Abrar

Good game

Jeffrey Sabado

Good game


i love this game

Hari Junianto

Great game

vin adulfo

super nice

John Dave

Good game

David V

Good game easy to learn

Raflian Bryantama


ravi chanran

Nice but buged in clicks in purple and all options buged in white

feirry zhang

Server always full, and so buggy...

Norlin Harun

I am level 90+ then some chinese idiot made me log out. I uses google and i dont know my password to google all my progress is gone so 1 star. Give my acc and stuff!!! It took me 3 days and i wont complain futher.


Nothing similar as advertised

Vincent Miclat


Ferdiner Garces


Saipol Azili

Fun what else

Valeentsley Chandai

Good game

Maria Lourdes Viray

a nice game for me

Christopher Balaba

So far, i enjoy playing the game

Sakthi Mahes

Superb Game in low mb

okky mahendra

Good one, quite additive game with cross server competition



Brix Terrence Ordaz

Nice game

Andrew Villa

Nice game, Making it p2e, will be more fun

Game Mania

Awsome game



Hermawan Widi Laksono


JE Yabut

nice game

Frans Destian

Good game

Agung Wijaya


Jhojit Jarabejo

Hard beginning of the game i played, super lag like it was stuck can't adjust the frame rate and even on good network condition and hard control system. Need to uninstall. Pls don't let this game down because the graphics are so good to be just left behind.

Jack Nayre

ita okey

Kenn Patrick Ballarda

Nice game

Merwill Cos

5star astral but no legendary loot but this game is good but please give some good loots thankyou

A2C Wesner P Comila PAF, 16th AS, 15th SW

Greedy Developers

Dennis Amistoso



Nice game .

Viller Mix

still mostly p2w



Anant Singh

Brilliant experience


Nice game

Lester Tobias

It crashes

Nichael Santos


Justin Nieto

Nice g

Mohd Noor Ezuan bin Adam


Mark Anthony Federico


Picky Puss

nevermind, item drop rates sucks

Man Laksa


Bea Keyeem Varilla


desmond jehu


Dan Aaron

Well game

rafael jumaquio


lucky ocampos


Edmund Hoon

Fun n easy to play

Felipe Velez jr

Very good

Rojean Rose Ganje

Not good

Marvin Marzan

The game it okay

Brent Cawilan

After playing 1 month...it's getting boring..drop rate is very low..it's a pay to win game... repetitive quest..

samuel siagian


Ju Dith

Unless you're willing to fork out lots of cash (say about more than a $100), you're not going to get far. This game is for pay to win players. If not you'll be at a very slow pace, compared to everyone in your server. It's pretty fun for the most part, apart from the gacha system. Getting a skin or a UR pet costs heaps of dollars rather than just the standard $100 or $150 - which is complete bs. If you don't care about that as much as me, then you'll be fine

kyuzth -

great game!!

Mark Pestillos

Keep it up

SackBoy Gaming


Jhon Loid Coronel


Alfonso Cardenas

Although the game is often crashing, the game is fun to play

Felix Lumondong


Dio Gonzales

Not recommended. Support is unhelpful. VIP system sucks. Non VIP gets better farm than your main character that you spend money with. Recycled skills and limited characters. Boring game after a month. Not worth of your time and money.

Nik Naqiuddin


Aaryan Saini

Best game ever.the only problem is it should be in landscape cause of that most of the things in potrait cannot be seen , although there is landscape mode in modes like boss and etc but even then there are less options shown in that format

Xamory Chan

Verry good game B

Jerome Jetajobe

Is my luck worst or is the game program to have a better chance of getting decent loot if you are or party and if not you will only get trash items even you are vip?

Fajar Kurniawan

Good luck

mcdyes erving

so laggy...

brayden neels

Good so far

Ariel Laud

D hunter is good game

Chitra Ghifary

Saya 2x pembelin month recharge, bisakah dikembalikan? Mohon bantuannya..

Jharen Alvaro

I uninstalled it, The Graphics was good but can you make it a manual game to be much enjoyable and make the game sided i dont how to say it but like mobile legends to play the game your phone is sided

ayie ganu


Chris Mon Rivera


Lyka Mendoza


Shaoi Balaur

No problem with the laggy screen , it's tolerable. But other players are being crude towards other players. I saw a player once that suggested to commit suicide Because he/she was insulted for being weak. Suicide isn't a joke. I recommend the game to have a report on a player for this kind of situation. And banned them for doing it so.


So far so good. Hope that the game will improve more in the future

Jhon Eric Dela Rosa

its good

Anh Khoa

Quá nhiều sever, game mới ra mà 500 sever rồi, nhìn là mất cảm tình

Mohd helmi Mohammad asri

So nice

Amy Queen Gaming

Please fix the QI drop.me already vip 8 but 3 day already not got are single drop.please im enjoy the games.from en2

Digos Doctors' Hospital, Inc. IT Department


Inigo Bugarin

I like the game but I rate it because of rewards ehehehehe

Muhd Syarul

nice game

Ashish Bodh

very good game

sperm derman


PWD VETERAN Wounded Warrior

Great time killer

robert mercado

Alot of dead servers

Izfahan Bahjin

Im stcuk in loading L game🤢🤮👎👎

xlenzo silvestre

Nice mobile games

Alvin Bacsal

nice game

akash vr

Played for 1 week sometime rewards are not receiving properly. For eg in 7 days login shark was showing as login gift but its not reflecting as rewards in back & also for pets too. Please rectify

Denzel Dela Gracia

Great game