Dragon Farm Adventure-Fun Game

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Dragon Farm Adventure
Welcome to the ultimate experience of farming and adventure! Go on a fantastic adventure with lovely dragons! Build a farm, explore mysterious islands, discover the secrets of dragons, and complete various challenging missions!

Come and join this mysterious and exciting adventure!

——Explore. Explore ancient and mysterious islands with Cynthia and her partners, unlock new islands, enjoy the unique scenery of each island, and complete interesting tasks!
——Farm. Open up land, grow crops, and feed your dragons!
——Dragons. Mysterious dragons live on different islands! During the adventure, you will encounter all kinds of cute dragons, they can provide you with all kinds of rare materials to increase experience, energy and wealth! The higher the level of dragon, the richer the materials provided! Come and make more high-level dragon partners!
——Treasure. Treasures are scattered everywhere on the mysterious island! Keep going and collect them! They will bring you huge benefits!

The islands hide many secrets and challenge! Find your dragon partners and enjoy your farm and adventure!

Customer review

Elizabeth Eccleston

Really good game but keeps cutting off and cutting out the app. Please fix

Rocio S.

You should play this it's so much fun every aera you will collect some dragons. too much fun.helpful

amanda walters

Really fun.

Kathleen Morgan

Love it

Sandy Kingery

I used to love this game!! Now it's full of bugs !! Everytime you watch an ad to get a prize , you get kicked from the game and no prize!!! I'm tried of dealing with it!!!

Kelly Feeney

The graphics are cute

Carissa Byram

I like this game but it needs more levels like yesterday lol. Also more space for dragons that' you don't have to pay almost $20 for

Sarah Gerou

Love it so far

kelly Mcdonald

Fun and relaxing 😄

Karen Jones

*update 8/6/22* Still 5/5! Over level 27 in less than 3 months and no money spent. Absolutely love this game. I can't wait for more islands to open! For a while there it gave me the option to go back to previous islands at a cost but that option seems gone now. Not sure what happened but looking forward to seeing what happens with new updates 💝

Sammy Dobschuetz

I have gotten further then on my Grandma's phone!

Brandie Holliday

So far it's been fun I truly enjoy playing this game

Mishka Isaacs

This game is awesome

harsh savaliya

Well story and grafic was looking natural not over and not low

Denise Young

Dragon farm Adventure games

alexis sison

Please update fasttttttttttttttt

Juyel Chakma

Interesting game

Constance Guin

This game is really cute and fun, I just wish there was a way to skip the talking parts :) I'm more into the grind than the story!

Annelouise Britton

Only given 4* up till now but I haven't played that long but up till now it's great it's so cute

Dee Weekes

Dragons are cute but it's slow to progress in leveling up

Isabelle Holmes


Deanna Belt

The game is fun with the exception of everything cost tons of energy for one task! I may get a couple digs and no more energy. Stop forcing people to buy stuff or wait forever to get more energy

Corey Welsh


Anthony Encinias

So far so good. Having fun wasting time. The graphics are nice and the story while super cheesy still pretty good and engaging.

Pk Miller

Excellent gameplay, enjoyable, and plentiful options to gain some energy to move forward. Unfortunately, designers are slow and lacking. With minimal cost (yes, you have to spend a bit to get anywhere), you quickly reach the 'end of the line' and no further place to go.

Tia Cheesbrough

💯 ❤ Great game!!! I started this yesterday afternoon and, I am really impressed by the quality and way this was put together. Though I would love to see more energy given by watching ad's. If I happen to come across more suggestions I'll edit my review. All in all I think this is a keeper for me. Kudos to the developer's team 👏 🙌 👍

Margaret Welch

I love this game 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Katie Mccubbin


mercy yabut

I enjoy playing this game

Samantha Olner

this game keep stoping and a lot more i not going to put no star as a good game put i have to put how mean so i have to put 1 star

jessica mcdonald

Really fun

Phyllis Busch

I'm enjoying the game thus the 5 star rating!! And I'm out of maps so it would be nice to have more frequent updates for that but the events keep me busy....and my orders almost always include bakery items...there are lots of things I could make from other resources so it would be nice to have more order variety...

Crystal Tomey Alcantara

I like the game plus graphics.. BUT .. It costs WAAY too much for monthly membership and to get piggy bank or any upgrades . my other games dont even charge me that much . normally $0.99 or 2.99 etc. Never from $7-$15-$30.00 its ridiculous. It takes forever to get energy to reload. Ya gonna not waste my money.

Corey Giacobbi


Cheryl Zicha

When attempting to play video to boost energy the game disconnects. Have played several months and still haven't been able to learn how to use all the assists items. Like the graphics, but side adventures use up energy in three moves so l don't play them..need to fix this.

Yolly Flores

I'm enjoying the game, interesting. Problem came up already as u go on, leveling is very slow, u have to buy a new island with real money (expensive) so u can use that island for ur dragons. Beginning to bored.

Prachi Agrawal


Shereen Swanepoel


grant dernedde

Just advertising is so hard to get rid of

Clanisha Smith

Easy and simple



MzXquisit Wylder

Freezes and app just closes every time i clicked the mission board. It also takes alot to get energy and buying diamonds are expensive. I love the dragons but not sure if i will play this game long

Tina McCarty-Boike

So darn cute and easy to play

Paula Newcome


Stacee Bell

Fun game.

Ayu Ikhwani

I loved this game early on but lately it's getting annoying. Too much energy consumption, full energy means only 2 tiny steps in progress. The current dragon museum is ridiculous with too much energy used and still not all statues made or lamps restored. How are we supposed to gather all tokens if only given 1 in 24 hours and still only 5 outta 10 statues completed with only 2 days left? Mind you, I've bought gems 3 times just to help with this event. It's frustrating and annoying now!

Lindy Lou

Really enjoy this game, I just wish the energy went a bit further. With so many different events going on at the same time you use a lot of energy and sometimes if you want to finish an event you need to buy energy. Also recently the ads are crashing the game but I still really enjoy it :)

Christy Murphy

Love it so far ifs a fun game with an interesting story plot

Dushiyinla quinker

Sexy games

Stacey Clarke

It's a fun game for anyone who likes dragons and garden scapes, I would highly recommend it.

Lisa Fortmann

Was great at 1st. Now everything is so many energy. Such as, Just one play is 60 energy for one click. So i get one play one play and the task requires 4 plays. I think I'm going to find another game that I can relax and spend some te playing.

LyndaWolflover Harding

This game has gone down from 4 stars to 1 ..until they get the problems fixed that I wrote to them about, namely I keep getting the loading spinner thingy I haven't been able to get on for 2 days and I was doing the timed island now I'm going to miss out on it :(( this happened before when I was doing a timed island, secondly I don't get the purchases that I pay for, it takes the money ok but then a message saying purchase failed. It's a shame because I love this game, thinking about uninstall

Dipali Tribedi

The game is really very attractive. And the game can be played by intelligent people. I am also a intelligent person. If a man.can to play it. She/he can will.be a lot of brilliant 👏. I think it

Duke Johnson

Don't even have dragons

Caroline Hills

Interesting game play something different. Cool

Ganesh Sonawane

Awesome, Enjoy well

Lisa Underwood

I've been playing this game for months.I have given the time to see if issues were fixed. They are not. I do not recommend to anyone. The game is in constant lag. The dragons get in your way. The prices on this game are three times higher than similar games. So I'm deleting to spend my $ and time on the games that are player friendly.

Tammy Mccaw

Awesome game 🎮

Country Angels

I played this daily for months and then it came to the end after completing the third area. I'm downloading again and hoping there is new content

Nisha Darkblade

New museum event is glitched. I can't open up new portions of the map due to it saying I haven't completed quest. "Collect 20 glass shards". Yet I've produced all 4 glass pieces which requires 5 glass shards each! I can't collect more glass shards as the only ones available are in the part of the map I can't access until after I complete the quest! I have tried contacting via in game chat and still no response. I'm considering uninstalling now that I will clearly miss out on event rewards

Carletta Inns

Great game

Beverly Schmidt

I normally do not post a review. However, the tech support for this game is nonresponsive. The museum quest has specific tasks to complete before you can continue. But they are NOT marked well. I have been stuck for almost 2 days because the quest wasn't clear. The response I got was a picture of where there items were. I figured that out AFTER I used them for the wrong task. I like this game but the support is not helpful. This game will never get more than 1 star.

Jennifer Walford

Love it!

Sapphire Star

Tired of the fact that this game keeps closing out on me. I have to restart and I lose my dragon expedition!!! 🤬 Yes. I have it set to auto-update.

Angela Pierro-Robinson

Game is good but the glitches are horrible. Fix the game! Unable to complete Dragon museum you made a huge error!

Lily Grace

This game is amazing, addicting and so cute. There's a couple things though. I think we should be able to sell some products. For example, I have 1,000's or even 10,000's of stuff that I do not need that much of (13,000 grass, 5,000 milk, etc.) Depending on the rarity, for energy (grass, flour, etc.) and for gems (gold bars, marble, etc.). That would be so helpful. I also wish the map was updated a little quicker. But I get designing that stuff takes time. Really cute game tho

Laura Hooper

Game matched the early ads. No ads unless you ask them to play. No getting rid of all the plants, trees, and rocks in your dragon park for resources unlike other similar games. Interesting storyline and events.

Estevan Acevedo

Family and fun

Toler Williams

It's Fun!

Renee Snyder

Game is stuck in a loop, can't get dragons to heal or get to do the cargo ship

Shirley Clewes

Great game

theresa liverpool

I love it have a of fun stuff to do and I love dragons 😉

Tammy Martinez

Just started play the game

Maria Stoyanov

Nice graphics but the story is too complicated with too long conversations and messy rules

Diane Sylvestre


Tiffany Gardner

Having a hard time leveling up but love playing the game and trying to figure it out

Christa Caruana

I love the game but every time I try and watch and ad the game just closes and sometimes just closes randomly. Sometimes 4 times in less than 5 minutes which is getting annoying

Cheyenne Tuck


tiffany williams

Can't advance unless you spend $15. All the missions include dragons you can't place without buying an island. They try too hard to make you spend money. Great concept tho.

Ron Beck

Features annoying "tutorials" where you can only click preset things. Might be okay if not for the use-limited-energy-to-disperse-clouds dynamic. I got tired of it and removed the app.

carlyn spangler

It's a good game so far

Melissa Grant

Though I love the game. I am tired of it crashing, when I receive a phone call during games. My screen and phone with freeze and I am not able to receive those calls. There is to much going on in the game, that glitches continues. By glitches, I mean it will run slow takes 2 minutes to even get into the game once you press play, in game dragons will freeze. I will be Uninstalling if issues continue. Iy should not have these types of glitches.

Joe Sturgess

Keeps crashing

Pat Nash

I take back all I said about this game it's absolutely woke my brain up oh yes I do have one 😆 thank you guys xx I'm stuck again can't do much now it's going to take a long time before I can get to level 18 help,I'm not going to be able to play soon guys I can't afford that 😢 💔 to buy the island sorry.bye 😢

Lisa Stephan

It's fun and helps pass time away. Very addictive too.

D deT

Really awful game play. No option to skip overly verbose 'conversations' and constantly tries to force player to spend money. I kept thinking it would get better after the early levels.

Jessica Nicholson

I love this game! All the dragons are super cute! You will battling the never ending need for more space for your dragons though. It gets harder when you have to merge them but can't because you have no room. The only way to get extra space is buy spending $20CAD to get the island. At lvl 19 you are maxed at 45 dragons and can't get an expansion until lvl 22 at the amount of xp you need to get there; it takes awhile. Dragons also get really expensive after making two or three rank dragons.

Amy Patterson

Its alright but in a week i beat all available quests so it got super boring and i uninstalled

Gabriela Diaz

Is pretty good

Julie Peters

Phenomenal so far!!

Morbid Hartney

Love this game but energy is a Lil to high at times

Kc Smith

Love it

Rolleena Smith

I'm enjoying the game but have run out of maps. I am also finding that I'm not receiving all my items that I click on, if I click them consecutively or quickly. I have lost many gems and many other things due to this issue. Another aggravation is the freezing up in the videos we watch for extra power, We lose that power and have to restart the game. Also we have to go up to many levels before we can enlarge the dragons resting area, this makes it difficult to upgrade the dragons. Fix please.

Belle Pitbull Lover

Love that I can rasie dragons!


Fun so far

louise welland

Love this game finished all the levels and have had to wait ages for a new level. Please more levels it's a brilliant game. Please can somebody tell me how to play Parkour game and get my dragon to jump confused !!!!!

Acis Jones

Wouldnt even load dont bother

Aditya Soni


Kathryn V. Sandlin

This game is adorable and fun...until you become a chieftain, then you have to deal with members that are forever stuck in your tribe for days and you cannot get rid of them. Which slows down the promotion of the tribe. I was able to kick out players that were stagnant for a week, now the makers of this game has set the kicking standards where the chieftain cannot kick dead players out. Thanks to their standards, I have members in my tribe being dead for 18 days now.

Misty Oberman

Omg how cute are the dragons a amazing graphics. I enjoy playing this game definitely up there with the F U N lol