Drag Bike Simulator SanAndreas

Author: Fredy Rau Studio

100K+ install


Drag Bike Simulator SanAndreas – Drag Bike Simulator SanAndreas Is a motorbike driving game with manual over gear and where this game is located around America, you can explore the map freely.

Enjoy this game with HD and realistic graphics, this game has several racing circuits to get coins to buy new motorbikes, a collection of motorbikes that you want with 20+ motorbikes, of course there are lots of motorbikes that will not make you bored.

Come on download now and feel the sensation of driving a real drag motorbike.

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Aug 21, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Fredy Rau Studio
Price: Free
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Customer review

yohana arisusana

Suara nya ngakakk 🤣 sama susah belok tapi mantapp

tanlay tanlay


dino dino

Ini game terlalu siou

zul Kimiey

Gatau mau bilang apa 👎

Gagatoto Gagatoto

Man !!! The graphics are just amaaaziiinggg !!! No one would expect such graphics in 84MB game....... but this game seems like a really cpu intensive game. My phone is burning, I wonder if you could decrease the cpu consuption tho... but overall, great.

PELI [ペリ]desu


siti ajilah


Rosemarie Beñas

Rjay 27. 8

oppa king



What is this man 🤣 The engine sounds like a lawnmower 🤌

Azri Ismail

game ni best untuk peminat motor btw saya suka game ni 5 Bintang cukup.

Adam Raqib

Game nya bagus bang



Dnz Gladiuz



Mitrran IIRC I think you can have more of 8 in my

clint ivan pontillo

This Is Actually Good, It's looked like Gta san Andreas even grove street thank for person who made this.

Nun Rizal


Peter Engkrum

Not good

Apitt Zaim

Bast sangat

Suriani Bukhari

Mlbb(gods game)

Satinah Julaihi

sebenarnya ni gta sanandreas tapi dia ubah name dia jadi drag bike simulator

Mylene Elpa

Thats so very good The motor very beatiful

Tuan Wan

Best sangat kerrrrr pelerrr


Best bodoh game ni sumpah...macam muka kau sial game ni hahahaha

Farel Alkhafi Yudiansyah

secara keseluruhan, gamenya cukup bagus. Cuman, tolong perluas lagi map-nya dan fix lag buat hp kelas bawah, sama fix sound dragnya

Locky Kumar

Well well well i am the fast review 🙂 i will enjoyed the game the game is amazing 🤩 and best High grafics but please develop a request add a new vichale and future this game is one issue with a few lag i hope a new update the one of the best games and thanks for develop its good wark 👍