Dot to Dot Puzzles – Connect the Dots

Author: Online Ocigrup SL

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Dot to Dot Puzzles – Connect the Dots – Dot to Dot Puzzles, puzzle game with hundreds of amazing handmade digital images

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File size: 13M
Update time: July 13, 2021
Current version: 3.4.4
Require Android: 4.1 and up
Developer: Online Ocigrup SL
Price: Free
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Customer review

Christine Joyce Sanvictores

This game has allowed me to go back to my childhood, which is to connect the dots. But this time there are more numbers to connect. But rest assured that I'm having loads of fun.

Keily Donald

Love this app!

Kimber Linnell

I love the connect the dot part of the game. but the coloring is difficult. as you try to move to areas to color it changes the color or removes it. and there is limited colors to use without paying for the subscription.


bad user interface that is complicated and has aymbols that aren't explained anywhere. hard to navigate

Karina Nina

Very fun game but sometimes it's almost inmpossible to find right dots and bunch of other stuff is glitchy

Faith Schlotzhauer

I would like to see a rainbow line during the game🙂

Dawn Edwards

Hard to play on a phone

Jamie Bloomer

All you do is tap. Coloring options not working and Google play achievements not given

Nicole Porterfield

very addictive

Darryl Cox

I'm waiting so patient for the update for the game it's killing me hahaha can you guys tell me why the backup sync is popping up on my screen and why I can't do any of my goals now please and thank you I think since you guys did a hay bail in a field and a tractor I think you should do a combine with large bailer in your next update please and thank you so much what was the date you guys started making this game please and thank you I'd like to know when will I got new update cuz not there

Karan Mishra


Janis Claypole


amy greminger

fun and addictive..difficult at times

Ashley D. Sullivan

One of the BEST dot to dot apps that I found. My 5 year old is actually loving it as well. It is helping her learn her higher numbers which is a DEF PLUS in my book. Love the pics as well especially the animals!! Keep up the great work!!! Edit: with recession pricing is a but too high and would lobe more picture options plx

Debra Duquette

I like it because it is fun to play but can be challenging.

Marimuthu Mari

Super interesting game

Joshua Fritcher


Dan Hennessey

Fun game relaxes the mind

D Wiley

I have played the Full screen verion on Steam and prefer it nuch more. Update that one and I will go premium otherwise forget it.

Melissa G

Why does it jump back and forth across the screen. It's supposed to flow from number to number. Not hunt it down and start again. I hate having to find the start again.

Wanda Simmons

When you play the board moves when you go to connect the dots

izzy dabakka

It keeps freezing and not letting me click on the dots

Jae Lynn Adams Campbell

Very very addictive and relaxing. I never want to put it down.

Mariah Woodland

Nice app! (my opinion is) i think it will be even MORE SUPER AWESOMELY FUN IF YOU ADDED THIS :D let us make are OWN dot to dot patterns desings and we can shair them with people and we can play there dot to dots in app like there will be a user dot to dot page and we can like and comment on the dot to dots and post the ones we did and colored up for people to look at like a galery and people can like and coment on these to maby add these i think your dot to dots will sand out from the rest!

Staci Cino

It's fun


Barely any free designs unless you pay loads of money .such a shame

Steven Harris

I've used since 2018 on multiple devices. It's from a family company with best support on Playstore. Frankly it's the Dot to Dot we wanted as kids. From simple like 100 dots to 10,000+. Beautiful pictures with ability to change background and line colors. Upon completion you can color each line different colors. It also keeps stats. Non intrusive adds, or $10 to remove and unlock everything. Get, you won't regret. Thank you for the Bear 🐻 I would love to see super heroes or more action scenes.

Holly Sargent


Corinna Noway

Best game ever

Sandra Hennessey

It is good

Anshi Srivastava

It wasn't working properly. Response time is slow.

Deborah McGeever

I love dot to dot games, they relax me

Thomas makes stuff


Atreyee Das

Excellent game

Destiny Morris

I really love this app and any hard for to dot apps, but I love this one more because it helps relieve me and calm me down whenever I am feeling stressed.


Good fun xx

leigh anne edwards

It can get confusing but that's what makes your mind work

Lonna Lee Hailey


Surya Bhan

Better game🎮

Malynda Grinnals


Karrie Foreman

Could be a little smoother & more button labeling would be great. Having to click everything, just to see what it does is frustrating. At first glance, it's confusing; click on a puzzle, and there are several choices with locks. "Oh, I can't play this puzzle, yet? Why not? Which CAN I play?" A bit more inspection, & I realize that the word "Normal" is not for the entire puzzle, like a descriptor, but rather the level choice I can play. Odd. Maybe highlight the option that is available??

Tameeka Bartsch


Daniel Roets

Please help me with the "bugs"

Roxanne Leonard

Very nice and a challenger of all puzzles


they only let you tap so what's the point of it being dot to dot you're supposed to slide your finger not tap it

DeAnna Wilkerson

Wish it was colorful

Mandy Rice

Very relaxing

Skylean Sanchez

I love

Brandi Brown

Needs to have more ways to play

Rebecca Leonard

More challenging than I ever expected.

Makayla Hough


Sharon Schreck

It pretty cool. It is easier on a larger screen.

ma.helena Rivadeneira

I love it.

Caleb Botting

Dot to dots are good - however, they are over shadowed by bugs. Zooming in is janky. It takes 10 tries to get the right zoom to make the puzzle easy enough to see to solve as sometimes using the 2finger pinch/pull does nothing and others way too much. Hints randomly use themselves, often while zooming but always without you actually touching the hint button. Dark/light mode sometimes changes by itself as well. Ads often cover the buttons for colour and playing the animation.

Nicholas Edginton



Best game

Alicia Shirley

Really fascinating game to play thank you

Billy Moen

Love dot to dot

Asaduzzaman Asad


Arti Jalota

This is nice game to improve your drawing. With the help of dots u draw a picture. Basically this app is useful for those who has interest in drawing.


Not more free pictures

Jaimie maidment

Make them easier

Jessica Andersen

Very cool pictures to do.


é um ótimo passa tempo porém trava um pouco

Symphony Nichols

way too hard to see, no way to get to your next dot without using a hint and the hints take way too long to refill. Not enough free pictures...etc.

Catherine Rennison

Love this game. I love dot to dots and can now do them whole travelling to keep my mind occupied. Live the variety of puzzles and levels of difficulties

Ariana Anderson

Difficult but fun

Maria Lindy

Love this game!!!! It would be nice if you give a color option

Kevin Polfus


RevHeather Berkshire

It's not as user friendly as it could be.

Tyler Woltz

Got bored of playing and had purchased the subscription which said try free for 7 days but it automatically charged my account. So I canceled it and had to get a refund.

Honeybear Zastawnik


Carly Mcconnell

It is a very creative game.

Kylie Marie

It will always freeze when I try to connect dotes 5 and 6 together in the first puzzle and I download the game TODAY.

Natalie Jones

I loved this game. It was easy and reminded me of my childhood connect the dot coloring books but harder for adults. The only problem was there was only 6 avaliable pictures to play and the rest were locked as premium and you have to pay for. I waited a few days to see if new pictures would pop up but none did. I gave 3 stars because i enjoyed the game i just wish there were more pictures to play.

Linnette Stone-stoll

Uninstalled immediately, wanted access to my Google account nope if an app wants access I don't keep it or grant access

Claudia Ho

It's not proper dot to dots if lines disconnect in different sections. All numbers should link up.

Ricky Johnson

I rate 4stars because of the coloring options I think there should be more options on the color phase

hello it's me

I love it!

Dheepa Kesavan

Nice and challenging

Kelley Kirkpatrick

THE BEST EXPERIENCE EVER!!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

Debby Etheridge

So far i like it very much Im going to do a couple more and then i'll recommend to all my friends.

Raeann Keller

This app is A LOT of fun and it has Challenging puzzles and different levels for every puzzle. I do wish that they had space / NASA puzzles and more puzzles in the tens of thousands. This game is easy to let yourself relax and enjoy the dot to dot puzzles. Thank you for this app!! Please add more dot to dots soon.

Jade Rawlins

I went back and reinstalled the app after the reply and it fixed the problem.

Richard Bankes

Definitely worse than it was before

Jean Adams

This is the best dot to dot app in the store. Some very detailed pictures. Love the option to change the line colors. You can create some beautiful line drawings. Love the addition of the background color option! The lines are hard on the bright white background. This fixes that.

Merry Me


Andrew Hogg

Good would be 5 stars had it not changed now to premium purchase rather then saving to get larger puzzles more numbers

Alan Marlow

Not the best game I've played it's only fit for kids

Janet Lee Green

Good relaxing game

Glynda Bradley

I used to love this game but since the updates it is very confusing so I have uninstalled it.This does not deserve the five stars I gave it at first. This is generous as far as I am concerned.

Joan Rosbottom

Everyone I get so far through a puzzle I keep loosing the number that is next I disappears the only way I find it is tapping randomly in the area I think it is in It is hard to do a screen shot of how it happens it will only show it is missing 1993 Looks like a crocodile on free section but it's happens on a couple now No ive played these alot when i press on one number the next one disappears ive had thus on another device and played lots the set was different though It wasnt just that one

timothy hayes

Hi can you fix a problem I have with this game is the game keeps stopped working and freezeing

John B

Dot to Dot is so fun & challenging in searching for that next number.

Rebekah Smart

I just put it on 5 stars to get your attention. This app is rubbish. I finished the first puzzle because I like to go in order so I was looking forward to doing my next puzzle but guess what. You have to pay for basically all of them. This app is extremely rubbish and I promise u not to install this app because it is a money spending time wasting app!!!!!

A Google user

I'm enjoying the new update especially the XL ones and the new look. But I do have some comments: - many things have been reformatted not updated - I wish you would provide explanations on the new modes - the colors can be difficult to use but I'm thankful to be able to change the background - on some puzzles I got to a point and suddenly the next number in the sequence disappears; on smaller puzzles this doesn't happen. This is very frustrating Thank you for your efforts!

Jennifer Kinder

I have hrs on end of complete entertainment thanks to all the ones that produced this game

Elaine Bostic

This new update is horrible. Many of the puzzles that I already earned with coins now require me to pay membership for. I used to play this game about 2-3 hours a day. Not now. I'm on a very low fixed income and can't afford this. It's also a lot slower. I can't connect the dots as fast as before. Very, very disappointing!!!

A Google user

Amazing Puctures, very Relaxing, very Fun

Syazana Nadia zakaria