Doomsday of Dead

Author: 4399en game

100,000+ install
Role Playing


Doomsday of Dead – the zombies is a danger, but human backstabbers are the real threat!

Detailed info

File size: 57M
Update time: September 8, 2021
Current version: 2.3.35
Require Android: 4.2 and up
Developer: 4399en game
Price: Free
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Customer review

hakuna matata

Awesome game seriously great job :)

Joy Kate


Auto Speed

good game

sonny boy mirasol jr.

this is grate game

Nikky Landry

The game, too much $$ for not nearly enough items in exchange. Nickel and dimed to death.

6akkondat Fukshit

Post Apocalyptic heaven. ^-^

Ethan Franz Soriano


Dad's not Charlie's

Ok yeah

Josh Gauthier

Developers have stopped updating the game. Events no longer restart. Is this game dead? Yes it seems. Why? All parts were never accessible. All parts are not accessible unless you pay. All daily missions and realm missions are impossible without paying. Grinding will only get you some things, sometimes, on some days. Can you see the pattern. Pay to play, pay to sorta win. After less than 6 months, all activity has stopped. I'm on the top server with 5 active. Why not merge? They don't care.

Syahnurizal Hassan


Mikey James

Wonderful very good

Jill Mel.

Had to dissolve my marriage in the game. Keep sending request for someone new and they are sending to me. The request goes into thin air. Please fix

Dylan Starnes

i would enjoy it i quit kicking me off wvery 30sec i change the settings lowest it can be and still kick me off

Akino mohammad Fitri

Interesting game guys ñ I waiting games like this too very long already ñ now its come out laaaaaa... thanks u so much 👍🏻

SMB Most Famous

i deleted this game its the same as other games jus copy and paste.. you need to spend massive money to continue to be in the top 3, its ridiculous cause you have all these guys that are strong fighting against smaller weaker people, thats why so many has quit the game cause its takes the fun out when its the same person on top.. its not a friendly game its all about how much money you can spend yes you win prizes and rewards but those are jus basics, the real good material you have to pay..

Mr P.B.S


Zain Ain


Shidi pali

After few weeks i didnt online.. i lost my account.. please fix this.

Theresa Hartwigh

P2w heavy and the community is toxic. There isn't a way to report cheating ie.Having multiple accounts and sending all the merits from each account to their mains then using all faction funds including the fund's from other players and giving them to one person then getting told off because the governor used the funds to expand faction corps.EDIT: I SAY ONE THING ABOUT RECHARGE AND YOU IGNORE THE CHEATING AND TOXICITY COMMENTS AND FOCUS ON THAT. SMDH 40 DAYS I've been playing. It's had a chance.

The Dawg

This game and the developers are 1Star. If your know anything about 4399en, You'd know to stay away from this terrible company and their games. Do yourself a favor and don't even download is game nor their others. Please do not support these people. Their customers services is just as bad as their games. Raiders:Origin is even worse. That's why they have to keep making the same game just reskinned every year.. Read some of the 5* reviews. They're BOTS or paid people, obviously,You've been warned

Vansh Vansh

This is best game

Panda Fatale

Game is pretty ok. There are always willing spenders in every game, it's unavoidable. The only problem i have is, this game is burning my phone, i could probably cook an egg on it. It is not graphics intensive, so i am puzzled.

Power Cons Services

This game server too shallow. I'm S38 my fren wanna join with me but the server full. End up can't play together. Give up better

Joshua Davis

AVOID. Dead game with about 50 actual players.

JakeR Russell1

They love deleting reviews because it's game such trash one of the worst made games in decades just give up you people failed you just went for money and it shows it's kind of pathetic

Arron S

They keep deleting negative reviews

Peyote Pete


r t

Not bad

Helmi Januar

Hate game based VIP and power system. ALWAYS PAY 2 WIN



caged lunatic95

I don't understand why it's not showing up on my phone screen so I can play it so I just go through Google play to start it but it's an interesting game

James Weis

Wouldn't even load before it crashed

Bryan Biorn

This is a very poorly made game.

Ruei Ming Tan

Forced to pay game. No way to earn item mall currency. Only way is pay pay pay and pay. Keep opening new sever when old ones are practically dead

Triệu Mẫn Trần Thị

Good game

Kundan Kumar


Fuji Gun

Nice click bite game

Dustin Strader

This game is extremely boring. The conversations do not load fully and the graphics suck. It's just a money dump for programers that don't care.

Darshan Ambat

It's like a reskin of the total rubbish browser games. Plays pretty much like those terrible auto Play vip p2w games.

Sang Belang

Never trust the ads

Hashim Hashim1984

After i play this games , level 45 and this games cannot open like hang stuck,many time i open.. right now still cannot opening

Tony Babich

I haven't been playing that long but so far it seems pretty cool



Insyaf Sabar haryanto

Well its another P2W game

Kenny Smith

Played the game for 3 weeks see how far I could get without spending. Talked to players in Cross Server about the other game I use to play and spend money on. Next day I login. I'm banned. So happy this happened before I spent 100's like the last MMORPG I played. Definitely going back to that one. Good luck.

shagie williams

I do love this game, but there are some bugs. Everyday I log in I have no arena challenge chances available. And as of 9/23 I can't even get into game


Terrible! It should be called dead end!

Abigail Hibbert


404 multicore

Let's go, is good, I tell you later whats bad, but as of now I'm the only badass here, I love it, lol

Abel velis

Awesome 👍👍👍

HuntsGer Kun

Another Pay2Win and Lie about 200 Free Draws on the ads

Thomas Walker

Seems to have kept me occupied :)

Nine Seven

Great, but server lag

Kaneki Kun

simple with survival easy play but the problem is the ping is too much almost 3k ms but all over is good more evnt and free dias

muhammad fikri

Nice Game For Me.. Just I want to say need more event.. 😁😁

ralph holt

Nice game so far!

Geordie O



I've played this game since release and it is a brilliant game now, I say now due to the last update. I've given your game the 4star review and not a 5 for the following reason, *The time of the in game events are only suited for players in the US & other similar time zones. This is starting to put me off playing the game as for me in the UK all the events that you NEED to participate, in order to grow your character are at crazy times eg 2am?! PLEASE ADD EVENTS FOR THE OTHER HALF OF THE WORLD

Markus Jing Shyong

so lag

Chai Ming Yung

All games I'm agree but I don't care it's hard I support all game I play like call of duty mobile , Mobile legend bang bang,I already see my friend's tell me to download this amazing game and I will try my best For other people Play this game (Don't give up) All The best good luck 😁

Jimmy Ginchang


Mon Rath

Good game

Darion Hill

Wish there was more English speaking servers the one im on there's no English speaking players

fepe jhonjhon


Amos Warwick

Apart from being waaay too buggy.... I do still love it.... Cool aesthetic 👍🏾👍🏾

Ika Glublu

Portrait jelek.

Christopher Khendy

Pay to much to win a little


Scenario is loading but not loading so your game does not load

Joshua Auman

Your Welcome

Rodito NuevaEspana


Philip Cheng

No storyline. Spending thousand bucks in-game get bored and nothing to do after daily task done. F2P sure die if P2P u still can survive

Zlatko Jovic

Fake ADs. Of course game doesn't look like on ADs

Mait Karro

Every time I want to check my review I have to rewrite it or find it through a list ordered with posted time. Anyway, geted is not a word, got is past tense for get. I don't have to post a screenshot, every instance of the word "geted" should be changed into "got". End of story, that is if you have some semblance of logic.

Muhammad ali

It's a boring and having a lot of problems like of logging in and further bad graphics and there is not any kind of interesting material that you can say is interesting

Ginyu DB247

Toxic community with no choice as to what faction you end up on, Everyone hates Fire and will kill you instantly if you don't have backup. Very few people playing and nothing to keep you coming back. Edit response to dev, Even with friends the community is pure toxic. Sorry devs I've been playing games over 30 years, I know when there is a problem and when community is this toxic games die.

Steve Kruzel

They stole my money and deleted the character so I didn't even get my gems. Stay away from this dev they are thieves

oliver adolfo Cuevas

Nice game 👍

ahmed sami

Not bad

Alina Meridian

I honestly thought it was more RPG base or first person shooter But it's some sort of Auto combat gameplay And the wind everything works is that it seems like you have to collect pots and upgraded yourself it just didn't really run according to how I imagine the game will be... Yeah sorry I uninstalled it...


Do my eyes deceive me or did they add Call of Heroes (CoH) characters into this game as both skin and NPC such as Maya, yoyo, Reynold, Clark, Allen just to name a few? And I swear they added those exclusive skin from the official CH ver of CoH and finally added them but too bad it is only available in this game only. Just seeing them in this game made me want to register and play this game because of nostalgia. This game is a hit or miss, nuff said. #4trillz #THICC #Nobody

William Fitzgerald


Shankha Deep Roy

1-star. This game keeps crashing every now-n-then. It's so buggy. And, stop deleting low-star reviews, like you did last time I posted here.

Frederick Bogucki

Like the game but it keeps crashing or locking up on me

Adrienne Hartfield


Q IJtsma

Payed for something and they stole my money, orderd something from 1$ and they got 50$ from my bank, called my bank for the recharge because the devs are big scammers

Russ McIntosh

Ripped off. Made an in-game purchase and didn't receive what I paid for. Contacted Dev's no response.

M. Rizki Iqbal Nasution

Cool character design Good game And so easy to play and understand Overall it was a good game Keep up the good work


This game is too bad it's graphic and everything is worst it's just a waste of your time don't download it if you have downloaded and spend money 💰 on it without playing then your money and time get waste. Game don't have any thing shown in preview. If their is option to give half start I am definitely going to give. I am saying again don't download it


It's a tad chuggy not much optimization options but good I assume updates will fix it


Cannot purchase it keep saying transaction declined

Frankie Kuh

Stuck at the loading screen for 10 minutes..... Usually only take the second

Arth Gupta

I can't even open the game. Upon trying, the game send a notification that you don't have an internet connection.

robin bacani

Nice game i love it

Cornelius McKinney

Awesome game all around. Graphics are good, storyline is great. And pvp mode is sensational.

William Belgard

Greta GARBO. These chinese mobile companies produce a lot of TRASH. AUTOPLAY IN THE WORST WAY.

sim poh hin

This game's is good, but problems when you lvling always DC



benjo agbayani

To much Pay to win few code and reward

Scott Beasley

Downloaded game, before I can play, game locks down for maintenance....

Amiya Barman

Nice game,,,but needs improvement