Doom Defense: Tower Defense TD

Author: Hataka Games

10K+ install


Embark on an epic journey to defend the last city against hordes of zombies using various heroes and fortifications.

Protect your homeland! Don’t let the swarms of zombies defile the soil behind you.

The Doomsday Virus sweeps across the world and there is no cure. Behind you stands the last sanctuary of humanity, you must assemble the wandering heroes and fight together to protect your homeland.
Recruit heroes in the tavern and deploy them strategically to fend off the incoming swarms of zombies. You will be able to neutralize threats more efficiently with their special abilities. Additionally, you can upgrade them to enhance their powers.

The Perks can deliver many marvelous powers. The Ray of Frost can increase the freezing time and make your enemy a sitting target, while cannonball is the most direct means of assault from which none of the enemies will escape. And what are KABOOM! and Overboost? You’ll find out soon enough!

Protect your homeland, wipe out the zombies and improve yourself. Want to be a hero? There is a long way ahead.

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Update time: Jun 22, 2022
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Developer: Hataka Games
Price: Free
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