Donut Inc.

Author: Supercent

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Donut Inc. – Manage the world’s most famous donut chain in this shop simulation game.
Tired of the cafe merchant?
So why not try our donut shop simulator game?
———————————————— – ———————————————— — ——————-
You recently opened a donut chain. This is the store you opened with all your money.
You’re broke after buying a donut machine. But it’s good!
Now you can make money selling donuts! Now run a donut shop and expand it. 😚
Here are some tips to grow your business!
🍩 Accepting orders from customers.
From ordering single donuts to ordering donut packages! Take the donuts from the donut machine and sell them. You can make a donut package by installing the package configuration.
🏡 Expand and grow your store!
Book tables for customers who want to eat in the store. Don’t forget to clean where the customers eat!
Maybe you started with just a donut machine and a stand, but if you add tables one by one, you’ll have a big shop before you know it!
🙆 Create an HR department!
Business is growing! But don’t you think it would be awkward if there was only one employee? Manage your store efficiently by hiring workers to make donuts and cash registers! If you have slow workers, you can improve their skills.
🚘 Open a Drive-Thru
You can attract more customers by opening a drive-thru. Get more customers, get more money!
Haven’t downloaded this game yet? Start your business now!

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File size: 96 MB
Update time: 2023-02-17T06:38:23.000Z
Current version: 0.10.0
Require Android: 5.0
Developer: Supercent
Price: $Free
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