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Doctor Ambulance Driver Game – Find your dream and become a doctor in doctor games. Drive around the city in your medically equipped ambulance and treat the injured with first aid. Prepare your ambulance equipment and drive fast to rescue injured and sick people in hospital games. Bring patients by ambulance to the hospital where doctors can properly assess them for better medical care. In hospital ambulance games, patients need to get quality medical care to reduce their pain. In case of emergency, be ready to perform amazing tasks in ambulance game. Help injured people with first aid in doctor games.
Save the innocent people, go fast and take care of them in your ambulance and give them better medical care. In case of a big accident, take them to the hospital in doctor games so that they get better medical care. Your ambulance is always ready to go and you have to handle stranded rescue missions and innocent people who need medical help and treatment in doctor games. In this hospital ambulance game you have to drive and perform your ambulance duty. Little Doctor is an educational game with fun rescue missions. In
Ambulance Doctor, you will fall in love with your ambulance, become a great doctor in doctor games and take care of all the emergency rooms in your city. Works in emergency medicine to provide excellent patient care and trauma work. Driving an emergency vehicle is highly recommended. The ambulance should always have fuel in it. In doctor games, you perform ambulance missions and travel to the hospital in adverse conditions to receive quality medical care.
In addition, act as a doctor and health worker in the doctor hospital game when your rescue mission requires quick action. Play the emergency doctor game by caring carefully for patients in need and proving your healing skills in rescue missions. In this hospital game, perform an accurate examination and fix fractures and relieve pain to provide better medical care. Short and simple medical work in rescue missions is all you need for emergency first aid. Smooth controls of hospital doctors and ambulance look fun in hospital ambulance games.
Medical surgery games can treat multiple injuries including cuts on the body, swelling, broken bones, heart care and more. With the help of various devices, the doctor can check the vital signs of the patient, such as thermometer, temperature measurement and blood pressure, etc. In first aid, a stethoscope, a defibrillator, all tools for suturing wounds and other medical equipment are used. In this rescue operation game, you can treat minor injuries in your ambulance and transport serious cases to a nearby hospital for better medical care. Drive your ambulance rescue games to doctors to provide treatment in doctors and serve patients in hospitals.
In addition, ask your ambulance to wash in the Salon. Enjoy the extraordinary tools of the ambulance game as you wash and assemble the ambulance. Get the rescue truck ready and start the emergency doctor in doctor games. After the job is done, the ambulance must be washed in the van’s washroom to get it ready for the next rescue.

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Current version: 1.10
Require Android: 6.0
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