Do Not Disturb! Get Prankster in a Hilarious Game

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Do Not Disturb! Get Prankster in a Hilarious Game – Knock, knock! Mr. Grumpy McGrump is not the happiest, but he is definitely the most hilarious marmot in the mascot game neighborhood.

Do Not Disturb! Get Prankster in a Hilarious Game – Your search is over. The best among kids game is here! Annoying Grumpy with pranks to see hilarious reactions and you’ll laugh a lot.

Enjoy yourself in this prankster game while playing multiple minigames and, since this is also a really funny game, laugh aloud when you successfully complete your next prank game on Mr. McGrump.

Oh, yeah. The prank game is on! Knock the door, tap the windows and ring the bell to check the funniest reactions from Mr. McGrump. And when he returns to his home, restart the minigames cycle and prepare a new prank game strategy. In this charming funny game, you always have an opportunity to bother Mr. Grumpy. The laughter game is endless!

You’re the Real Prankster! Be happy right now with a mascot game that is free to download! Play and have lots of fun in this exciting laughter game!

Knocking the Grumpy`s door for annoying him. From the first tap, this prankster game allows you to see dozens of reactions from Mr. McGrump with each successfully prank made! This is the kids game all love it!


Make hilarious pranks to collect the Prankster Album of Reactions.

Your prankster game will be well rewarded. By playing this funny game you’ll collect surprise souvenirs from Mr. McGrump! Each tap adds a little to the Annoy-o-Meter, something unique to this mascot game. And every time you reach the top of the meter, you get a souvenir to keep forever! Can you get all collectibles hidden in this funny game?


Playing through all minigames, you’ll have the possibility to annoy Mr. McGrump and prank like you… well, are playing a prankster game.
Step by step, build up your prankster game strategy, tap like you never tap before and enjoy all the possibilities in this captivating laughter game.
Then, spread the word about all the awesome minigames you’ve played in this funny mascot game.


Do you want to upgrade your prankster game style? While progressing through this colorful kids game, each tap also gives you coins that you can use to get new fun door bells sounds and colors. Try all of them and discover the meaning of a really funny game! Kick, knocking, your neighbor’s door for annoying him. Be THE PRANKSTER MASTER!


🚪 A laughter game with dozens of funny tricks and reactions
🚪 A prank game with rewards! Play and collect many souvenirs
🚪 Different doorbells to improve your prankster game style
🚪 Multiples minigames that will make this a funny game stay in your memory
🚪 Fun and cute illustrations make this the best kids game, but not just for the youngsters
🚪 There are lots of cats and dogs in mascot games. Marmots are awesome and are here to stay!!
🚪 Grumpy is your buddy, kick his door to see hilarious pranks.

Please note! This game is designed for family and it is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for real money.

Detailed info

File size: 20M
Update time: February 11, 2021
Current version: 1.4.10
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Tapps Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Monika Karwasra


Mileydi Caballero

this is funny i love it

Yousef-Malek Sherif

It can't download☺☺☺ If I can give it no stars I will give it 0 star☺☺☺

kazi khalid

I like so must this game

Pedro Miguel Leal Inacio

Game is so funny I really love it you have to prank you have to do something to the bear and then the bear gets annoyed and then we unlock evening so funny❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👌👌👌🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

omotola oke

i remember this game as an child omg i did not think my child hood game was gonna be here

Arnav World

Very good game my little sister love it and she always say let's play ding dong game

Nimesha Udari

Very bad game. What can i do in this game? Only thing is tap, tap,tap 😵👎😡😠. I don't give stars.

Allison Bettonville

Finally an original idea for once

leoniejb bianchi


Michelle Batson

5 out 5 nope needs more than 5 likes ...300,000😂😂

Oyetunji Ebunoluwa

It. Funny 🤣

d ddd

Hahahaha!!!!!! SO FUNNY 🤣😂 BEST GAME EVER!!!

Błuę Wøłf

I really love this game, if i knock the door he is soooo angry and do a funny animation i like it you should do more like this!

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Jean Aquitania

I love this game much and I appreciate it

Mary Lucio

my childhood game😁

Jorge Molina

it is really funny when the Beaver get all mad

rayan rayen


Sameer Ansari

Its very good game



Michelle Arrington

I love


Wow this app is so cool but installing late

Bp Valen

LOL OMG 😂👁💦👄💦👁

Payton scudder

its to cool to go in a pool


it's really basic

Salma Haitham

I love this game

Scott Foster

cool and whenever I'm mad it help's me

ye leje enat negn

Ethiopia music tsehaye yohannes the best for you can be found on the

Reena Khatun

wood stove top stuffing

lime been

It's funny game you ern lots of stuff

queen belike

Good but little boring add more thing for fun

Sarah Bell

It is a good game but it is kinda pointless and it is really easy to unlock everything. After that it just gets boring.


This is cool but it lag and ewww

Boyd moore

Dude he is so pisst

Seksyen2 2018

game ini bees hahaha!

fetri rukmayanty

Angry face ... Hahaha .... Trauma bullying ... This game is medicine ... I think ... Love u :*

Braxton McCullough

its soooooooo fun and funny

Oh Lareone TV

It's funny!!! I like when he points his doormat

Noor Noor